Florida Drug Rehab Centers – Choosing the Best Center to Attend

If you’re looking for Drug Rehab Centers in Florida and are seeking information on how to choose the best recovery center to attend then our Florida Drug Rehab Centers review list will help to provide you with the information YOU need to make an educated decision. Find out what rehab centers are available to you and what programs are offered.

With there being so many Florida Drug Rehab Centers available to individuals seeking a center to help them with their recovery process, it can be difficult to make a choice on which center to attend as all rehab centers provide different programs and treatment options.

In this guide, we’ll be providing a list of drug rehab centers located in Florida along with information about their programs, location(s), options and contact details. This comprehensive review will help you to choose a Rehab Center that provides recovery programs suited to your specific needs.

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab Center In The Sunshine State

The first step to having a successful recovery is making the decision to attend a Rehab Center. If you’ve already made this choice you’re on the right track to recovering from your addiction and we applaud you on making the correct choice! Second to this decision is choosing “which” Drug Rehab Center to attend as this will play a role in your endeavor to having a successful recovery.

Choosing the Best Drug Rehab Center to attend will first require you to determine what your addiction is and based on that you will use that information to choose a rehab center that offers a program for that specific addiction.

Some example recovery programs offered by drug rehab centers include:

While there are some drug rehab centers that provide recovery programs for all of these addiction types, some centers specialize in providing treatment for only certain types of conditions. Because of this, understanding the programs offered by a specific center is immensely important as you’ll need to attend a center that will be able to provide the treatment option(s) that YOU need.

Why you should choose a Rehab Center that offers Support Groups

Part of choosing the best Drug Rehab Center in our opinion includes finding a center that offers support groups as a part of treatment. Support groups (as the name implies), is a group of people (including yourself) that will meet face-to-face and discuss life, personal experiences and suggestions/advice to leading a “clean” lifestyle. Finding an Al-Anon meeting near you is important for your loved ones, just as AA meetings are important to someone in recovery from addiction or attempting to be sober.

Support groups are highly recommended to individuals looking to recover from drugs or alcohol as with support groups you’ll be able to provide and receive support and positive encouragement from other members which will increase your chances of having a successful recover.

In fact, from a recent study conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, individuals who implement support groups as a part of their recovery plan are more likely to maintain their sobriety then those who don’t participate in group therapy.

Florida Drug Rehab Center Locations, Programs & Contact Information

Detox of South Florida

Personally, Detox of South Florida is one of those Detox Centers that I always consider to be one of the best at what they do which is providing patients with effective treatment options that truly do assist the patient in having a successful detox experience.

The Detox of South Florida doctors and staff who provide and administer the treatments and programs have successfully treated thousands of patients in the South Florida region and do so through their individualized treatment processes that are crafted for the specific needs of each patient.

The Detox of South Florida facility offers both Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Prior to going through the rehab part of your journey to leading a clean lifestyle, the Detox of South Florida center will first have you go through a detox program which will help to ensure that you’ll successfully be treated once the rehab is completed.

During rehab, a combination of medication, coaching and counseling may be used to help patients with the symptoms of withdrawals. Withdrawal symptom management is an important aspect of your recovery to take control of as it’s the leading cause of a patients relapse

With the Detox of South Florida, you’ll first partake in the detox program prior to attending rehab so you have a much better chance of being positively affected by the rehab.

If you’re looking for a detox center that has a proven track record of being able to help people change their lives then look no further! The clinical staff at the Detox of South Florida center can help you get your life on track whether you’re looking to overcome Alcohol or Drug addiction/abuse

Website: DetoxOfSouthFlorida.com

Address: 608 NE 2nd Ave, Okeechobee, FL 34972

Phone:    (863) 623-4923


Serenity Springs Recovery Center

Serenity Springs Rehab Center is driven by the recovery success of its past patients and has made its mission to provide each of its patients with a recovery program that will stop the addiction for the long-term. Serenity Springs Recovery Center bases their success and puts forth their efforts through what they call an intensive “12-step approach” recovery program. Through a combination of clinical intervention, therapy and peaceful environments, the Serenity Springs Rehab Center is able to provide patients with effective rehab recovery treatment.

Contact Details:

  • Address 1555 Cow Creek Rd, Edgewater, FL 32132
  • Email Recover@SerenitySpringsRecovery.com
  • Phone #386-423-4540

New Objectives Recovery Center

New Objectives is a West Palm Beach located Drug Rehab facility with the staff having combined experience of over 200 years! New Objectives is one of the highest rated drug and alcohol rehab centers in the South Florida area with team members that have experience in a number of areas that include medicine, nursing, social work, counseling and recovery coaching.

The Clinical Team employed by the New Objectives Drug Rehab Center are all clinical experts with plenty of years of experience with certification from the state of Florida.

This means patients will receive effective drug rehab treatment and insightful coaching/advice that will help patients have a speedy and successful recovery.

At New Objectives, the staff is passionate about their work and they treat patients like family with a true interest in helping patients to lead better their lives.

Through this passion of wanting to help individuals have a successful recovery experience, the New Objectives Rehab Center has made a commitment to:

  • Provide a treatment and drug rehab recovery plan to patients that will help patients to maintain a drug-free lifestyle even after the treatment has been completed
  • Provide a personalized plan to patients that will help individuals to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Provide coaching throughout the treatment to prevent a relapse from occurring

As you can see, New Objectives has a clear and transparent goal of wanting to help its patients recover from drug-induced lifestyles and they’ve been quite successful with having treated over a thousand patients!

The drug rehab programs offered by New Objectives include:

  • Detoxification
  • Men’s Program
  • Women’s Program
  • Family Program
  • LGBT Addiction Program
  • Drug Intervention Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Employee Assistance Program

With so many unique and effective treatment programs available; New Objectives is able to cater its drug recovery, treatment and coaching programs to individuals going through a variety of situations.

Contact Details:

  • Address 8144 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33411
  • Phone #888-701-3243


Things to consider when looking for Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

There are other important factors aside from what we discussed with you during the introduction in this article that you should consider prior to choosing a Drug Rehab Center or an Alcohol Rehab Center.

Things to consider before attending a Drug Rehab center include:

  • The type of drug you were using – The withdrawal symptoms vary quite drastically from drug to drug and al drugs may have different recovery options and treatment. When choosing the best Drug Detox Center for your recovery, be sure that the center that you’re interested in joining offers treatment options for that particular drug. For example, a patient suffering from cocaine addiction wouldn’t want to apply to a rehab center that specializes in treatment for patients that are addicted to Opiates.
  • The length of time you were using the drug(s) – Depending on the amount of time you’ve been using the drug(s) will dictate how severe the withdrawal symptoms will be. Typically, the longer you’ve been using the drug(s) the more intense the withdrawals will be. For patients with extensive use, you’ll want to choose a drug rehab center that offers and provides long-term treatment options. With a long-term recovery program, you’ll be able to receive continued support and treatment reducing the chance of you relapsing.
  • The severity of your drug addiction – Depending on how often or consistent your drug intake is will determine the intense the withdrawal symptoms are (if any) “after” your treatment has ended. If you used the drug(s) on a regular and consistent basis, be sure that the drug rehab center you choose offers post-treatment support and programs to ensure you can continue to receive treatment if required.
  • Your personal health and well-being – Believe it or not, your personal health, diet and nutritional intake can have an effect on your treatment and withdrawal symptoms. Part of choosing the best Drug Rehab center is checking to see if they offer some sort of a nutritional program that will help you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Some of these programs will include dietary instructions (meal planning) and exercise programs. These are all factors that play a key role in you being successful with your recovery and none of these factors should be overlooked or not considered.

If you’re suffering from drug-addiction and are looking for the best Drug Rehab Centers in Florida then don’t look back, have the confidence you need and attend a Rehab Center in your area!

There are many benefits of joining a Drug Rehab Center and between your will to lead a clean lifestyle and the experience of medical professionals you can accomplish your goal of leading a healthy drug-free lifestyle!