Latest News: An Addict is Born Long before the First Puff of Substance Enters His Body

The latest news emerging from the additive behavior theories has reportedly confirmed the role of brain and body disorders in pushing an individual to the depths of addiction. Though there have been thousands of chronic addition cases coming to the observations of doctors, it was difficult to point out the exact causes.

According to Antoine Bechara et al, the usage of opioid as a pain healer medicine could be one of the causes of addiction to start. But there are many who haven’t needed it as medicine, but still, they became victims of addiction.

Addiction Theories – Increasing Probability of Results

According to the A Neurobehavioral Approach to Addiction, the sense of ecstasy created by the effects of drugs could become weaker as the brain and body get conditioned to it. Then the same quantity of drugs may fail to create a sense of euphoria once again. The user may require a higher volume of drugs.

The cycle may continue until the body and mind become dependent on the substance. The will power to resist the temptation may vanish from the user’s mind when addiction becomes critical or chronic.

There have been many such theories before which seemed to be accurate but practical implementation might have been inadequate. The Antoine Bechara et al theory seems to be more practical in its approach as it puts the addict’s willingness to stop as the first step to recovery.

Voluntary Acceptance – First Step to Recovery

According to the experts, psychotherapy could be helpful in the voluntary acceptance of recovery procedures instead of being coerced by the family. Practical experience may have shown that no addict may be willing to tread the path of recovery unless he has hit the “Rock Bottom”.

Prevention – Catch them before Addiction Hooks them

The modern approach could be to analyze the mind of an individual long before the habit becomes an addiction. But the real question could be whether to treat them before the first puff of substance enters their body or after. Science may one day find an answer.

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A Neurobehavioral Approach to Addiction: Implications for the Opioid Epidemic and the Psychology of Addiction

A Neurobehavioral Approach to Addiction: Implications for the Opioid Epidemic and the Psychology of Addiction