Rehabs that Accept Medicaid and Medicare and with no Insurance

Rehabs that accept Medicaid and Medicare
Rehabs that accept Medicaid and Medicare

“Rehabs that accept Medicaid and Medicare if you have no insurance”

Many times, those struggling with addiction are also struggling with economic hardship and may assume that rehab is out of reach due to their finances.  Over the years the public has heard of and seen multiple stories of celebrities that have undergone rehab. In many of these instances celebrities have attended 5-star, ocean-front, and over-the-top rehabs that cost extravagantly more than the typical rehab.  Recovering addicts may view such stories and perceive rehabilitation as a process that’s too expensive, out of reach, and not financially practical. For those with little-to-none finances, and, for recovering addicts with no private insurance, rehab without insurance is available!

Today we’re going to be discussing how you can find a Medicaid insurance rehabs so you can take your first step towards leading a substance abuse-free lifestyle!

Rehabilitation can be achieved without Insurance – How Medicaid can HELP YOU

Rehab with Medicaid/Medicare Assistance
Rehab with Medicaid/Medicare Assistance

Having no insurance or being tight on funds aren’t good reasons that should hold a struggling addict back from becoming sober; and it doesn’t have to!  As of today, if you don’t possess an insurance plan and cannot afford to pay for rehab “out of pocket” then Medicaid for rehab may be right for you.

What exactly is Medicaid?  How can Medicaid help to facilitate the coverage of rehab costs?  Well, Medicaid is a government and state-funded health coverage program that’s uniquely designed to cover the healthcare cost for individuals in the low-income bracket.  There are qualification requirements for applicants that must be met in order to be eligible for the program. These requirements vary from state to state. While Medicaid does cover mental-health services (such as counseling with a psychologist) not all Medicaid policies will cover every cost linked to addiction treatment.

Some people that believe they’re ineligible for acceptance in to the Medicaid program end up being accepted when applying.  This is why we recommend doing some research so you can begin to learn if you qualify (or apply to find out). Also, it’d be a great idea for you to call a few local rehabs to inquire on whether or not Medicaid is accepted.  Doing your research and finding a Medicaid-friendly rehab now will only simplify and streamline your transition to treatment once you’ve obtained coverage.

Medicaid Rehab Coverage – What you need to Know

Medicaid Insurance for Eligible Americans
Medicaid Insurance for Eligible Americans

Medicaid is an excellent alternative to carrying a private insurance policy as it may cover the cost(s) of both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment.  One thing that you should keep in mind is that if your addiction treatment involves either medical or mental-health recovery services Medicaid “will” cover these phases of recovery.

Let’s take for example the scenario where your primary care physician, psychologist, or accredited addiction treatment professional determines that it’s in your best interest to attend rehab.  In such instances, Medicaid will cover the cost of treatment. During detox in rehab (also known as “supervised medical detox”), patients will be monitored, especially when the patient has exhibited signs of suicide or psychosis.  This is why Medicaid is a great insurance alternative as many no insurance rehab facilities work with the federally-funded insurance program.

Usually, most outpatient rehab programs will help patients to become abstinent through mental health evaluations followed by therapy.  Because of the mental health services provided within such programs Medicaid is usually an excellent option. Again, keep in mind that Medicaid plans and what they cover will vary from state to state.  However, when it comes to no insurance outpatient rehab programs, Medicaid will typically always cover the cost of the addiction treatment just as it would for any other mental-health related treatments.

Find a Medicaid-Accepting Rehab – Step you need to take

Not all rehab centers accept Medicaid.  With over 20,000 rehab centers stationed throughout the United States, combing through all of the recovery options in search for one that accepts Medicaid can be a tiring process.  As such we’ve gone ahead and outlined some simple steps that will make the process easier for you. Addiction recovery education is paramount to recovering addicts receiving the help they need and here you’ll learn how you can find a Medicaid Rehab with ease.

There are many steps that will make it easier for you to find a no insurance rehab, including:

  • Speak to a caseworker at your local Medicaid office.  When speaking to the caseworker inform him/her that you’re currently covered by Medicaid and are seeking information on treatment centers that accept their coverage.  If you’re not currently covered by Medicaid but are planning on applying you can still inquire with them on what treatment centers (that fall within their coverage limits) are available to you.  This way, when you do apply and receive coverage, you’ll already have the information you need to enter rehab immediately.
  • Call your local mental health board to inquire about treatment facilities and Medicaid coverage.  When it comes to which recovery centers accept Medicaid the staff at the mental health board are quite knowledgeable.
  • If you have a particular list of rehab centers that you’re interested in attending simply contact each of them directly to inquire about whether or not their center accepts Medicaid.
  • When you come across a center that does accept Medicaid be sure that you ask the admissions staff “how much” of the treatment cost will be covered by the Medicaid.  Medicaid may not cover 100% of the treatment. If it doesn’t there’s going to be copays and a remaining balance owed at the end of treatment. You don’t want any surprised so be sure to ask about this up-front (so you know what to expect).

Making the choice to become sober is one of the greatest decisions that you’ll ever make.  Now that you’re aware of the recovery options that are available without insurance you can begin to lead a healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling life once again.  Do research, make some calls, and find a Medicaid rehab today so the process of recovery can be underway.

You can do it!