Top 3 Rated Best Drug Rehabs in Florida, [March 2021]

Best Drug Rehabs in Florida

Guide to find the best drug rehabs in Florida reviewed by Dr. Vikram Tarugu, MD – Addiction Treatment Specialist

There are many drug rehab centers across the United States for treatment and recovery. Among these centers, we tried to choose some of the best programs, based on the services offered, experienced staff and reviews.

With over 5,000 overdoses in 2016 alone, it’s no wonder why the State of Florida declared a state of emergency for the epidemic just a year later in 2017.

Over 400,000 people state-wide struggle with a drug- or alcohol misuse disorder. At “Detox of South Florida” our commitment to patient recovery and addiction education is second-to-none.

The fact that you’re reading this signifies your commitment to combating and overcoming your dependency and we’re happy to offer you the information you need in this comprehensive “rehab review” guide so you can choose the right recovery center for your recovery needs.

Top 10 Rated Best Drug Rehab Centers in Florida
Best Drug Rehabs in Florida

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affect the lives of millions of Americans. Many struggling addicts feel as if there’s no help available to them. Some believe there’s nowhere to turn and that they’re unable to part ways with their dependency. Others drown in the cycle of their addiction and don’t believe there’s a way out.

Well, there is!

Despite it being difficult to exercise abstinence and self-restraint away from the desired substance(s), especially when combating the addiction alone (which is why at-home detox isn’t recommended for severe addiction cases), there IS help available to you.

In this write-up, you’ll read about the nature of addiction, how to “choose” the right Florida detox center for your recovery needs, and reviews on the best detox centers in the state.

As an effort to help guide you in the right direction to sobriety, we’ve compiled a list of a few credible recovery centers in South Florida and conducted in-depth reviews on each to make the decision easier for recovering addicts to find and receive the help they need.

With so many best rehabs in Florida to choose from it can be difficult to select a recovery center that is best suited for your recovery needs.

After all, all addictions are unique in nature and have varying degrees of severity and you’ll need to consult with the facility to ensure a proper treatment program suited for your addiction is available.

With the number of deaths in the United States related to alcohol- and drug-induced overdoses soaring, educating struggling addicts with how to find and receive treatment is the hinge on the door to sobriety.

According to a 2014 study held by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are nearly 22 million Americans struggling with an addiction to drugs/alcohol.

With over 15,000 rehabilitation centers stationed throughout the country, it’s apparent how problematic the epidemic has become.

Choosing a detox center to attend is the first step to recovery and here you’ll receive all of the information you’ll need to begin taking your first step towards sobriety.

Unfortunately, addiction is a struggle for all age groups, from children to adults; it’s a problem that continues to persist in today’s generation. Sadly, those combating addiction may worsen their dependency by continuing their use of their desired substance(s) as they feel there’s nowhere to turn for help.

Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol Abuse

Help is available and we’re going to provide the insight on recovery you’ll need to make the best choice for your personal recovery goals and needs.

When it comes to addiction, each case is unique and will require different treatments. Whether it’s an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the addiction itself is a sensitive mental illness that needs to be properly diagnosed and treated in a qualified center.

Not all detox centers provide the same level of care and treatment. Some specialize in particular areas of addiction while others are more encompassing, one’s that provide addiction recovery support in addition to support groups and rehab programs.

With that being said, the first step to seeking recovery will be for you to conduct research and due-diligence on your recovery options (detox centers) so you can choose the best route for you.

This publication will help you find a Florida detox center that will meet your recovery needs in addition to finding one that will work with your coverage provider.

When it comes to researching a detox center, for one, it’s important to do so you can understand which programs and offerings are available to patients at that particular center. For example, one drug/alcohol detox center may offer “group therapy” sessions on-site while others may not. Others may offer one-on-one counseling and support sessions with an accredited and licensed addiction specialist or life-coach while other centers may not provide this.

Learning about the various programs available to you is incredibly important to your recovery and will allow you to make an informed decision, one that will position you in a detox center that can properly manage your addiction.

Drug Rehab Effectiveness
Drug Rehab Effectiveness

Prior to delving into our list of the “Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers” we’re going to shed some light on important components of addiction recovery, points that will make the process more transparent for you. Again, part of a long-term successful recovery comes down to choosing the right center for your recovery needs.

From “finding/choosing a drug and alcohol detox center” to “relapse prevention”, this guide will help you to start a new beginning in your life, a new beginning that will be free of addiction.

Below are the Top 3 Rated Best Drug Rehabs in Florida

#1 – Detox of South Florida, Inc.

Detox of South Florida, Inc.
Detox of South Florida, Inc.

First on our list is “Detox of South Florida“; a top-rated addiction recovery center that’s oftentimes referred to as the best Florida detox center.

What differentiates DSF from other recovery centers is its unique approach to achieving successful completion of detox and recovery rates as high as 98%.

Primarily focusing on detoxification to enable recovering addicts to start on a “clean slate”, DSF takes a personalized approach to ensuring patients receive the care and attention needed to offer a recovery experience that’s as comfortable and withdrawal-free as possible.

Situated in sunny South Florida, Detox of South Florida‘s evidence-based treatments and recovery modality combined with a compassionate and caring staff has helped thousands of struggling addicts to overcome addiction.

Unfortunately, due to the incredibly high relapse rate in Florida, it’s apparent that most detox centers promising to offer top-notch care are unable to match their promise.

Unlike other treatment facilities, Detox of South Florida continues to set the standard in the field of addiction recovery care by offering multiple recovery programs including alcohol detox/rehab, drug detox/rehab, inpatient rehab, and even a veteran rehab program.

Their wide array of treatment programs makes their facility one of the best options in the state for those needing a center that provides all levels of treatment at one location.

Their highly qualified and experienced treatment staff is available to patients around-the-clock and offers personalized care to help you manage any challenges that may arise.

Their attention to patient care is second-to-none and they also accept a lot of coverage providers which will make it easier for you to receive the treatment you need without having to worry.

For admission inquiries to Detox of South Florida, please contact:

Address: 608 NE 2nd Ave, Okeechobee, Fl. 34972, USA

Phone: (863) 623-4923

#2 – Rehab South Florida

Rehab South Florida Logo
Rehab South Florida

Second on our list is “Rehab South Florida” which is an excellent recovery facility for minor-to-severe addictions that work with multiple coverage providers including TUFTS, Cigna, Aetna, AmeriHealth, BlueCross BlueShield, and United Healthcare (just to name a few of the many).

Rehab South Florida‘s patient-centric approach has allowed them to play a pivotal role in the lives of many addicts that have overcome addiction because of RSF’s vast recovery programs.

Their mission is to curb the strikingly high relapse rate in Florida which is problematic state-wide. Providing multi-faceted support to help patients overcome addiction to achieve sobriety in an affordable yet all-inclusive treatment model is Rehab South Florida ‘s mission.

They continue to receive excellent reviews from graduates of their treatment programs and provide top-of-the-line care that always exceeds the expectations of patients.

Located in beautiful West Palm Beach Florida, situated closely to the water, patients can enjoy year-round tropical weather, beautiful scenery, and sobriety in a safe and peaceful residential setting.

If you’re ready to take your addiction seriously and want to put your recovery in the hands of some of the state’s most prolific and experienced addiction recovery specialists and the clinical team then RSF is the recovery center for you.

Attendees of this facility regularly review online that the staff is very friendly and that they feel like family during their stay. For a recovery experience that will change your life, Rehab South Florida should definitely be on the consideration list.

For admission inquiries to Rehab South Florida, please contact:

Address: 4460 Medical Center Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Phone: 561-815-1036

#3 – AION Recovery

Aion Recovery Group
AION Recovery Group

AION Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center specializing in providing personalized treatment plans and recovery care to patients. Their philosophy is to offer a safe and supportive environment where evidence-based treatments are prioritized throughout treatment.

Long-term recovery is the end-goal for each patient they treat and is accomplished through holistic- and compassionate-based care to enhance the recovering addict’s recovery experience.

Detox, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), Life Skills Development, Dual Diagnosis treatment, Drug addiction treatment programs, alcohol rehab, the 12-step program, aftercare rehab, relapse prevention treatment/counseling, outpatient treatment, IOP, and residential rehab are all programs available to AION attendees.

Needless to say, at AION Recovery, there’s no shortage of treatment options which makes it one of the best facilities in the state as they accommodate the need for treatment for all types of addictions (and severity levels).

As a medically supervised rehab center that believes that alternative recovery approaches to overcoming addiction should be made available to those struggling with dependency on drugs/alcohol.

They combine both holistic- and evidence-based treatments in conjunction with the latest cutting-edge recovery practices to ensure the best recovery outcome possible. The 12-step program is also integrated as an important component to recovery.

Aside from treatments, the staff is very knowledgeable in the field of addiction and have years of experience in helping patients to cope with the stresses that may arise during rehab.

AION Recovery patients will experience a healing of the mind, body, and soul through individual therapy sessions, nutrition classes, and even adventure groups where you’ll have the opportunity to get out and explore with other recoveries’ that are changing their lives for the better as you are.

For admission inquiries to AION Recovery, please contact:

  • Address: 327 W. Lantana Road Lantana, FL 33462
  • Phone: 888-811-2879
  • Email:

Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers – Guide Conclusion

There are many rehabilitation centers available for you to seek recovery and we hope this guide helps you to make an informed choice in the best interest of your recovery. Due to the 98% success rate that “Detox of South Florida” has had with helping patients to overcome addiction they’ve become the leading center in the state for treating addictions related to drugs and/or alcohol.

Recovery is important and so is the center you choose for treatment. Are you ready for a new YOU?

Updated on: 31-12-2019



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