Party Drugs used by many Substance Abusers

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You may wake up in the emergency room with no idea what happened over the last 2 hours. You remember heading to a club with your friends, where someone handed you a pill. And things GOT WEIRD.

You don’t remember what happened next, but your friends told the ER doctor you started vomiting on the dance floor and collapsed. That pill you swallowed was a tab of “X”. The doctor says you’re lucky you don’t have any brain damage and didn’t do anything stupid like have unprotected sex.

What are Party Drugs used by Substance Abusers?

What are Party Drugs used by Substance Abusers

Drugs like Ecstasy, Ketamine, GHB, and Rohypnol are called “Party Drugs”, often abused at clubs, bars and house parties. In a flash they can erase your memories and STOP your heart. Many think these drugs are harmless fun – but these lethal drugs can kill the party fast – by killing you.

You might know Ketamine: ”Special K”, “Kit Kat” or “Vitamin K” it is actually a pain medicine used on animals & Humans.    Ketamine is snorted or injected when abused and goes straight to your brain and scrambles the messages your brain is trying to send to your body – causing hallucinations. Many times, Ketamine can cause PERMANENT brain damage instead of hallucinations.

How Party Drugs mess with the head of a Substance Abuser

MDMA, you probably know this drug as; “Ecstasy”, “E” or “X”. This drug releases the chemicals dopamine and serotonin into your brain, producing energy and euphoria. Brain releases a small amount but MDMD releases all these chemicals. When the drug wears off the user crashes hard, feeling depressed, upset and often suicidal. Ecstasy messes with your body’s ability to regulate temperature causing death from heat stroke. Ecstasy dehydrates you to the point that your organs shut down. Which is the 2nd most common cause of Ecstasy death, water poisoning. Your organs begin to swell like sponges, causing your brain to swell and bend your brain stem and stops all blood flow to the heart.  When this happens, water builds in brain and causes death.  Other physical and psychological effects of MDMA/Ecstasy include:  Nausea, chills and muscle cramps, anxiety and memory loss, blurry vision and teeth clenching, and damage to the brain and liver.

Date Rape Drugs Used by Substance Abusers

Date Rape Drugs Used by Substance Abusers

You can’t taste, see, or smell GHB and Rohypnol this makes it easy to slip into your drink. Leaves you completely helpless and cannot force someone from doing things to you; like “date Rape”. Females and males alike should be worried about this drug. GHB sometimes called “g” or “Liquid Ecstasy” is popular at parties as it makes the brain release dopamine and gives the user a “rush” and makes them feel happy, alert and talkative. GHB has serious side effects of: loss of coordination and concentration, nausea, dizziness and vomiting, amnesia, severe withdrawal symptoms, trouble breathing and coma or death.

Rohypnol called “Roofies” is a small white pill and crushed can be dissolved in liquid or snorted. It slows down the brain like a sleeping pill only much worse, and sometimes shut down brain completely. Rohypnol makes you feel very relaxed and very fatigued. Other side effects of Rohypnol are: Slurred speech, loss of coordination, confusion, memory loss, difficulty breathing, and overdose or death.

Party Drug Treatment in Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Detox of South Florida

Detox of South Florida, one of the best South Florida drug rehab centers, is actively involved in researching novel treatment modalities that can become mainstay treatments for other drug and alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab centers in Florida which can have a meaningful effect on patient outcomes.  As patient outcomes are an important gauge in determining whether a therapeutic/ treatment modality is working, it is imperative that time energy and resources be dedicated to this field of expertise.  This will ensure that all drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida and addiction treatment in Florida can remain above par.   Within the realms of Addiction medicine, there is much opportunity to discover effective therapeutic modalities which can help curb relapse rates and help assist those struggling with addiction to fight cravings. Detox of South Florida’s qualified staff is there to assist those who suffer from the negative effects of Party Drugs and any other substance of abuse.

Dr. Vikram Tarugu MD

Dr. Vikram Tarugu, is a best-in-class, board certified gastroenterologist in South Florida. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatments of gastrointestinal tract conditions. Dr. Tarugu is currently in private practice and has privileges at Raulerson hospital. He is also the CEO of Detox of South Florida. He is routinely rated as one of the best GI doctors and liver doctors in Florida. Patients through out the US have sought his expertise and seek his help when a second opinion is needed with difficult and chronic Gastro intestinal and liver diseases.

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