Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facts

Florida Drug and Treatment Facts

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, Announced the Opioid Epidemic as a Country emergency in 2017. This growth is a result of the increase of opiates being prescribed by doctors and a rise in drug cartel trafficking of heroin and fentanyl. This issue is not unique to Florida but in the early 2000s lax regulations caused an environment for “pill mills”.  “Pill mills” are deceptive physician’s offices that over-prescribed pain medications. Men and women started using prescription opiates but end up changing to heroin because it is more readily accessible and less of a financial drain.

Florida drug misuse figures are a few of the most acute in the nation. Our southernmost state is now a battleground of healing and relapse. Residents are distraught over this epidemic, while legislature is frantically trying to find a solution. While a number of them go to live healthy and sober lives, many others become trapped in the vicious cycle of relapse.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug and Drug Abuse figures are hard to compute because it will always have a broad margin of error. However, they show the tendencies the nation and surveyed inhabitants take part in. In 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ran research on differing alcohol and drugs, in addition to mental health, tendencies. Some notable outcomes follow in this national poll:

In 2014,

1 in five adults over 18 suffered from a psychological illness

21.5 million Individuals over 12 engaged in illicit drug use

3.3 percent of adults fought with co-occurring chemical abuse and mental health disease

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Statistics
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Statistics

A startling fiscal figure in the analysis asserts that chemical abuse, such as alcohol and the abuse of prescription drugs, is in charge of about $600 billion dollars of health expenses and expenses independently. The figure would definitely increase considerably if destruction of land, legal implications, and underperforming occupation was comprised.

Even though these figures may be unfavorable and disheartening, addicts recover from their addiction daily. It’s not an unusual occurrence for an addict to get sober and live a normal drug-free life.

Treatment Numbers in Florida

A report by the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program supposes that 24,000 individuals sought therapy between 2015 and 2016. A link to a list of each accredited substance abuse treatment provider in Florida is shocking. There are dozens and dozens of different suppliers of different services and levels of maintenance. A number of these centers are moral, quality, and offer the very best care available. However, there are several horror stories about unethical suppliers. The most significant part the treatment admissions procedure is doing the study and creating an informed, educated decision on the best place to enter into therapy. A few hints about the best way to recognize the ideal treatment center for you or your loved ones are available here.

Detox of South Florida and Rehab South Florida

Find an Affordable Rehab Center.
Find an Affordable Rehab Center.

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