Latest News: An Addict is Born Long before the First Puff of Substance Enters His Body

The latest news emerging from the additive behavior theories has reportedly confirmed the role of brain and body disorders in pushing an individual to the depths of addiction. Though there have been thousands of chronic addition cases coming to the observations of doctors, it was difficult to point out the exact causes. According to Antoine […]


Florida Detox Centers: List of LegitScript-Certified Centers

Life-long recovery from addiction is best achieved through a medically supervised detox program. Drug detox programs are the major first step in recovery which should never be attempted alone.  Chronic substance abusers that attempt the “cold turkey” approach are usually unsuccessful and can experience a number of undesirable symptoms and challenges that could otherwise be […]


America is Facing Two Epidemics – Meth vs. Opioid Crisis

America is Facing Two Epidemics – Meth vs. Opioid Crisis. In recent years, the opioid epidemic has been the focal point of concern amongst public health officials.  While the opioid crisis is a national healthcare emergency responsible for 47,600 approximated deaths in 2017 (due to overdoses) there has been another crisis vigorously and quietly brewing […]


Trump Administration’s Opioid-Fighting Plan

Trump Administration’s Opioid-Fighting Plan – What Clinicians are saying The nation’s opioid epidemic has grown in to a national emergency.  In an effort to reduce the overdose rate by 40% over the course of the next 3 years, the Trump administrations new strategy will appropriate over $350 million dollars worth of grants to hospitals and […]

Alcoholic Hepatitis

How Early Rehab Can Reduce Alcoholic Hepatitis 30 day Hospital Readmission Rate?

Alcoholic Hepatitis is a liver inflammation disease typically contracted by heavy alcohol consumers that have been drinking for years.  It’s a disease that affects around 200,000 American’s annually. Recently, a new study conducted on the disease has changed the way treatment for the condition is viewed.  In a recent response to the study made by […]

Detox Vs Rehab

Detox vs Rehab? The 2 Levels of Effective Care for Addiction Explained Well

Table of Contents What is a Detox program?Detox BenefitsDetox LimitationsWhat is the ProblemWhat is a Rehab Program?MedicationTreatment Options in Drug Rehab –Trusted HealingPsychotherapyDetox vs Rehab – What is the Choice The confusion of detox vs rehab will naturally arise in the patients’ mind when they decide to stop using the drugs. It is because addiction […]

Relapse Prevention

5 Relapse Prevention Stages and Signs Explained

Table of Contents Addiction and Behavioral DisorderRelapse Prevention Worksheet – Point OneRelapse Prevention –Point TwoRelapse Prevention Plan – Point ThreeSigns of Relapse Strike- What to DoRelapse Prevention Program – Point FourRelapse Prevention Plan – Point FiveSummary Getting sober from addiction is a two-stage process. The first stage is purely physical. Detox and treatments at the […]

Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Can Help Identify Addiction to and Abuse of Over the Counter Drugs (2)

Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Can Help Identify Addiction to and Abuse of Over the Counter Drugs

Table of Contents Drug Abuse of Over the Counter Medications Can Hurt YouSouth Florida Drug Rehab Centers Can Help with the Treatment of Substance AbuseA Few Tips to Prevent Substance AbuseFlorida Substance Abuse Treatment and Detox Centers Can help. The easiest way for teens to obtain over the counter (OTC) medicines is from their friends […]


Rehabilitation Center for Alcohol

Table of Contents How does alcohol rehabilitation work?What is an alcohol detox?Is a medically supervised detox important?What are some of the symptoms of an alcohol detox?What is the rehabilitation center’s track record?Do they accept your insurance?Don’t Wait, Now is the Time to Seek Help Alcohol addiction is one of the biggest crises facing public health […]

Opioid Overdose Treatment

Science and Innovation is guiding Substance Abuse Treatment for Opioid Overdose

Table of Contents Statistics of Substance Abuse and Overdose in the United StatesSubstance Abuse and Overdose are Multi-faceted problemsNew App may help anticipate Opioid Overdose in Substance AbusersDetails pertaining to “Second Chance” for Opioid Overdose in Substance AbusersFlorida Substance Abuse Treatment Centers pave the way for Addiction and Opioid Overdose Research The Healthcare field is […]