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If you’re here because you want to find an affordable rehab center for your recovery then you’ve arrived at just the right place.  Welcome to Detox of South Florida – the state’s go-to rehabilitation center that continues to set the standard in the field of addiction recovery; year after year. 

Having successfully treated thousands of local and international patients with over a 90% success rate, our clinical staff has the treatment expertise needed to help YOU overcome your addiction in a near symptom-free recovery approach.  Substance abuse is difficult to overcome alone which many recovering addicts realize once they attempt to become sober without professional intervention. 

However, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.  Studies and medical professionals are in agreement that recovering addicts are most likely to achieve long-term abstinence through an intensive, inpatient, residential program.  The inpatient rehab program at Detox of South Florida offers patients a safe, secure, private, and medically monitored environment where recovery can be experienced in a medically monitored and regulated environment.

rehab center near you
Don’t be Alone, join a rehab center near you

If you’re like most recovering addicts, are thinking about attending treatment and have been searching for a rehab that fits your needs, than you’ve come to the right spot!  Our compassionate treatment team, which is comprised of doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, life coaches, and addiction specialists, are highly motivated by the thought of a patient achieving long-term abstinence.

As such, each patient is provided with a customized treatment plan aimed to address the addiction and any underlying causes of it (such as depression/anxiety).  Thank you for visiting our Find an Affordable Rehab guide.  We’re excited you’re here as it’s a sign that you’re ready to begin your journey to living a substance abuse-free life and we’re here to help you accomplish this life-changing goal!

Make the Change – Become Sober with an Inpatient Drug Rehab

Become Sober after addiction treatment
Become Sober after addiction treatment

The reasons behind why someone is abusing drugs and/or alcohol will vary from addict to addict.  Sometimes, substance abusers are surrounded by negative influences (substance abusers) or are overwhelmed by life’s stresses.  The first step to overcoming addiction is acknowledging the problem exists in the first place.  Since you’re reading this, we’ll assume that you’ve already identified the problem at hand and we’re happy that you’re making the choice to bring an end to addiction.

There are many ways to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.  Some substance abusers attempt the “cold turkey” approach while others choose to receive treatment in an outpatient program.  However, individuals struggling with serious addictions that want to have the best chances of succeeding addiction choose to participate in an inpatient program (since 24/7 care and support is provided).

An Outpatient program provides medical support and treatments to recovering addicts.  During the outpatient program, patients at Detox of South Florida will undergo detoxification and will, to a certain extent, receive both psychological and emotional support during day treatments.  Because patients in our outpatient program visit for a limited amount of time, sessions are most focused on treatment and not therapy.  The outpatient program is ideal for recovering addicts that want to achieve abstinence while needing to maintain employment.  Once treatments commence, patients are permitted to leave the facility so that day-to-day responsibilities can be met.  The outpatient program is also more affordable than an inpatient program although is less effective in the long run.

An Inpatient program offers a copious amount of benefits to patients and will provide patients with the absolute best chances of achieving recovery.  During an inpatient program, patients are housed on site and will have access to medical care and support on an as-needed basis.  This means patient withdrawal symptoms can be managed very quickly.  As undesirable symptoms emerge our treatment staffs treatment solutions will as well.  To ensure patient care and comfort, patients in the inpatient program will have a dedicated specialist standing by on-site at all times.

Benefits of Attending the Detox of South Florida Inpatient Rehab Program

Benefit #1 A Structured Environment

Detox of South Florida’s inpatient best drug rehab centers will provide recovering addicts with a structure for recovery that won’t be found elsewhere.  Inpatient rehabilitation programs don’t offer much free time since long-term recovery is the main goal.  As such, free time is limited to alleviate the chance of patients becoming tempted to return to substance use.  This effectively prevents patients from determining how they’re going to obtain their substance of choice in addition to keeping their mind busy and free of thoughts about substance use.

Benefit #2 On-Demand, 24/7 Support

At Detox of South Florida, patients in our inpatient program will have exclusive access to our clinical staff for any medical needs and/or symptoms that arise.  We understand that becoming sober is difficult as withdrawals and undesirable emotions will emerge.  However, with being in our inpatient program, patients can rest assured knowing that any symptoms will be promptly tended to by our treatment staff.  In the early stages of recovery, having quick access to medical care can make all of the difference since it’s in the early phases of recovery where most relapses take place.

Benefit #3 A Substance-free Environment

Choosing to detox or recover at home is very difficult, especially since your access to drugs and/or alcohol isn’t disrupted.  At Detox of South Florida, our inpatient program helps to make remaining abstinent easier for patients as access to substances won’t be an option.  Unless it’s an approved outing, patients will remain at our facility for the duration of treatment.  In an “outpatient” program, patients will have the chance of encountering a relapse since they’re permitted to return home upon the completion of treatments.

However, patients in our “inpatient” program will have no access to drugs or alcohol.  This makes this treatment program ideal for those struggling with severe addictions, especially during the early stages.

Benefit #4 Medical Supervision and Intervention

During recovery a majority of recovering addicts will experience a host of withdrawal symptoms, including mental withdrawals.  This can be quite dangerous and at times, life-threatening.  Mental withdrawal symptoms stemming from the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol can last for extended periods of time – sometimes, up to a few months.  Patients in our inpatient rehab program that find themselves struggling with mental withdrawals will have constant and ongoing medical supervision, counseling, therapy, support, and access to withdrawal management treatment(s). Not only does this improve recovery outcome but it also offers patients with the emotional support needed to cope with the experience.

Benefit #5 Positive Influences

In an inpatient program, patients will have limited access to phone calls and may or may not be allowed visitations.  This helps to prevent the smuggling of substances in to the facility and will help to keep distractions at bay.

Benefit #6 Self-Focus

In an inpatient program, patients are enabled to completely focus on their recovery and will have the opportunity to self-reflect on their life and goals without the interference of negative influences.  Recovering addicts are able to focus their concentration on recovery without having to worry about becoming side tracked by people or things that don’t encourage their sobriety.

Benefit #7 Foster new Friendships – Establish a Support Group

When you enter our inpatient rehab program you will be met by others that are experiencing the same struggles of addiction as you.  Each patient in the program is committed to recovery and is destined to become abstinent through the support and treatments provided by our clinical team – and so are you!    Our inpatient rehab program will afford you with the opportunity to create new friendships with others that share common interests and goals – primarily, that of becoming sober.  These new friendships can eventually extend to outside of our facility (once the treatment program has been completed) meaning that you’ll have a support group of sober-committed friends that can be positive influences on your long-term abstinence.

Benefit #8 Therapy Programs

At Detox of South Florida, patients are offered an array of alternative therapy programs that have shown to work for the thousands of previously treated patients that have come to us seeing a solution for addiction.

We offer many alternative therapy programs, including:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Family therapies
  • Support groups
  • Music Therapy
  • Fitness therapy (yoga)
  • Equine therapy (horses)
  • Art therapy
  • Faith-focused recovery treatments

These are all excellent therapies that are effective at releasing stress.  Such therapies have also shown to help patients with improving their mental concentration abilities and also aids in the revival of emotional and physical stability.  In the early stages of recovery, this can make all of the difference.

Benefit #9 A Balanced Diet

Detox of South Florida understands the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet.  Most patients that come in to recovery are malnourished and physically weakened.  Substance abuse can suppress diet and cause addicts to eat and/or drink less.  In such cases, the abuser will become weak and will need to begin implementing a diet plan.  Our facility, which takes a holistic stance on addiction, understands how important nutrition is for long-term recovery.

This is why patients will have access to a nutritionist and will have the option of taking part in our nutritional therapy program.  We provide meal planning as well which makes it easier than ever for patients to begin getting the intake of vital nutrients and vitamins that their body is lacking.

Benefit #10 Tools for Recovery

At Detox of South Florida, our efforts don’t come to an end when a patient graduates from treatment.  Post-treatment efforts will be made to ensure the tools and treatments provided during your stay maintain.  Relapse prevention education is provided to educate patients on how to effectively manage cravings and urges without the use of substances.

When is it time to seek professional help? 

drug and alcohol addiction professional help
When to take professional help for Drug and Alcohol addiction?

Answering the questions below will help you to choose a rehab that fits your recovery needs.

You may have realized that your present situation is bad and you have concluded that you cannot continue striding on in life with your current ways of living.  However, does your situation warrant the need to check into a rehab?  Each year in the United States around 22.7 million people are in need of recovery treatment for the abuse of drugs, alcohol, or both.  However, less than 1% of these individuals actually seek help.  Needless to say, this is a worrying statistic.

It’s important to understand that rehab can be needed even without a physical dependence.  If substance abuse is ongoing and is causing negative effects on your life than it may be time to consider rehab.

There are many signs that indicate when someone should seek treatment at a rehab center, including:

1) Have you driven a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs?

drink and drive
Don’t drink and drive, join in a rehab to get rid of addictions.

At the time, driving while under the influence may not seem like a big deal.  However, in reality, driving while intoxicated or high posts quite a danger to both yourself and those around you, regardless of your driving abilities.  It was reported by that in 2010, more than one-fourth of “under the influence” drivers that were a victim in a fatal car accident were over the age of 50.  At any age in life, help and recovery is available and if you’re unable to manage your addiction and/or behaviors, especially while under the influence, it’s time to reach out to Detox of South Florida for help.

2) Has your Doctor told you that a health problem developed due to drug/alcohol abuse?

doctor advising drug addicts
Take advice from a Doctor for Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Drugs of all types can and many times will be harmful to your body in either the short- or long-term.  As an example, alcoholism can cause quite adverse damage to the brain, liver, and heart.  The abuse of opiates can decrease heart rate which will slow down breathing and could possible lead to irreversible brain damage.  The frequent use of certain stimulants also results in cardiovascular failure and psychosis.  Individuals that inject drugs are at an increased risk of contracting a deadly disease such as hepatitis C or HIV.

If your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is making an impact on your well-being and health than it’s time to seek recovery, especially when advised by your doctor or primary care physician.  Health complications arising from the use of drugs/alcohol is your body’s way of saying that it has “had enough”.

3) Have your friends and loved asked you to stop using drugs or drinking?

Advise from Family and Friends for drug addiction treatment
Taking help of Family and Friends

Those that are closest to you, your friends and relatives, may have asked you to stop using alcohol or drugs – and likely with good intentions.  Understand that noticing changes in your life is most easy to see from the outsiders.  Perhaps, others around you have noticed a problem in your life that you’ve yet to reconcile yourself with.  If your friends and/or loved ones are concerned about your habits and behaviors, you should be as well.

4)  Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using?

If you struggle with withdrawal symptoms whenever you’re not using drugs or alcohol then treatment should be sought.  If you experience headaches, cramps, nausea, insomnia, irritability, paranoia, or any other symptoms within just a few hours after your last drink or “hit” and you don’t seek treatment, things can only grow worse.  These symptoms are exactly how the addiction strengthens its hold on the abuser.

You have two options.  You can allow the addiction to mature and worsen or you can seek help.  The Drug Detox program at Detox of South Florida will help patients to get through the periods of withdrawal. When you first enter rehab there will likely be toxins in the body left over from the abused substance(s).  Without the removal of these toxins, withdrawals symptoms can be more frequent and intense.  At Detox of South Florida, patient withdrawals are kept to an absolute minimum as we employ only the most effective detox treatments and provide medicated assisted therapy (when appropriate) to reduce the occurrence of such urges.

5) Is your freedom threatened by choices you’ve made while under the influence?

Police arresting an addict driving a car in the absence of Alcohol
Police arresting an addict driving a car in the absence of Alcohol

Perhaps you’ve encountered an arrest for driving while under the influence (DUI).  Or, you were drunk or high in public and had a violent behavioral outburst.  Maybe, you were caught for the possession of illicit drugs.  If any of these scenarios occurred while on probation, time in jail is certainly a possibility.  If your substance abuse is causing you legal troubles that threaten your freedom then it’s TIME TO GET HELP!

When you consider the fact that there’s a 30-day treatment program available, it makes no sense to continue on with abuse when you could face up to multiple years behind bars.  Let Detox of South Florida help you to get your addiction under control.  We’ll also provide you with life skill workshops so your transition back to society is easier.

6) Have you inflicted self-harm or injury to others while under the influence?

Don't injure yourself or self harm, get help of addiction treatment
Don’t injure yourself or self harm, get help of addiction treatment

Various types of drugs are known for causing depression or symptoms of other mental health illnesses.  If you’ve had frequent or sporadic suicidal thoughts or have caused harm to either yourself or others while under the influence, help should be sought as quickly as possible.  Regardless of how helpless you may feel, Detox of South Florida can help as depression and/or anxiety are common underlying causes of addiction that we frequently treat.  It’s a cycle that we can help you to break through so that you may begin to live a fulfilling and purposeful life, once again.

7) Suspended/Expelled from school or lost a job due to substance use/abuse?

It all could’ve started with minor affects – turning in homework late, ,missing classes,  showing up to work late,  missing days from work altogether.  Eventually, such occurrences can become habitual, especially when substance abuse is taking place.  If you’ve been kicked out of school or lost your job due to drug or alcohol abuse it’s time to seek help.

Being able to get back on track academically or reacquiring a job may depend on treatment.

8) Have you attempted to quit but couldn’t?

Have you previously tried to quit the use of drugs or alcohol but didn’t have the self-discipline or capability of doing so?  If so, it’s because your body has grown a physical dependency towards your abused substance(s).  Medical detox and rehab DOES work for situations such as these and an inpatient rehab program is ideal for patients in such scenarios.

9) Have you been dishonest about your drinking or drug use?

Perhaps you think your drinking or drug use habits are no one else’s business as you feel that you have it under control.  However, keep in mind that most people don’t lie unless there’s something to cover up.  Know that you don’t need to continue to build a wall around yourself and you don’t need to indulge yourself in a cycle of lies.  When you stop lying, the walls around you will begin to fall down with your freedom just on the other side.

Lying to others about a drug/alcohol addiction is a sign that treatment is needed.

10) Want to stop use but are unable to?

If you want to quit using drugs and/or alcohol than professional treatment at a rehab is definitely suitable.  If you’ve grown tired of being sick and hung over and no longer want to experience withdrawals and exhaustion, seek help.  Since addiction is a mental disorder it can become quite difficult to stop use alone.

Detox of South Florida – Rehab that Fits my Needs

Detox of South Florida is much more than just a rehabilitation center.  From beginning to end, our caring, experienced, and compassionate treatment staff works closely with patients to ensure their recovery needs are met.  From detox to rehab to post-treatment relapse prevention care; Detox of South Florida provides a comprehensive continuum of care that has helped over 90% of our patients to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Let us help!

If you, a friend, or loved one is struggling with addiction and needs a rehab center that takes the time to understand patient addictions and recovery needs than contact us today at (863)-623-4923.