Prescription drugs are helpful during the first touch, but they become dangerous and addictive when taken without medical approval. And one of the most fatal and abused types of prescription drugs is Valium or diazepam is a benzodiazepine.

Doctors prescribe it to treat anxiety, panic attacks, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and muscle spasms. It also treats seizures. It affects chemical receptors in the brain that are involved in balancing emotions, but when misused, it can be addictive and can lead to overdose or death.

Pregnant women are not allowed to take Valium as it is harmful to the unborn baby. The child could become dependent or addicted to the drug. And once the baby is born, it will experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and may need treatment to survive.

Valium is useful only to the extent of medical use.

Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction

Valium is intended for short-term use only and taking it longer than three or four months without a doctor’s prescription is already a sign of dependency.

Some people continue to take the drugs because of sudden withdrawal symptoms like increased seizures or unusual urge to drink it. Nonetheless, you should know that overdosing with Valium is fatal and it may include extreme drowsiness, weakness, and fainting.

However, there are still those who take Valium just for the sake of feeding their addiction. If you suspect a family member or a close friend is abusing Valium he or she may show these signs and symptoms:

  1. Drowsiness


  1. Sedation


  1. Dizziness and Nausea


  1. Vomiting


  1. Dilated Eyes, Double or Blurred Vision


  1. Memory Lapses


  1. Intense Muscle Weakness And Asexualism


  1. Hallucinations and Confusion


  1. Depression or Aggression


  1. Seizures


  1. Uncontrollable Urination, Or Ischuria


  1. Trembling


  1. Suicidal thoughts and Loss


  1. Foggy thinking And Slow Reaction Time


  1. Euphoria


Valium abusers often die because of their inability to judge their actions accordingly like taking the drug together with alcohol or opiates which can have a fatal effect when mixed in the body’s circulation.

It is also dangerous for them to drive because they will have slower reaction time and may have trouble focusing on the road because they are too groggy to think well. Valium abusers may also be over aggressive and more likely to commit suicide.

Once the effect of Valium wears off, a person addicted to it has to drink more to get the same high. They will develop tolerance over time, and the doctor has to increase the dosage if taken on their recommendation.

The higher the dosage, the worse the symptoms are.

There is no specific number of days as to how long it will take for a person to become dependent or addicted but according to the National Institute of Health, it only takes four months at most. Life-threatening symptoms will then occur if an addicted person stops using it.

Hard To Live Sober?

Getting off Valium will be a challenge for the addicted person because they most likely cling to it for stress and emotional relief. That is why an addicted person has to undergo rehabilitation, proper communication training and should rebuild self-respect and self-sufficiency.

A thorough detox will help clean the remains of drug use from the individual’s body and will give the patient a new sense of consciousness. Detox will flush out all the residues of other drugs taken, alcohol abuse, together with all the mental stress it has brought.

Just like any other substance abuser, a person who is addicted to Valium will experience social isolation, job loss, and financial issues. These are also the reasons why they continue to get stuck in their situation.

They think the world is going to judge them and that their situation is impossible. If you or someone you know may be going through Valium abuse, get help today.

It’s never too late to get help. Finding a rehabilitation center may be a daunting task, and you will probably be intimidated by the cost, but as they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

So if you truly have that motivation and eagerness to get out of your situation, get help today.

You are not alone, and people will spare you from judgment.

People are willing to help you with your problem, and you don’t have to think twice. Talk to your health insurance provider and discuss your options.

You are not a hopeless case. As long as you live, you have hope. You still have a great life ahead of you.

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