Black Tar Heroin Detox and Withdrawal

Black Tar Heroin Detox & Withdrawal

Black Tar Heroin Detox & Withdrawal. Black tar heroin is one of the dirtiest, most disgusting, while also the most potent, a form of heroin on the market. It’s highly addictive and extremely deadly. Overdoses are very common, which makes black tar heroin detox programs an absolute must for those wanting help to cure their deadly addiction.

In its purest form, black tar heroin is the most addictive, and for those that try to get help are often faced with an uphill battle because the withdrawals it causes are excruciating and painful. This can lead to continued abuse, severe health issues and then ultimately a deadly overdose.

Origination of Black Tar Heroin

If you have ever seen the tar used in roofing you would understand how it got its name. It’s dark, sticky and very thinks. It looks exactly like roofing tar, hence where its name originated from.

Not all forms of black tar heroin are sticky, as it can also be found in a harder coal-like formation. Black tar heroin is pure and unrefined, which makes it so potent and deadly.

Black Tar Heroin Detox and Treatment

Those that suffer from black tar heroin addiction and seek treatment options and detox solutions are often put into comprehensive rehabilitation programs that work on curing both the psychological and physical additions.

This one-two punch approach is proven to have a much higher success rate at becoming clean long-term. There are no quick-fix solutions for black tar heroin detoxification. It’s such an addictive and deadly substance, requiring extensive rehab to combat the withdrawals.

How to Spot Black Tar Heroin Abuse

Trying heroin a single time can lead to addiction because it’s an opioid, and the pure black tar version is even more addictive, to the point that the user will continue to crave it even as it begins to hurt them — both mentally and physically.

When addiction overtakes them, the user will focus all of his or her attention on obtaining more black tar heroin, completely ignoring their day-to-day responsibilities. This can lead to family problems, loss of employment and a string of spiraling life events.

Black tar heroin addiction happens quickly, and there are some key indicators that point to a serious problem with the substance. These include developing a tolerance that requires more frequent usage and in higher quantities.

Those addicted to heroin will become extremely dependent on it; oftentimes they will not be able to function without having it in their system. If they don’t have it, the withdrawal symptoms are very painful physically, which is why “quitting” black tar heroin is nearly impossible without the help of a detox program.

Short-Term Black Heroin Effects

Black tar heroin is consumed in one of two ways. It’s either dissolved (heated) and injected into the body directly into a muscle or through a vein. It can also be smoked in its hard sticky form.

Regardless of how it’s consumed, the effects are fast because it’s so potent. If it’s injected and not diluted the effects can be felt almost instantly. In both forms — injected or smoked — it’s an incredibly “dirty” drug.

A black tar heroin user becomes addicted to these immediate effects, and the sense of feeling good as soon as it is consumed. A user will feel that “high” sensation as soon as the needle is injected, for example, causing them to zone out.

The “high” they experience is the trade-off for the following short-term effects: itching throughout the body, experiencing flushing of the skin and redness, a feeling of confusion, throwing up and dry mouth symptoms.

Long-Term Black Heroin Effects

A single-use instance of black tar heroin can be deadly, as it can lead to addiction, but when you really dive into the long-term effects that the substance has on the body and mind it becomes crystal clear just how dangerous this drug is.

Aside from the obvious — addiction — prolonged use of black tar heroin can cause severe depression, sleep issues, sexual problems in men and hormone problems in women, as well as brain damage.

The ill health effects are eye-opening, as the user’s overall health will diminish very quickly and destroy their immune system. This is why many heroin addicts will appear to look very sick — the substance destroys their body inside and out.

The number of black tar heroin overdoses reported year-after-year continues to increase, and while not all overdoses result in death, there is a high rate over overdoses attributed to the first use. Yes, black tar heroin is that potent and potentially deadly.

Black Tar Heroin Overdose Signs

Not every overdose related to black tar heroin use is going to find the user unconscious on the floor. There are some tell-tale signs that a person is experiencing an overdose, These include the pupils having a pinpoint appearance, feeling drowsy, a slow heartbeat, discoloration of the tongue, and upset stomach paired with constipation.

Like with all opioid overdoses, Narcan can help save the life of someone that overdoses from black tar heroin. It’s important they receive the reversal drug ASAP to prevent death.

Black Tar Heroin Withdrawal Signs

When a black tar heroin addict experiences withdrawal they will feel sick to their stomach, the same way they would feel if they had the flu. This can be physically painful, which is why so many people have a hard time detoxing from the drug.

Their body becomes reliant on the feeling they get from it and they will do whatever it takes to avoid that sick feeling and the physical pain that accompanies it. Extreme withdrawal can be identified by random leg movements and restlessness, along with constant goosebumps and muscle pain.

Black Tar Heroin Detox & Withdrawal Program Options

Black tar heroin addiction requires a very intense detox program, as the initial cleanse process can be both mentally and physically exhausting. As the body starts to cleanse itself of the drug, the individual will experience many discomforts, like extreme vomiting and diarrhea.

The most effective black tar heroin withdrawal programs are in-patient and include around the clock support and supervision. Without this, the majority of addicts will use it again. This also creates a safe environment for the detox and recovery process.

The correct medication during the detox program is also key to success, and Suboxone is the most widely used due to its effectiveness. Its main ingredient, buprenorphine, helps to reduce the major symptoms experienced during the withdrawal phase.

In addition to medication, many detox programs will introduce behavioral therapy, which is designed to help an individual function without the aid of black tar heroin. It’s not an overnight process, as the detoxification process can take quite a few sessions and remedies to fully work.

Black Tar Heroin Rehabilitation

As mentioned, in-patient treatment is the best option for those looking to cure black tar heroin addiction. There are options that are out-patient, but it is not nearly as effective due to how severe the average addiction is. The drug is highly addictive and the dependence is like no other drug dependence in terms of severity.

For extreme situations, the in-patient facilities will often have components of the rehab program that focus on treating the psychological elements of addiction, not just the physical. When it comes to black tar heroin, it’s best to focus on both for the best chance at full recovery.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, the best black tar heroin detox and withdrawal programs are going to be the ones that are structured around the individuals’ needs, according to their specific situation. Not all addiction cases are the same and require different approaches to be successful.



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