Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth
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Crystal Meth Detox And Rehab Florida

Crystal meth addiction is one of the most dangerous substance abuses. Just like any other illegal drugs, it causes the dopamine levels of the brain to shoot up instantaneously. The Dopamine is the hormone also called the “feel good” or the “reward” hormone that the brain releases when a stimulus triggers it.
Stimulants vary, eating, drinking, jogging, internet surfing are just a few of the things that trigger Dopamine release. And the brain think of them as a necessary thing for human survival, making uncontrollable urges. Extravagant Dopamine levels caused by illegal drugs makes a person addicted to it and dependent.
Drug dependence, such as Crystal Meth will cause the person to be depressed should they be deprived of the said drug.
Crystal meth rehabilitation varies from center to center so you need to know better the things that would entail your entire therapy session, should you decide to do soon. It is also best to consider your preferred distance and budget when choosing a rehab center.
Studies also suggest that crystal meth addicts are prone to go back to their addiction especially when they don’t have an active support system, so it is best to consider if your prospect treatment center helps you stay clean and sober during aftercare.

Just like any other rehab treatments, crystal meth dependents also have the choice to spend the treatment as an inpatient or outpatient.
As the word suggests, outpatient lets you stay at your home while being under rehab and you have the option to come to the treatment center on a regular basis. On the other hand, inpatient will make you live in a rehab facility until the therapy ends. Unlike outpatient, you will have a 24-hour medical support team that can help you should the need arise. Withdrawal from crystal meth can cause seizures, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, paranoia, tremors and much more.
It is also more advisable for patients to stay in the rehab facility because the relapse rate is way higher compared to other substance abuse. So each dependent is highly encouraged to remain in an inpatient facility for better recovery.
The only caveat for being in an inpatient treatment is the inability to continue your daily routine like going to school, working and any other obligations. Nonetheless, it gives you time to focus on your rehabilitation better than outpatient clinics. If you are an occasional drug user, you can opt for outpatient clinics, but that won’t guarantee round the clock help when you experience withdrawal symptoms which are equally dangerous to you and your family.
However, if you find your family as a steady source of encouragement and support, you can choose to stay in a rehab center close to home. The only caveat, though, your negative influencers can also be near you and may affect your recovery.

Rehab programs just like any other medical information are confidential. No, your counselors aren’t going to turn you over to the policemen the moment you step in the facility.

The usual duration of a rehab treatment is 30-days or one month, but it still varies based on the patient’s pace, or when any medical issues can co-occur.
Psychological problems are most common in crystal meth patients, and this can add more days to the rehab treatment. You will also be asked to stay longer in the inpatient facility if your counselors think the receiving environment can trigger you to return to addiction.

The first part of every rehab treatment is the intake, where they will take all the related medical records of the patient. The records will include the factors that led to addiction, how often and how long the patient has been taking the drugs.
After that is the actual detoxification process, where the patient will have zero access to crystal meth and full withdrawal. They will also apply therapy for psychological issues to address the primary cause of addiction. This can happen individually or as a group.
After detoxification is the Aftercare phase, where the patient will now be able to go out of the inpatient facility and will have regular outpatient clinic visits.

The cost of the treatment will primarily depend on the facility type. Some rehab centers offer luxury suites that are more expensive compared to the standard services.
However, you can choose state- sponsored facilities which cost lesser and you can also discuss with your health insurance provider your options. There is no guarantee that you wouldn’t have to pay any upfront fee, though.
On the other hand, if you want a high-class rehab center to stay on top of your business while recovering from your addiction, you can also choose to do so. You will have access to the internet, computers and mobile devices. It is going to feel like staying in a 5-star hotel, and you can have access to a fitness gym, fantastic food, massage therapy, and housekeeping services.

Staying clean and sober is the biggest challenge after getting out of an inpatient rehab center. You will be exposed to all kinds of temptation to go back, but to help you recover better, you can look for sober living facilities that provides houses for addicts.
The aftercare process will be more successful if you have a support system and an understanding community around you. These sober living communities have a strict curfew, though.

It’s never too late! If you have the will to change, there is a way. You are not alone in your struggle and having yourself treated as soon as possible is the best decision you are going to make in your life so far.

Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers are there to offer you help, and if finances bother you, there are state-sponsored rehab facilities that can help you cut down the costs.
Remember one thing, though- there’s no going back. Once you’re in, you should be one hundred positive about your decision.

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Crystal Meth
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