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What it’s like going through Heroin Rehab

Heroin is a very addictive and destructive drug that millions of people across the country are addicted to, but a Florida heroin rehab center program can help you to overcome it. You will need to take the time to find out what it is like to go through this type of rehab so you are prepared for the entire experience as much as possible. Florida drug rehab centers seem to have seen a sudden spike in people seeking treatment for Heroin addiction.

What to Expect

There are numerous stages when it comes to rehab for heroin addiction, and it’s crucial that you know what the entire process consists of before getting started. When you learn this information you will increase your chances of getting clean and staying clean.

Physical Assessment

When you go into a rehab facility for heroin addiction, you will first need to go through what is known as a physical assessment. In this stage of the process, you will sit down with a physician to determine the extent of your addiction among other things. You will also create a detox plan together based on the drug you are addicted to. This step in the rehab process is very important because it will set the stage for the rest of your recovery.


The detox stage of heroin rehab is one that people tend to fear the most, but it is certainly necessary. Most rehab centers have a lot of experience when it comes to helping heroin addicts detox, so you will have nothing to worry about. During this period of time you will likely experience a number of adverse side-effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms that heroin addicts experience in rehab include:

  • Excessive hunger
  • Agitation
  • Crying
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shakiness
  • Clammy skin
  • Feeling cold or sweating
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may be given certain medications that can help alleviate the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone and Valium are just two of the medications that are commonly given to heroin addicts going through withdrawal in a residential drug treatment facility. These medications have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to helping people go through heroin withdrawal with minimal discomfort.


Residential programs -Therapeutic residential treatment programs usually focus on behavior therapy. However, certain models allow the use of pharmacologic interventions, particularly for detoxification. The structured atmosphere of these therapeutic communities usually is best for adolescents who lack family support, are involved in criminal activities or prostitution, have run away from home, or have relapsed with protocols of lesser intensity. Treatment usually is required for 12 to 18 months

Heroin addicts who go into a rehab center for an inpatient program can expect to be required to participate in both group and one-on-one therapy sessions. Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the more effective non-medication treatments that can help you to understand your addiction so you can overcome it. You will be expected to share your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis regarding your addiction and recovery.

There will be licensed substance abuse counselors and therapists at the rehab center you go, and they will be able to help you gain some insight into your own addiction. There are numerous types of therapies that these professionals use, but some of them have proven more effective than others when it comes to heroin addiction. The therapist you see will help you to create a plan to stay clean once you leave the rehab center.

Some heroin addicts who go into a rehab center take medication at the start of their therapy to make the transition a bit easier. While a lot of people aren’t accustomed to opening up and sharing their thoughts and feelings, it is a necessary part of the recovery process. The main goal is to identify why you started using heroin in the first place so you can understand what the root of your addiction is.

A lot of rehab centers also offer educational classes for heroin addicts, and it’s definitely something that you should consider. These classes can teach you a lot about addiction in general, and provide you with information and resources that can help you when you leave the rehab center to go off on your own.

How long does the process take?

You will find that heroin withdrawal will begin 6 to 12 hours after you last used the drug, and the detox process will take at least a day or two. The entire program will most likely be 30 days, although it could be as long as 60 or 90 days depending on the severity of your addiction. It is important that you take the time to look into some of the different rehab centers, because some of them offer longer stays than others. Your specific needs will be assessed at the initial intake screening.