Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Florida

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Process

Whether you reside in the Sunshine State and searching for a drug recovery center alternative
or you are seeking to escape from life for a little while you treat your addiction, Florida offers a
variety of reasons to guarantee it is your choice for alcohol or drug rehabilitation. From tropical,
hot climates to the opportunity to explore the beaches, below are a few reasons Florida creates
a fantastic recovery destination.


A Relaxing Climate

A tropical like area and the neighboring oceans combine to create a warm, pleasant climate in Florida. The winters are mild, with January seeing an average temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Relaxing with Fresh Air


No matter what season you choose to find recovery from addiction in Florida, you will be able to
enjoy outdoor activities or relaxing time at your facility without freezing temperatures.





De-Stressing at the Beach

Outdoor activities are one of the most prevalent draws in Florida. Visiting a nearby beach or a
walk around a scenic area; you will discover a Florida drug rehab center that combines the very best
nature has to offer. After you finish inpatient medication or alcohol rehabilitation in Florida, you
will be able to explore the abundant things Florida has to offer.


Anxiety is one of the leading causes people turn to the use of alcohol or drugs. Listening to the waves wash up on the beach and seeing a sun rise or a sun set can be extremely therapeutic. Also, hunting areas where you are able to de-stress and relieve anxiety may be significant to the long-term healing process. Being able to escape from your day to day stressors is vital and why people from all over the country are seeking alcohol and drug rehab in Florida.


From Disney World or the Gulf of Mexico, Florida offers many fun excursions when families are able to visit during the treatment process.  Enjoying time as a family will have a positive effect on the whole household and start a base for building back relationships.  Coming to Florida is the perfect place to start the healing and rehabilitation process.

Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Florida
Florida – Perfect place to start the healing and rehabilitation process


At the Detox of South Florida and Rehab South Florida, we take advantage of the favorable climate Florida has to offer.  With luxury logging with exceptional amenities and professional knowledge from specialists, you will have the environment needed to overcome your addiction.