The Top 3 Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In The United States

The Top 3 Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In The United States
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Addiction is one of the greatest public health issues that the world has ever had to deal with. The powerful grasp of addiction has ruined countless lives, and it will unfortunately continue to do so in the future. If you read our other post on “The Top 3 Alcohol Detox Centers in the US” then you know what we care about the addict, the family and society. Our goal at Detox of South Florida is to assist and empower you.

Beating an addiction to either drugs or alcohol can be an incredibly difficult task with, or without medical assistance. However, by becoming a patient at a rehab center, it is possible to make the task a little bit easier (and make the chance of relapse much less likely).

Different rehab centers have different specialties, but some of the more reputable centers are often able to provide treatment for a wide range of addictions. Here is a list of the top 3 best drug and alcohol rehab centers that we highly recommend.

  1. Hope By The Sea

Hope by the sea is a California based rehab center for drug addiction that focuses on faith and family as the two core pillars of its treatment. While they do offer outpatient procedures, their highly respectable reputation has been earned from their intensive inpatient treatment.

They have many different treatment pathways that can be chosen and tailored to the individual. Their Christian faith program is particularly popular and effective. It focuses on Christians rediscovering their connection to their religion and promotes abstinence as a way of faith.

Alongside the faith-based treatment option (which is optional), Hope By The Sea provides a comprehensive 12 step program that is a proven methodology to combat chemical addictions of all kinds.

This is a clinic that prides themselves on tailoring treatment to the individual. They have a wide range of treatment options that can be utilized depending on the addiction (and its severity). There is a comprehensive selection of tools and educational materials that patients are advised to use by doctors and counselors. This reduces the risk of relapse once they have left the treatment facility.

All of this treatment is provided by highly trained professionals at a very reasonable price (and is also often covered by even the most basic “Obamacare” plans).

  1. The Caron Foundation

Some drug and alcohol rehab centers cater to specific demographics of people that have specific needs that relate to their addiction. The Caron Foundation is a treatment center that specifically focuses on drug and alcohol addiction in teenagers and young adults.

Over the 60 years they have been operating, The Caron Foundation has refined different methods of helping young adults with their specific issues and has created a treatment plan that is tailor made for younger people.
They take a whole body approach to combating addiction and provide physical, mental, and spiritual counseling in individual and group environments. Things like daily lectures on how to prevent relapse, and how to deal with peer pressure are regular treatment pathways. They are combined with a variation of the 12 step program and therapeutic activities that are suitable for young adults.

Once patients have left the facility, the treatment never really ends. The Caron Foundation have one of the most comprehensive Alumni programs that have ever been devised. They organize regular events for patients and their families to attend. This helps the young people that pass through this center create a friendship group who are all on the right path away from addiction.

  1. Detox Of South Florida

Despite a huge amount of drug and alcohol rehab centers claiming to have a high success rate, the rate of relapse in Florida is increasing every year. Very few detox centers in the state live up to their claims, and as such thousands of people in Florida are returning back to their addictions every year.

Detox Of South Florida the best rehab in Florida and are on a mission to change this statistic by providing excellent treatment options for both drug and alcohol addictions. They have verifiable success rates that are outstanding. They are one of the few treatment centers in the state that actually get the results they claim, and they provide treatment at a very reasonable price – ensuring everyone can get the treatment they need when they need it most.

Detox Of South Florida have earned a reputation for providing detox and rehabilitation in a highly caring and compassionate manner. Other detox centers can be incredibly strenuous on the patient, demanding an immediate total overhaul of their lifestyle and daily routine.

But Detox Of South Florida believes that combating addiction is a strenuous enough task on its own. Instead of forcing even more jarring life changes, they respectfully and compassionately nudge people in the right direction – and primarily focus on the detox itself.

The caring and compassionate approach has earned them a reputation as a trailblazer in the world of addiction therapy, and they have received countless glowing reviews from patients and healthcare professionals alike.

The comprehensive compassionate treatment aims to gently soothe and repair both the physical and mental side of a patient’s wellbeing – inside and outside of their detox clinic. They arm their patients with highly advanced tools that help reduce the risk of relapse dramatically.

Detox Of South Florida have several relaxing and beautiful treatment centers around the state. They have a Miami rehab center and a west palm beach rehab Center. Both of which are staffed by highly trained doctors, nurses, and counselors that genuinely care about each and every patient that comes through their doors.

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The Top 3 Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In The United States
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