A lot of people, especially those who are desperate for freedom from their addiction to illegal substances, depression, and anxiety, cling to it as their only resolution. This need has led people to seek rehabilitation in the most bizarre of places, and in worst cases, unbacked by science.

One of these adventures is taking Ayahuasca, a tea-like mixture of two plants from the Amazonian forest. The drink stands under many terminologies like iowaska, ayawaska, and more commonly yage, but they are all the same thing. One can find them all throughout South American countries like Peru, Brazil, and Colombia.

Ayahuasca is known to be a hallucinogenic drink that gives people some sense of enlightenment and out of this world experiences. Technically, the plants are not illegal but, its brew contains DMT or Dimethyltryptamine, which has a Schedule I drug categorization.

There had been countless success stories about how potent Ayahuasca is to cure people’s addiction, particularly heroin. However, along with these happy testimonials are also horror stories of people who may have lost their sanity or lives along the way.

You probably already know the story of Kyle Noran, an 18-year old student who went to Peru to create a documentary about it but ended up getting buried in the thick Amazon jungle.

The Shadows Ayahuasca Hides

Historical evidence proves Ayahuasca as an important part of Amazonian religious and healing rituals that shamans perform. People who drink Ayahuasca experience intense hallucinations and they see and hear otherworldly images and things. Along with that are increased blood pressure, vomiting or diarrhea.

Some people claim it has reset the Dopamine receptors in their brains that ultimately freed them from addiction, but there are no studies that can prove the long-term effects of Ayahuasca. And no studies can cite its positive impact in a full scientific explanation.

Because of that, a lot of people are taking advantage of the craze, and there’s an alarming number of people in the US that says they have full capacity to treat people with Ayahuasca. The same thing happens in Peru, where more and more tourists come and become prey to fake shamans who administer stronger and more potent plants which are fatal and detrimental to brain health.

Numerous reports state that more and more people have been victims of robbery, rape, and even murder, while the other half of that number likely has lost their sanity for a long time because of the growing number of fake shamans.

Shamanism is also considered a field of study in Amazonian religion, and it takes years before a person can become one. However, that isn’t the case in Iquitos, Peru. More people claim to be shamans in just a few weeks, and this is what the Iquitos authorities see to be the reason why a lot of tourists die or lose their sanity.

The malpractice caused one Argentine tourist to stab himself in the chest because of overdose and one person even skinned his face because of it. People who are taking medications for depression and other brain illnesses are likely to suffer severe medical complications if they drink Ayahuasca with their medications on their circulation.

Basic knowledge about the possible adverse effects of Ayahuasca to people with mental disorders is something that most of these “shamans” are not aware of. And numerous individuals who have mental illness have become delirious and uncontrollable. And in some cases, end up killing themselves just like the Argentine who stabbed himself in the chest.

It is not known whether Ayahuasca is addictive and the FDA is yet to find medications that can treat addiction to it or other hallucinogens. Also, no research has proven if the behavioral therapies applied with Ayahuasca are efficient.

Why Choose Rehab?

Some people may have good reports of recovery, but the risks of drinking Ayahuasca are high. It is not just about getting adventurous and shooting arrows in the wind. You have to take control of your curiosity, or else it will kill you.

If you are desperate for freedom from drugs, the only answer is rehabilitation. If other people have recovered, so can you. Choosing the right type of treatment probably scares you, and you may be intimidated by how much they cost. But you can’t risk your life, and you can’t risk your sanity forever.

There is an answer to your addiction, and it is never too late. You are not hopeless. People are willing to help you, and their doors are open to receive you.

No case is impossible to treat and so are you. You have a high chance of recovery and staying sober.

If you have a much severe case of addiction, choose inpatient rehabilitation. Staying sober during Aftercare is a matter of connection and support.


If you are motivated enough to have a clean life, you won’t need any psychedelic substance that can potentially harm your life forever. What you truly need is medication backed by science, a strong support and foundation of truth within yourself.

No matter how daunting rehabilitation is, you have to take the first step towards freedom armed with motivation and not curiosity.



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