LSD Abuse and Side Effects – Reviews on LSD Rehab Recovery Centers

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lsd addiction treatment
LSD Addiction Treatment

LSD, also known as acid/blotter, is a powerful drug belonging to the “hallucinogens” class of drugs and is most commonly used among individuals for both recreational and spiritual activities.  Known medically as “D-lysergic acid diethylamide”, LSD contains psychoactive properties that will provide its users with euphoric effects that tend to last for a period of 6-10 hours varying on the amount taken and the consistency in which it’s used.

Psychedelics such as LSD initiate both physical and mental symptoms similar to that of psychosis and will cause altered perceptions to the user’s reality and surroundings.

Changes to perception in addition to an altered sense of reality are referred to by its users as a “trip” and can cause:

  • Visual hallucinations
  • Intensified sensations like sounds and smells
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Blending of senses, such as “seeing” sounds or “hearing” colors
  • Sensation of the mind leaving the body
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Quickly shifting emotions
  • Mystical or religious sensations

LSD is a powerful, mind-altering hallucinogenic that can cause users to experience unusually radical behavior, sporadic and sudden changes in moods, and dream-like realities with some users seeing objects in their surroundings that don’t exist (this can result in a “bad trip” depending on the intensity of the hallucination).

lsd hallucinations
LSD Hallucinations

For many reasons, LSD use (even recreationally), can lead to serious medical complications even in small doses.  Side effects stemming from the use of LSD can activate hallucinogenic effects similar to other hallucinogens and can cause near-immediate side effects such as an increase in body temperature, dilated pupils, restless sleep, and loss of appetite (just to name a few).

Use of LSD inhibits one’s ability to make responsible choices and under the influence can cause the user to be involved in situations where accidents or harm to others occur.  Furthermore, LSD use tremendously raises the chances of further complication preexisting mental health conditions and can cause chemical imbalances that could possible last for a lifetime.

LSD Overdoses – How they occur and side effects

Side effects of LSD Overdose
Side effects of LSD Overdose

While not occurring frequently, LSD overdoses (deaths) do in-fact occur which typically stems from the LSD user taking the drug either knowing (or not knowing) that the LSD is laced with another substance.  Since a percentage of LSD users believe that laced product will result in a better “high”; there are some hardened LSD dependents that will use LSD even knowing that it’s laced with an additional substance/drug.

While laced LSD can result in an overdose – a majority of LSD overdoses are due to the users combination of LSD coupled with other pharmaceutical-grade medications.

As with all other drugs, extensive and long-term use of LSD will progress the chances of medical complications occurring and can cause users to experience severe, bodily malnutrition (which commonly results in the user taking more LSD).

How LSD can mentally affect its Users

Side effects of LSD Abuse
Side effects of LSD Abuse

Aside from the many “physical” side effects that LSD users may endure from LSD use – a large part of the received effects from LSD impacts the mental state of its users.

Because of LSD’s psychoactive properties; individuals using LSD can, and in many cases, will, experience intense mental states, delusions, and distress.

Mentally, after the ingestion of LSD, users can experience dramatic mental effects including:


  • Delusions – The individual may have an altered perception of their surroundings and may see objects that aren’t real. Delusions may also cause the illusion of movement in objects.
  • Visual hallucinations – Perhaps a preferred side effect by LSD users; visual hallucinations, similar to that of delusions, will cause the user to see objects, people, animals, or any other visuals that the mind, under the influence of LSD, can come up with.
  • Artificial sense of euphoria or certainty – LSD is known for causing an intense euphoria in addition to instilling dangerous levels of self-confidence in users (which can result in injury as users may make poor judgment choices believing they cannot be injured).
  • Distortion of one’s sense of time and identity – Under the control of LSD, users may experience the inability to decipher the amount of time passing by and just may perhaps forget who they are as a person. While not common among all users, it does happen and can cause the user tremendous anxiety and distress.
  • Impaired depth perception – Similar to that of being under the influence of alcohol – being under the influence of LSD can greatly impact ones perception of depth which is why operating motor vehicles when using LSD is just as dangerous as driving when intoxicated.
  • Perception of objects, movements, colors, sounds, and touch – Because of the powerful and potent chemical that’s active in LSD, users may perceive their surroundings as an environment where all real-world objects are moving or twisting.
  • Severe, terrifying thoughts and feelings – For individuals who have previous mental health issues with dealing with anxiety – LSD is the last substance you’d want to be under the influence of. Since LSD is known to cause extreme thoughts that can cause users to inflict self-harm it’s just one of the many reasons that the drug should be avoided.
  • Fear of losing control – Feeling helpless can be scary. Feeling that you have no control over yourself can be even scarier and such a feeling is common among even recreational LSD users.
  • Panic attacks – Because of the many side effects caused from LSD use users may experience intense long-lasting panic attacks with durations lasting from 4-12 hours.

As you can see, there are many adverse effects when it comes to the use of LSD.  These are effects that one must take in to consideration as the use of such a substance can have life-long effects (both minimal and intense).

Best LSD Rehab Centers in Florida

For the convenience of our readers, we’ve compiled a list of a few LSD rehab centers in Florida that you may want to consider attending if you’ve found yourself heavily reliant upon the use of either LSD or any other substances that fall in to the “hallucinogen” class of drugs.

Sometimes, LSD recovery cannot be accomplished alone and will require the intervention of medical professionals or addiction specialists as such experts in the medical community have the required knowledge in dealing with such addiction cases that will be essential to your recovery success.

Detox of South Florida Headquarters
Detox of South Florida Headquarters

First on our list is the Detox of South Florida – an award-winning and nationally recognized LSD rehab facility located in sunny South Florida.  The “Detox of South Florida” provides individualized LSD rehabilitation treatments to both local and international patients who want to overcome LSD addiction thru the intervention of experienced addiction specialists and understanding medical professionals.

Founded by one of Florida’s most experienced doctors – Dr. Vikram Tarugu; the “Detox of South Florida” medical staff will work with patients one-on-one to understand their specific addiction needs which is done so the most effective treatment method(s) are provided.

With the founder (Dr. Tarugu) having over 25 years of experience in the medical field across many unique practices, the “Detox of South Florida” treatment center has achieved an unprecedented accomplishment with 9/10 of their patients successfully recovering from LSD dependency.

Address: 608 NE 2nd Ave, Okeechobee, FL 34972

Phone: (863) 623-4923

The Recovery Village Treatment Center

Recovery Village Addiction Treatment Center
Recovery Village Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re a frequent or recreational user of LSD and are seeking effective rehabilitation treatment in Florida then the “Recovery Village” is a great option of choice to alleviate yourself of any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience.  Individuals who are suffering from LSD or hallucinogen dependence can tremendously benefit from participating in recovery treatment that’s conducted under the supervision of medical professionals and addiction specialists.

With that said, the “Recovery Village” is an excellent treatment facility to consider attending as they provide patients with 24-hour, on-site access to an experienced medical staff that can assist you with withdrawal/symptom management, stress/anxiety, and pain (if necessary).

Address – 33 Umatilla Blvd, Umatilla, FL 32784

Phone Number – (352) 771-2700

The Fairwinds Drug/LSD Treatment Center

The Fairwinds Treatment Center for LSD
The Fairwinds Treatment Center for LSD

For the Florida-based individuals that are suffering from LSD addiction and are seeking treatment from a well-established rehabilitation center – the “Fairwinds LSD and Alcohol Treatment Center” is an excellent option.  Providing patients with LSD recovery treatment since 1989, patients attending Fairwinds will receive top-notch LSD rehabilitation care administered by Dr. M El-Yousef (a medical professional specializing in psychopharmacology and addiction recovery).

At Fairwinds, their methodology is that the treatment of mental sickness can ease the symptoms related to LSD withdrawal and thru their unique dual-diagnosis approach they’ll curate an individualized treatment plan that will be most effective for your particular LSD addiction recovery needs.

Furthermore, they also extend a residential LSD treatment program that will provide patients with the opportunity to be housed and cared for on-site.

Their experienced staff is dedicated to providing LSD symptom and dependency relief and they offer their effective treatments in comfortable home-styled environments with on-site amenities that include a lounge, laundry facility, and cafeteria.

Address – 1569 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL 33756

Phone – (727) 449-0300

Road to Recovery – Personalized Rehab Treatment for LSD Dependency

Road to Recovery Addiction Treatment Center
Road to Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re a victim of LSD abuse or even recreational use and have the desire to live a LSD-free lifestyle then consider attending the “Road to Recovery”.  At this personalized, residential LSD treatment facility, patients will receive top-notch care from medical professionals that have been administering LSD recovery treatments for nearly a decade. With a beautiful, safe, peaceful, and secure home for guests to reside during their duration of treatment – patients will enjoy a relaxed, laid-back environment with their own private living space.

As a patient receiving LSD treatment and therapies at the “Road to Recovery”, you can expect to participate in group counseling sessions with other patients who are experiencing addiction which will allow you to converse and support others (while receiving support yourself).

Inside LSD recovery center
Inside LSD recovery center

You’ll also participate in recreational/outdoor activities which can help with withdrawal management since most LSD abuse cases have resulted in malnutrition and being active in physical activities will help your body to restore itself.

To further help their patients with recovering from LSD addiction they also provide:

  • Life coaching – Create a plan of action with a life-coach upon your completion of LSD treatment.
  • Anger management sessions – Learn how to manage anger/emotions.
  • Outpatient treatments – Visit the facility on a fixed-schedule where you’ll visit on various days throughout the week to receive treatment(s) and to attend group therapeutic/support sessions.
  • Post-treatment relapse prevention planning – Treatment options for post-recovery success. This will help to keep you away from LSD use post your completion of the rehab.

LSD addiction is a serious matter and at the “Road to Recovery” they understand that your addiction needs are unique to you.  With this understanding they’ll work with you one-on-one during your interview/admission to have an understanding of your addiction needs so that you can receive individualized treatment that will be most effective for you.

Address – 6971 Heritage Dr. Port St Lucie, FL 34952

Phone – (800) 411-9200