Overcoming Addiction: Finding the Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

How long have you been waiting to take the first step to a better life? Sure, when a Best drug Rehab centers near me has become your main priority, “a better life” is equivalent to more money for more highs. Although you may not have noticed yet, that drug is dilapidating every other area of your well-being and happiness. It’s your body, your mind, and your health. It’s time to take control.

Even though it might feel like it, you are not alone in your struggle. Since 2012, mortality rates and overdoses by heroin users in Florida have been on a sharp increase.1 Don’t be another statistic. Before you ask “where are the best drug rehab centers near me today” there is another major question to ask yourself.

Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

What are my Rehab Goals?

Since treatment is unique for everyone, not all rehab centers are alike. You’re probably thinking “I just want to find the best drug rehab centers near me, run away, and get this over with!” Jumping the gun like this might not land you in a center that gives you what you need to heal. Although it’s nice to be within a close distance to relatives and friends, it won’t always work that way for addiction treatments.

This is a big decision that will require big actions and dedication.

Before you Google the best drug rehab centers near meand pack your bag, stop and think for a minute. Consider these questions during your research for the best facility2:

  • Is this a short-term or long-term program?
  • Do they offer continuing support after the program?
  • Are there nutritional factors in the program to improve my overall health?
  • Will this place help me stabilize fundamental aspects of my life while treating addiction?
  • Do they advertise “instant cure” or pseudoscientific scams as treatment?
  • What about insurance?

Depending on your personal situation, the answers to these questions could make a world of difference in your treatment. Additionally, check if group therapy is available since it is proven to play a huge role in recovery.3Once you decide what kind of path to recovery you want, it’s time to start researching.

“But there are tons of the best rehab centers near me to choose from.” Yes, there are! Palm Beach County is also known as the “rehab capital of the world.”4

Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

What are the Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Me?

Don’t try to treat addiction alone. Professionals can help you do it safely. The following list is a sampling of clinics for each region of Florida.

Northwestern Florida

In 2016, Northwestern Florida saw the highest percent of treatment admissions for methamphetamine use than any other region.5 It may be a cheap drug, but it has huge retributions on your health. Take action today:

  • Bridging the Gap Recovery (BTG)

This beachside drug rehab center offers long-term, short-term, inpatient, and outpatient options. They focus on helping you reach sobriety while building an active lifestyle. Activities such as snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking are available to help you learn to enjoy life without a buzz.6

  • DISC Village

This non-profit agency takes patients of all ages and genders. Educational and vocational classes are available while you recover, as well as HIV counseling and testing. If you’ve taken drugs via syringe before – even just once – you should consider taking advantage of their HIV services.7

Northeastern Florida

This region saw the second-highest treatment admissions of all regions for opioid treatment in 2015.8 It’s common to become dependent on opioids after accidents and surgeries. Most of the time, the addiction sinks in before you can realize it. “Where are the best drug rehab centers near me to halt the hydrocodone highs once and for all?” Try these out for size:

  • The Recovery Village

This lovely recovery community will make you feel human again. They are professional in treating drug addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. Discover the new you through tons of recreational activities such as a gym, pool, courtyard, gardens, and more!8

  • Lakeview Health

Lakeview is another wonderful recovery getaway but has one special program that makes them stand out: LGBT treatment programs. Find professionals that understand you in one of the lowest staff-to-patient ratios in the nation at this clinic.9

Central Florida

In 2015, Central Florida had the highest cocaine-related deaths than any other region in the state.5 Cocaine is an expensive habit surrounding an even more expensive lifestyle. It might be fun tonight, but is it worth the deep depression that follows it?

  • Fairwinds Treatment Center

Drug addiction doesn’t just affect you; it affects the people you love most as well. That’s why Fairwinds makes your family an integral part of your treatment. Although they offer individual treatment, you can also reap the benefits of family and group therapies. Best of all, you don’t have to put your life on pause since they offer sober living homes, day school, and are pet-friendly.10

Southwestern Florida

Since 2005, the number of drug-addicted babies born in Southwestern Florida has drastically risen.11If you want to start a family, don’t let drug addiction get in the way. Do what’s best for your future children and find help today.

  • Counseling of Southwest Florida (CWFL)

This is an outpatient clinic for people of all ages. If your drug addiction has gotten you into trouble with the law, CWFL also offers legal counseling. No one looks good in an orange jumpsuit. Get your life back on track with the professionals at this intensive clinic today.12

Southeastern Florida

In 2015, Southeast Florida had the highest heroin-related deaths than any other region in the state.5 We all have to die one day, but heroin will unfortunately make that day come much sooner than later. It becomes even more complex when there are other lives at risk. “But where can I find a drug rehabilitation center near me that helps pregnant women?”

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  • Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC)

This clinic has a 30-day regular inpatient treatment as well as 60-day treatment for new mothers. While they help you recover in a safe environment, you can also learn educational and life skills. There are 92 beds available in this facility, so reserve your spot today!

The Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Me are Too Expensive!

Don’t worry! Although you may have to sacrifice some extra amenities such as pools and gyms, there are affordable options. There are tons of rehab centers that accept Medicaid all across Florida.13 Money should never be an issue when it comes to your well-being. No matter who you are or where you live, you can find help.

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