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Opiates are some of the most addictive and destructive drugs that exist. Countless lives are ruined each year because people struggle with the powerful grip of opiate addiction. It is incredibly hard to overcome and usually brings severe mental and physical pain.

However, it has been proven that someone fighting an opiate addiction can drastically reduce their risk of relapse by going to a treatment center that provides rehab for drugs.

Here we are going to look at some of the most common questions people ask about heroin and opiate detox centers, and we will find out how they could potentially help you (or a loved one) become free from addiction.

Combating an opiate addiction is a painful, confusing process for most people.

Specialist treatment centers provide a wide range of support options and always employ licensed councilors who have extensive experience (and expertise) in dealing with opiate addictions.

By being under the constant care of health professionals an addict can reduce their chance of relapse significantly. Combating addiction with professional help is a much less confusing and uncomfortable than trying to do it by yourself.

(The inherent confusion is taken away by the rigid structure of the detox treatment, and much of the discomfort is relieved by a range of medical and therapeutic methods.)

It is worth pointing out that detox centers do not make the difficulty and pain go away completely. Combating an opiate addiction is a serious undertaking that requires willpower. It will inevitably cause some discomfort regardless of the way someone decides to break the addictive cycle.

But by using the services of a treatment center, you can be on the path to freedom with a minimal amount of discomfort (and you give yourself the best chance of success).

The treatment patients receive depends largely on the rehab center that they are using. There are a wide range of treatment methods that focus on different aspects of addiction and clinics use several different treatment methods at the same time to increase efficacy.

The abstinence part of treatment is usually done with a variation of the 12 step program. This is a highly popular treatment method which has been tried and tested all over the world. This is combined with medical supervision and counseling that will ensure a patient’s physical safety is not in jeopardy (and to provide mental support during the toughest phases of withdrawal symptoms).

Many detox centers provide treatment for the underlying behavior that caused the addiction in the first place, and also for any trauma that has been caused by the addiction. This usually takes the form of counseling which can be performed individually, or within groups of other patients.

There is often a focus on physical health at detox centers too. An opiate addiction has a devastating effect on the human body. This needs to be rectified to give a patient the best chance of avoiding relapse and living a healthy normal lifestyle. The intensity of the physical treatment depends on the detox center, with some centers going for reasonably intense fitness regimens, and others going for a more gentle and rounded approach.

Many detox centers provide a range of holistic treatment options. These are designed to calm the mind during the deepest withdrawal symptoms and also combat any mental health issues that a patient may suffer from. These treatments are commonly things like yoga, music therapy, art therapy, and massage therapy.

The final part of treatment is preparing a patient to avoid relapse once they have left the detox center and are back in the real world. This phase is the most important part of all (as the most difficult part of overcoming an addiction is staying clean once out of treatment). There are a wide range of tools and techniques that are used to prevent relapse, including lectures, outpatient group therapy, and Alumni networking events.

All opiate detox centers will help people recover from any kind of opiate addiction – It’s not just heroin. They can provide any prescription painpill detox and rehab treatment (including a oxycodone detox) .

As nearly all Detox centers are private enterprises (or nonprofits). Because of this, they all have a very different style of treatment. Some only focus on certain demographics (such as women, or young adults) and others will take a faith-based approach to recovery.

It is important to review any treatment center you are considering to see the style of treatment they use and also read reviews from patients. The difference between choosing a good treatment center over a bad one can be the difference between freedom and relapse.

There are countless well-regarded opiate detox centers all around the world that are worthy of this title.

It’s very difficult to categorically say “This is the best opiate detox center in the world”. But whenever we are asked this question we believe it is the South Florida Detox Center.

They are well known for their compassionate caring approach to recovery (instead of forcing a jarring life change on someone that is already going through the pain of overcoming an opiate addiction). However, despite the calm, caring attitude they take to overcoming addiction – they are incredibly serious in their methodology.

Their highly trained and compassionate staff has extensive experience in dealing with opiate addictions and their counselor to patient ratio is incredibly low.

They help patients through the initial difficult withdrawal process step by step, and also arm patients with the tools needed to stay clean once they have left treatment. The caring treatment methodology they pioneered is one of the most effective in the world, it has an incredibly low relapse rate.

All of these factors, combined with their very reasonable pricing structure make them our go-to recommendation. If you are unsure of where to start your search for an opiate detox center, we recommend you check South Florida Detox Center out first.

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Dr. Vikram Tarugu, M.D. CEO

Gastroenterologist and medical professional focused on addiction. A veteran in the medical field with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a consultant for many South Florida Rehab centers. Patients travel from allover the US to seek his help with addiction and Hepatitis C treatment.

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Dr. Muhammad Syed, M.D.

Doctor of internal medicine, C.F.O. He is Instrumental in the success of Detox of South Florida. He is known for his cheerful, ever happy and helpful attitude.

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Dr. Shilpa Tarugu, M.D.

Doctor of internal medicine, medical director, and Nursing Supervisor. She is known for her ethical practice and expertise in the various detox protocols and programs.

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Office Management

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Andrea Beckwith

Director of Admissions

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Director of Operations

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What characteristics should I look for in a good detox Florida center?

Research studies on addiction treatment have shown that some alcohol and substance addiction treatment and follow-up procedures are more successful than others. At Detox of South Florida, we emphasize on using the best approaches in alcohol or drug detox.


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