Opiate Detox

Opiate Treatment Program

Opiates are a group of drugs that are used for treating pain, a derivative of Opium which comes from the Poppy Plant. They are known by many names including opiates, opioids, and narcotics. Common generic names of Opiate drugs include but are not limited to: Codeine; Vicodin, Hycodan (hydrocodone); MS Contin Kadian (morphine); Oxycontin, Percoset (oxycodone); Dilaudid (hydromorphone); and Duragesic (fentanyl).

Opiate Addiction

Most who began using Opiates did so under a Doctor’s prescription to treat pain, just as millions of others have over the years.  These medications are highly addictive, if not taken according to the prescription and over too long of a time period, they can lead to a serious dependency. When used for pain relief many patients will develop a tolerance to the medication, requiring increased doses to see the desired effects. This can often lead to prescription drug abuse, resulting in an addiction that could cause the patient to begin obsessively thinking about getting more opiates and in some cases engage in illegal activities such as double doctoring. Drug abuse often seek out opiate drugs as they produce a sense of wellbeing or euphoria that can be addictive to some people. A tolerance to the euphoric effect of opiates develops fast. Unfortunately people often overdose by mistake because they are trying to get a higher high and take too much, some die as a result of cardiac or respiratory arrest.  Thankfully for those found soon enough, opiate overdose can be reversed in hospital with intravenous naltrexone.

Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal can often be uncomfortable, even painful at times. When abusing opiates in combination with other drugs (such as alcohol or benzos), withdrawal can even be life threatening. Common symptoms of Opiate withdrawal include: Low energy, Irritability, Anxiety, Agitation, Insomnia; Runny nose, Teary eyes; Hot and cold sweats, Goose bumps; Yawning; Muscle aches and pains; and Abdominal cramping, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea. These symptoms of opiate withdrawal can last as little as one week, well into several months. Once the initial symptoms of withdrawal have passed it is common to experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms, which are less severe but last longer.

The First Step in Treating Opiate Addiction is Detox

Many people try to quit Opiates cold turkey. However they quickly return to the drug in search of relief from uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This is why it is important to seek out professional help with withdrawing from Opiate drugs. Detox of South Florida offers the treatment you need to overcome your addiction to Opiates. Our team of professional, experienced and compassionate staff will support you and offer you the care needed to get through one of the most difficult points in your life. With a medical detox program you can be gradually weaned off the opiate medication, drastically reducing the discomfort of withdrawal and allowing you to focus on getting to the root cause of your addiction. If you or a loved one are suffering from Opiate Addiction, contact Detox of South Florida to begin your life saving journey.

Aflatun Kaiser
07:14 12 Mar 17
The techs at this detox are awesome and caring, doctors are nice and all around great facility. The groups are informative and the therapist are so amazing and caring. They accommodating to your needs. It's a very clean facility and they really care about your needs except the cook doesn't accommodate to certain diets. Like I don't eat vegetables and every meal was covered in vegetables and there was only water as well and I personally hate water.read more
Anna Smart
12:23 20 Mar 17
I was in really bad shape when I entered the detox . I had severe withdrawals from heroin and they were quick to address them From top to bottom, this is a fantastic place to detox. The doctors, nurses, counselors, staff - and especially the techs - are incredible and caring. The facility is clean and the food is good. The rooms are simple but sufficient. I would highly recommend Detox of South Florida to anyone that is serious about overcoming their addiction(s).read more
Mark Bruno
14:04 19 Mar 17
Naturalistic remedies are available which could ease both physical and emotional discomfort. I learned some breathing techniques and art of balancing life. My body and mind are at peace! Heal yourself!read more
Lana Aranga
12:29 09 Oct 16
I've been to multiple treatment centers and detox. Bar none, Detox of South Florida is the best care I have received. The staff is compassionate and upbeat. The supervisor (behavioral health tech) Kevin is caring and works hard to make sure all patients are safe and well taken care of. I am grateful for this facility and hope anyone in need of detox chooses this place. The facility is clean and the food is good. I am a critical person and cannot find any issue to complain about. If you have any problem while you are here, the techs and Kevin help resolve the issue in a professional manner. If Roger Ebert was still alive, he would give Detox of South Florida two thumbs up! I am happy to be here and I know anyone that comes here will be happy too.read more
Adrianna Stuart
22:47 18 Feb 17
Detox of south Florida save my life!. I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids and I needed to get clean to get my family back. I have struggled with addiction for many years and been to some detoxes and rehabs in my life . I can without any hesitation say this detox is one of the most caring place. They are a bit strict in how much medication you get but I guess it's ok if you want to get better.read more
Rita Bohl
10:58 22 Jun 17
When I first arrived I was very nervous and I kept thinking what have I done, 3weeks later, I was clean! It was the hardest thing I've ever done! With all the love from staff and people in detox, I got through, day by day! It was like a family! Everyone was so kind and caring! Best thing I've ever done for ME😊read more
Alice Taylor
09:48 22 Jun 17
The care I received at Detox of South Florida was the outstanding. The staffs are so kind full with patience.
Paterson Adam
10:02 22 Jun 17
The detox of SF was outstanding with their technology,care and Staffs are very friendly. Highly recommended !!!
Sebastian Dhadda
07:45 12 Jul 17
The medical team provided 24*7 supervision and ensured safe withdrawal of chemicals and toxic substances. Now my body is stabilized and cocaine levels have drastically reduced. Said goodbye to depression and anxiety.read more
Sclafani Gerson
07:31 13 Jul 17
Regular therapy was given and all the pills I have been in-taking all these days were monitored. I had an opportunity to attend some recreational activities and it was fun and cool. After the session I would feel myself active.read more
Michael Rebeto
18:53 11 Jul 17
Throughout the program, assessment was done based upon my individual need. My addiction severity on heroin was gradually decreased and I gained mental health after the course. Best place to find yourself!read more
Oswaldo Squire
07:21 17 Jul 17
It was a pleasant journey here. No complications. They analyzed before getting me into the course. It was great to have professional guidance for attending a detox program. Opiates have been flushed out and I am back to normal.read more