Methadone Detox

Methadone Treatment Program

Regardless to if you’re methadone addiction is “new” or you have been using for many years, you are faced with challenges when it comes to quitting. You may have attempted to go ‘cold turkey’, once symptoms of methadone withdrawal kicked in you ran back to drugs to find some sort of comfort and normalcy. As the cycle of addiction continues through your life you are placed at a cross road. You can either continue the use of methadone until you pay the ultimate price of your life, or you can stop and get the help you need to kick the habit once and for all.

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid medication that has been used for well over 40 years to “treat” opioid addiction. Its main purpose is to treat patients addicted to heroin, however it causes an new addiction of its own. It is also commonly used to treat chronic pain, resulting a physical dependency in many patients. Regardless to its use for treatment there are thousands of men and women who develop dependency and addiction each year, requiring methadone detox as centers such as Detox of South Florida.

Breaking The Cycle of Dependency

Breaking the cycle of dependency can be difficult to say the least, often requiring professional help. The first step in most recovery programs is Prescription Drug Detox. This is the process in which the body is cleansed of the harmful chemicals and toxins related to prescription drug abuse, aiding the patient through the withdrawal period with minimal discomfort. The detox process used is determined by the type of prescription drug abuse, the dose, and the length of time it had been used, as well as the personal needs of the patient, this makes the entire process individualized. Detox of South Florida is a leader in safe Prescription Drug Detox, helping thousands of people regain control of their lives from addiction.

Methadone is a Dangerous Drug

While many Doctors will play methadone off as a harmless way to treat heroin addiction or chronic pain, the truth is it is an extremely dangerous drug. In fact it is such a powerfully addictive drug that many of the patients treated with this drug find themselves with a more overwhelming addiction to Methadone than they had with other opioid drugs. This “treatment of choice” medication is simply causing people to trade one addiction for another. Getting off methadone can be far more dangerous than heroin, sending most to detox for treatment.

Stopping Methadone Addiction at Detox of South Florida

Stopping Methadone is going to be difficult and painful at times, but continuing its use is going to result in a tragic life of addiction resulting in death. Detox of South Florida has developed innovative ways to treat Methadone addiction through medical detox, allowing patients to gradually wean off the drug until they are able to get to a point of not requiring any of the drug. This medical step down process is effective and has helped thousands to successfully wean off methadone with minimal discomfort.