New Beginnings: Utilizing Local Detox Centers

Think of addiction as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The reality of its consequences typically doesn’t surface immediately. In fact, drugs and local detox centers alcohol are pretty fun for a while. You might try it the first time around just for fun or out of desperation to escape a bad situation. It’s easy to say that it’s just a one-time thing, but not as simple to actually stop.

Before you realize it, you’re missing work and family functions. Then all of a sudden you’re struggling to pay bills and keep up the habit. Eventually, the habit takes over completely, and you’re not even the same person anymore. Your friends and family will notice long before you do, but probably don’t know how to bring it up. They might not even realize exactly how bad it is until it’s too late.

Rise from Rock Bottom

Like many addicts, you might end up in a hospital a few times for overdoses and alcohol poisoning. The first thing you want to do when you go home to decompress is to get high or drunk again. At this point, you’ll keep cycling through this process until it lands you in the grave. However, there is a way out if you look for it.

Local Detox Centers

Local Detox Centers

Local detox centers employ trained professionals to guide you on your journey to sobriety. It won’t be easy and will make you face ugly truths you’ve hidden away over the years. However, it’s the only choice you have to break out of the prison you’ve put yourself in. You’re ready for change, but how do you begin to find local detox centers for drug usage limits.

Create a Map for Your Journey

Before you start making a list of local detox centers, make a list of recovery goals. Think of it as a checklist to follow when you find yourself struggling through rehab. Although your local detox centers offer a tremendous amount of support, there’s still a personal responsibility you must take for yourself. To help yourself through this, set some simple goals that will be invaluable throughout the entire recovery process. Here are some ones to help you get started:

  • Learn to ask for help
  • Cut out friends that still use drugs/alcohol
  • Be active in group therapies and other self-help groups
  • Practice honesty
  • Avoid high-risk situations (clubs, bars, big parties, etc.)
  • Call friends to help you get past cravings
  • Find new hobbies
  • Celebrate small accomplishments

Beginning your journey with a checklist similar to this one will help you focus on your bigger goals. It will help you transform into your true self. Although there is a lot of personal responsibility necessary to achieve sobriety, it’s dangerous to attempt alone. That means it’s time to narrow down the options of your local detox centers.

Finding the Best Local Detox Centers

There is a lot to consider when choosing from your local detox centers. The information found through research can be so overwhelming that you might feel like giving up. Don’t let that happen. Focus your search on these factors to simplify the process.1

  • Types of Treatment
    • Do they offer short-term or long-term treatment?
    • Is the treatment evidence-based or advertised as a “quick fix”?
    • Are there programs relevant to you? (i.e. pregnant women, adolescents, single parents, etc.)
    • Is the facility in-patient or out-patient?
  • Social Media and Alumni Reviews
    • What is their social media presence like?
    • Do past patients have positive reviews and comments?
    • What other organizations, associations, and facilities do they work with?
  • Visit the Center
    • When you call, are the staff helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable?
    • Schedule a tour & compare what you see to the information you find online
    • Do they have the right amenities for you?

After all of this, the biggest question left is all about the money: Do they take your insurance? If they don’t, how much will you be paying out of pocket? If you’re one of the 18% (or 3.7 million people) of Floridians on Medicaid, you have plenty to choose from local detox centers.2

Rehab Centers Near Me that Accept Medicaid

The state of Florida has plenty of local detox centers that accept many insurance plans, including Medicaid. Don’t let a lack of funds be a roadblock on your path to sobriety. The following are a sample of local detox centers in Florida that can help Medicaid patients.

Offers Criminal Justice Aid

  • Community Outreach Services Inc.

It’s hard to find local detox centers to help you through the complex rungs of the justice system. Getting sober is enough of a battle without fighting courts and lawyers. Let this outpatient facility give you a safe environment in which to heal. They offer long and short-term programs as well as halfway housing following treatment. During your time with them, they also help you with any existing legal problems.3

For All Ages

  • BayCare Behavioral Health – Hernando

Some local detox centers specialize with certain clientele. For example, they may only take men, only women, or only adolescents. No matter who you are, this facility will help you overcome addiction through therapy and counseling. Sometimes the biggest difference can be made just by listening, and that’s exactly what they’ll do.4


  • Pride Institute

Finding appropriate medical care as an LGBT citizen is more difficult than what it should be. Fortunately, some local detox centers are taking steps to change that. This facility provides an environment safe from judgment and full of understanding. They utilize trained psychiatrists and medical doctors to give you the best treatment possible.

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Let Local Detox Centers Help Today

A huge tool for any recovering addict is a strong support system. Although you might have a strong will and determination, lacking a support system will increase your chances of relapse. Throughout the process, mistakes will undoubtedly be made, but support gets you back on track quicker.

You can find this support at many of the local detox centers in your area. Please don’t put it off any longer. Begin the journey of rediscovering yourself today.

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