What If A Family Member Is Abusing Drugs

Family Member Is Abusing Drugs

When a family member suffers from an illness or finds themselves in a predicament we aren’t familiar with, it can be very difficult.   We feel helpless, useless and distraught that we are not able to help someone we love discover a way out.


Get Properly Educated on the Addiction

What If A Family Member Is Abusing Drugs
Importance of Drug Abuse

The majority of our everyday knowledge becomes reduced to that which we know. Unless we have personal experience with a problem or have gained a suitable education on a particular matter, we are not able to detect signs and symptoms. To be able to tell (for certain) if someone is using drugs, we will need to get educated. If you don’t feel comfortable reading about drug abuse yourself or you do not trust the resources online, talk to a professional who’ll give you a very clear insight into manners addicts display. You will learn what justifications they generally make, what drug engages a type of behavior, where the drug is usually hidden and other things that are crucial in helping your loved  one. You may even consider talking to an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) adviser to obtain helpful details.


Do Not Tolerate Any Abuse

Abusing drugs
Saying No to Emotional Abuse

Family members suffer the effects of their family member’s drug abuse by going through unbelievable abuse themselves. Given that combative moods and visible irritability are common characteristics in drug addicts, emotional abuse is the most common kind of abuse within the family.  Finances have an immense impact on people struggling with drug abuse and their families.  Stealing money becomes imperative to support their drug habit and family members are the easiest target for theft.


The most Frequent Kinds of abuse within a household are

If you become aware that your family member has any inclinations to attempt to mistreat you in any way, by acting in a means that’s out of character for them, attempt to speak to them and learn if they are using. If any crucial component of your own life is in jeopardy, seek professional assistance.


Don’t Collude with the User at All or Cover up the Abuse

Family members typically feel sorry for the user and try to assist them by covering up the issue. In doing so, you are sending a message that what they’re doing is fine.  It will not help them but will only encourage them to continue using.  Check out the Top drug rehab centers for more information.


Preventive Measures

Let the user suffer some of the consequences that arise from drug abuse.  Do not cover up their mistakes/failures/missed appointments/absence out of work/etc.  Should they get involved with the police, do not bail them out right away.  Based upon your situation, you should explore all options to resolve the issue. Sometimes it helps to go right to an advisor to brainstorm the ideal solution for your situation and for the person who’s using.