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When it comes to narcotics or anesthetic pain reliever, one known variety for being a strong one is OxyContin. This pill is based highly addictive. That is why specialists only prescribe this type of pain reliever to those who are already experiencing severe type and level of pain and those who are extremely sick.

As reported, the case of OxyContin misuse is at its peak right now. As a result, the demand for a rehabilitation center that specializes in OxyContin abusive patients is also rising rapidly.

Based on the reports of the National Drug Intelligence Center or commonly known as NDIC, almost one million residents of America whose age are 12 and above have been abusive in taking OxyContin and also those who used it once (the least) in their whole life.

Just like an addiction to heroin, OxyContin also makes a person dependent on that drug. That is why those who suffer addiction from this type of drug should undergo extensive monitoring. Those who took this for several weeks already and those who go over than the necessary medication will develop and experience obsession and need for it physically.

Once you become one of those who is addicted to this type of drug, it would be extremely hard to withdraw from it. Most of the time, people who suffer from this usually look for some OxyContin rehab centers as this would be the best choice to help you deal with the longing period.

There are different symptoms based on how serious the addiction is, and it also depends on the person addicted as well. In short, it is a case to case basis. Some of the signs that you would be feeling include these, but not restricted to:

  • You cannot fully focus and cannot act normal whenever you cannot take the pill.
  • You frequently get dizzy.
  • You regularly vomit most of the time.

Being courageous enough to know that you need help is already something. That’s the first move in conquering your obsession to OxyContin. Unlike any other addiction, the cooperation of the one addicted is not necessary for making the rehabilitation successful, although most of the time, it would be helpful.

When you find yourself helpless, and you know you already need help in overcoming it, the next step should be looking for an efficient treatment facility that would suit your needs as a victim. Put in mind that not all rehab facilities have the same regulations. Think of these two whenever you start looking for an efficient one:

Distance – this is vital as this will affect your willingness to go to the rehab center. How close is your desired rehabilitation building to your home? For those who are not in an inpatient treatment, it would be favorable for you if you choose something that is close to your house, choose one within the vicinity if there is one.

Who wants to travel 100 miles just to get to the rehab center anyway? On the other hand, it would also be best for those who are in an inpatient treatment for their parents, relatives and your friends to visit the one addicted during the treatment period.

Policy implementation – you should also consider the policies implemented in the rehab center. It is important for you to know if the one that you chose allows the people confined to use any electronic device, including your mobile phone while you’re in treatment.

Aside from that, it would also be best for you to know if the facility will allow some visitors while you’re confined.

You have to tour every rehabilitation center of your choice to make sure you are perfectly comfortable and fine with it before you commit yourself to that particular facility. There are times that the treatment center also offers a “virtual tour” when you visit their website if you can’t personally visit the said center. The cozier you are to the facility, the more successful your treatment would be.

Rapid detox centers – this kind of centers make the process of withdrawal faster than it should be. During this time, the patient will be under anesthesia, and that person will undergo some medications to speed up the detoxification process.

But just a warning, this kind of cure can also be harmful as this may lead to heart attack. As what the National Institute on Drug Abuse said, mostly, approximately around fifty-five percent of those who used this process may be worse within the next six months.

Outpatient treatment centers – from the name itself, outpatient, means they do not confine addicted patients. This method is the perfect choice for those who cannot leave their homes or drop out of school, especially a mother needed by her family.

But as a downside of this type of treatment procedure, when you’re not confined, that’s where distractions and most importantly, temptations are great. Because you are not staying in the rehab center, you don’t get along too much with people with the same issue which may be a great help throughout the treatment period.

Inpatient rehabilitation facility – what it does is the person addicted will be under 24/7 intensive monitoring and treatment period. Doctors suggest this method to those who are experiencing addiction for a long time now.

The patient leaves his environment which may also be one of the contributing factors of his substance abuse and will be in a rehabilitation center in a particular treatment period.

Seeing a loved one suffer due to addiction is very saddening and may be stressful, not only for the one addicted but for you as well. Usually, rehabilitation facilities that specialize victims of OxyContin engage in group therapy.

Even if you already finished your treatment program, it would still be necessary to attend some group gatherings and of course your personal counseling sessions. Call Detox of South Florida to get started today.

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