Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida

Find the best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida for your Recovery in 2018

Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida
Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida

If you want to learn about the best drug and alcohol detox centers in Florida then you’ve come to just the right place!  Drug addiction and alcohol dependency are affecting the lives of countless individuals throughout the US with many victims feeling as if there’s no hope for recovery and no place to turn for help.

From teens and young adults to mature professionals, drug and alcohol addiction has taken over the lives of so many and it’s time to start fighting back at addiction as a whole before it worsens to levels that will be uncontrollable.

In this write-up, our goal is to provide you with the insight you need to make proper rehabilitation decisions that will help to lead you to recovery.  We plan on aiding you on your recovery journey by providing you with the “key information” that you’ll need to know to make the right choices on how to proceed with finding and receiving treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab Process

You see, addiction, whether it’s for drugs or alcohol, is a sensitive sickness to treat and sometimes will take specialized and individualized treatment programs that not all rehab centers may offer.  As such, the first step to receiving effective recovery treatment will be to do your due-diligence on the rehab facilities that are available to you so you can determine which one(s) provide strategized and tailored treatment options that will accommodate “your specific addiction”.

For example, one drug and alcohol detox center may provide “group therapy” as a form of recovery treatment while another may provide you with one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed and accredited “addiction specialist”.

Understanding what’s involved in these types of therapies, and having the knowledge of how such forms of treatment can assist you, will help you to better prepare “yourself” with choosing the best drug and alcohol detox center.

Educating yourself is a great start your recovery process and will help to prepare you mentally for what’s ahead during your recovery.

Before delving into our list of the “Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida”, we’re going to share with you some very important information that you’ll want to read and notate before starting your recovery treatment at a detoxification center.

What we’ll be sharing will provide you with all of the information that you’ll need to know from “how to inquire with a Detox center for admission” to “how to ensure relapse-prevention”.

We want to see you have the life you always dreamed of and we’re here to help steer you in the right direction!

What to expect during the First Phase of Drug Detoxification

During the initial phase of your drug detoxification, you may experience a bit of stress and unusually high levels of anxiety although the detoxification center you’re attending will have an experienced medical and psychiatric staff on-site to help you thru this period of time by providing you with effective support (and medications if required).

Just as an example, a heroin addict within just 3-4 hours after the last dose will greatly suffer from the withdrawal(s) of the addiction to the opioid within the drug.

Individuals in such cases withdrawing from the Opioid could possibly experience symptoms including but not limited to:

  • Intense sweating
  • Unusual tiredness and yawning
  • Severe agitation
  • Aches in the muscles
  • Unusual and sporadic watering of the eyes
  • A runny and agitated nose
  • Insomnia (very difficult to find a comfortable resting position)

While “these” types of symptoms aren’t life-threatening to the patient, they will be very uncomfortable which is why it’s of great importance that you’re under the supervision of medical and psychiatric professionals as you’ll be able to receive the support needed to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

What determines your withdrawal symptoms?

According to studies on “drug withdrawal” conducted by some of the leading medical professionals in the US, the sudden cessation of various drug classes will vary in unique sets of withdrawals.

Some of the many factors that contribute to how painless or intense your withdrawals will include:

  • The total length of time of your addiction usage – If you were (or are) dependent on drugs/alcohol on a daily basis for a period of 3-6+ months than this would mean your tolerance to the drug is very high which could result in pretty severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • The conjunction of mixed drugs/alcohol – Sometimes individuals will have a comorbid dependence on their substance(s) of choice which “can” and “will” result in unusual and unique withdrawal symptoms which could possibly exacerbate each other.
  • The dosage amount of the drug in your system during your arrival to detoxification – Over time as drugs are used your body builds up a tolerance to the chemical(s) or active properties within the drug. Since it’s typical of drug users to increase dosage over time to feel the drugs affect many will experience symptoms that are quite severe.
  • The Half-Life of the used drug – Typically, the shorter the effect of the drug the shorter the amount of time will be that users experience withdrawal symptoms. If it’s a long-lasting drug than users may not experience withdrawals for 2-3 days.

According to a recent study, there are a number of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience during detoxification some of which include:

  • Disturbances in your mood – You could possibly encounter random mood swings, agitation or fatigue.
  • Disturbances in your sleep – Trouble falling asleep despite feeling exhausted is typical.
  • Physical Changes – Shaking/Tremors, sweating and the chills are common withdrawal symptoms.
  • Drug Cravings – Cravings for the drug you’re addicted to will be high.

While these are all experiences no one wants to encounter it’s the reason that attending a Florida drug detox center is so important.  You want to get your addiction under control so withdrawals are easier to cope with and so you can achieve your recovery sooner.

Make the right choice for YOU and attend a Florida drug and alcohol detox center so you can start to receive treatment that will help you lead a drug-free lifestyle in as little as 28 days!

Types of Detox Programs

There are two types of detox programs which include:

  • An Outpatient Detox program – While not commonly recommended for patients, the outpatient program is a relatively good detox program choice for those who need treatment but for minor cases. This form of detox works great for those with non-severe addictions and if put into this program will attend regular meetings with a treatment team and medication may be provided by either prescription or perhaps even a methadone center.  In situations where finances are tight or the patient needs to be home to go to work, this program may be the best treatment option as it’s much cheaper compared to an inpatient program.
  • An Inpatient Detox Program – Typically recommended for severed addiction cases and to those who are at risk of a relapse; an inpatient detox program is suggested for very severe addiction cases where the medical team feels it’s necessary for the patient to be under watch for medical care in case of an emergency. A majority of the detox programs offered by centers are inpatient programs designed to lead patients from managing withdrawals to leading a drug-free lifestyle upon completion of the program.

The “Family Center for Recovery” Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Headquarters of Family Center for Recovery Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

At the “Family Center for Recovery” patients will be partaking in a drug and alcohol detox program which is available to adults, expecting mothers who are suffering from addiction and adolescents.  Located in Lantana, Florida the “Family Center for Recovery” drug detox center provides group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, rigorous relapse-prevention,  the 12-step program and even aftercare planning.

What’s great about the “Family Center for Recovery” is that the detox facility is owned by addiction psychiatrists and specialists whose goal is to provide each patient with individualized and effective treatment.

With large and elegantly styled and very spacious housing with accommodations that are typically found at resorts, it’s definitely a great detox facility for either drug or alcohol detox as you’ll have a calm, relaxing and stress-free environment to reside in during your recovery journey.

Some other amenities include an on-site gym (great for relieving withdrawals), a full-size basketball court, a spacious computer room and even meeting rooms/offices.

Address: 7051 N Seacrest Blvd, Lantana, FL 33462

Phone: (855) 202-4220

The “Rise Again Recovery and Wellness” Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Rise Again Recovery & Wellness Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

The “Rise Again Recovery and Wellness” drug and alcohol detox center is treatment center for adults suffering from substance abuse.  Located in Miami, Florida the “Rise Again Recovery and Wellness” detox facility offers programs that include a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in addition to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) with the option provided to patients to attend either “daytime” or “night time” treatments.

This allows patients to schedule treatment around their work schedule or any other activities that may be going on.

With the implementation of evidence-based treatment, the “Rise Again Recovery and Wellness” detox center has been quite successful at providing detoxification services for drug and alcohol dependence.

They focus on providing individualized plans with uniquely designed treatment support for patients with a co-curring addiction.

Typically, the average stay duration is 30-60 days.  PHP clients can expect 24 hours’ worth of individual’s therapeutic sessions, group therapy sessions and even psychoeducation (IOP patients receive 15 hours per month).

Throughout the week all patients will participate in daily sessions that for stress management, conflict resolution therapy, personal development, and codependency in addition to “family program” activities.

They also offer an incentive program to patients who successfully complete assignments.  This reward program grants access to the fully equipped game room which offers a PlayStation, an Xbox, a Nintendo Wii and even air hockey and ping pong.

Address: 7051 N Seacrest Blvd, Lantana, FL 33462

Phone: (855) 202-4220

The “Next Generation Village Teen Treatment” Alcohol & Drug Detox Center

Next Generation Village Teen Treatment - Alcohol & Drug Detox Center

The “Next Generation Village Teen Treatment” center for drug and alcohol detoxification treatment provides addiction recovery treatment for addictions at all levels of severity.  Their philosophy is to provide specialized care with individualized treatment plans that designed for the patient’s specific recovery needs.

All addiction cases are unique, provide special attention and may require certain forms of treatment(s) and at “Next Generation Village Teen Treatment” they time the time to understand the needs of your addiction so effective treatment can be administered.

With the collaboration of their experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated medical staff and support team, they’ll put together a recovery treatment approach that’s reliant upon evidence-based treatments.

Long-term treatment is the goal and they accomplish this through their understanding of teen drug/alcohol addiction and their comprehensive treatment(s) are tailored specifically for teenagers suffering from addiction.

At the “Next Generation Village Teen Treatment”, all phases of the provided detoxification treatments are geared towards the addiction needs of teenagers which makes it to the go-to detoxification center for those that are 19 years of age or under.

Address: 1062 Lake Sebring Dr, Sebring, FL 33870

Phone: (863) 314-1580

The “12 Keys Rehab” Center for Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

12 Keys Rehab Center for Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Situated on a large 10-acre estate (waterfront view) in beautiful Jensen Beach, Florida, the “12 Keys Rehab” provides its patients with drug and alcohol detoxification treatment in a beautiful and serene environment.  With “12 Keys Rehab” detox center being led by Dr. Balta (an addiction specialist with 25 years of experience) patients will receive effective and guided treatment from one of Florida’s best drug and alcohol detox center.

By providing a concoction of treatments together including the 12-step program and therapeutic sessions: “12 Keys Rehab” is one of the best ranking detox centers in Florida with having served well over 4,000 patients since its inception.

Unlike most other Florida detox centers, at the “12 Keys Rehab” residents/patients will have the option of where they want to be housed at the facility which can be in the plantation-style home or in one of the 15 cabins that are stationed throughout the property.

With roomy living spaces, a state-of-the-art kitchen area and beautiful interior designs it’s a great place to have some piece-of-mind during your detox.

They also offer an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a large dock for fishing or relaxing.

The “12 Keys Rehab” center is definitely one of the best Florida drug and alcohol detox centers that you’ll want to consider attending!

Address: 618 NE Jensen Beach Blvd, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Phone: (866) 957-3243

The “Safe Landing Recovery” Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Safe Landing Recovery Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Next on our list is the “Safe Landing Recovery” detoxification center providing recovery and evidence-based treatments to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.  Founded back in 2015 by Mr. Summers (a licensed social worker) the detox center is experienced with working with clients with dual diagnosis in a safe, clean, calm and constructive environment.

A safe and intimate environment is what patients can expect to arrive and will be greeting and assessed by the medical staff and perhaps an addiction specialist.

In the living space, a total of four residents can be accommodated all in private bedrooms with comfortable queen-sized beds in addition to a dresser and closet space for the storage of clothing and items.

The living quarters are very nicely set up and feature interior designs that are supposed to help patients feel relaxed, safe and at ease.

With large couches for lounging, an on-site workout facility, and catered meals three times per day patients will be provided with everything they’ll need for a painless and speedy recovery.

Through the use of the 12-step program, group and one-on-one therapeutic sessions, medical management, and personal development coaching there’s nothing you’ll need to have a successful recovery from drug or alcohol dependency.

Address: 1515 NW 167th St Suite 180, Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Phone: (786) 292-0358

TheRecovery First” Detox Center for Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Recovery First Detox Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

For individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction that is seeking a small, exquisite and personalized detoxification recovery treatment then you may want to consider attending the “Recovery First” drug/alcohol detoxification center.

Located in Hollywood, Florida, the “Recovery First” detoxification center has been providing effective recovery treatments since 2001 through the use of various counseling program, therapy sessions and one-on-one recovery support from an on-site addiction specialist.

Founded by James Davis, a nationally accredited, certified and experienced interventionist provides highly individualized treatment as he once was a victim of addiction of drugs/alcohol and has now been clean of these vices for 30 years.

Understanding how addiction works and experiencing it first-hand is what allows him and his detoxification facility to provide specialized and effective treatment programs that will actually aid patients off of their decencies to drugs and alcohol.

Regardless of the severity of your addiction, attending the “Recovery First” drug and alcohol detoxification center will greatly aid your goal and journey of living a drug-free life as you’ll get the treatment you need throughout while also receiving post-treatment relapse prevention support to ensure you maintain sobriety.

Address: 4110 Davie Road Extension, Hollywood, FL 33024

Phone: (954) 526-5776

The Ocean Breeze Recovery” Detox Facility for Drugs & Alcohol

Ocean Breeze Recovery Detox Facility for Drugs & Alcohol
Ocean Breeze Recovery Detox Facility for Drugs & Alcohol

Perhaps being a detox center for drugs and alcohol dependency with the most breathtaking views; the “Ocean Breeze Recovery” detox facility is located in Pompano Beach, Florida and was founded back in 2010 by a couple who successfully recovered from addiction themselves and set out on the mission to provide effective recovery treatments to patients of their own.

With over 20 years into their recovery and sobriety, Pete and Kim provide unprecedented personal care and treatment(s) to their guests and aid them through their recovery process by utilizing the 12-step program in addition to recreational activities and group and individual therapy.

The “Ocean Breeze Recovery” detoxification center can be reached from 10 am through 5 pm 7 days per week for admission inquiries for their 30 or 60-day detox program which from what other patients have said is a comprehensive and all-inclusive detox center that truly provides all of the tools needed to manage withdrawals while ending addiction altogether.

The “Ocean Breeze Recovery” detox facility comfortably accommodates up to four patients in one of their 2-bedroom condos (15 condos “in total” are at the center).

With shared bedrooms that offer you the opportunity to make friends and offer/receive support and beautiful ocean-view rooms, it’s the perfect environment to gain back your sobriety.

There’s also a pool, rec area and a laundry facility for patients to wash their clothing items.

Address: 2413 E Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Phone: (855) 960-5341

The “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center” for Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

The “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center” drug/alcohol detox center is one of Florida’s most established recovery centers having served patients suffering from substance dependency for over 30 years.  Specializing in addiction recovery for chemical dependency, PTSD, and co-occurring drug disorders it’s an all-inclusive recovery treatment center with high standards for its patient’s recovery.

At the “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center”, patients will receive a complete continuum of recovery care which begins with their initial detoxification where they’ll be submitted to a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) at which point, upon completion, will be admitted to either a residential detoxification program or an outpatient treatment option.

One great attribute of attending the “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center” for your addiction recovery needs are the breathtaking views as you’ll enjoy views of the “Emerald Coastline” beach which is off of the “Gulf of Mexico”.

The “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center” is also a part of the “Acadia Healthcare” network which allows them to also provide effective coaching for behavioral health which some patients may need to aid them through the recovery process.

With a total of 102 beds located in brick-styled buildings on a large, 5-acre campus guests will enjoy group sessions, socializing and the amazing views.

The “Twelve Oaks Recovery Center” will truly provide a recovery experience that will assist anyone suffering from addiction with ending their dependence in a calm, safe and constructive environment.

Address: 2068 Health Care Dr. Navarre, FL 32566

Phone: (850) 378-3034

The “Pathway to Hope” Florida Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Pathway to Hope Florida Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Next on our list brings us to the “Pathway to Hope”  drug and alcohol detoxification center; a partnered facility that’s a part of the “Delphi Behavioral Health Group” which is a very well-known and established organization responsible for the establishment of many detoxification centers in the south Florida region.

At the “Pathway to Hope” detox center, patients will be provided with a residential treatment program with programs that range from 30-90 days.  How long you stay at the facility for recovery treatment will be determined by the results of your assessment which will be conducted by a medical professional or addiction specialist upon your arrival to the center.

The “Pathway to Hope” facility has the capacity to accommodate a total of 45 guests at any given time and also features a “multi-disciplinary” treatment staff with experience in dual-diagnosis support and care.

Patients attending the “Pathway to Hope” detox center will be comfortably accommodated in modernized apartments with access to swimming pool, rec area, laundry facility and the beach.

The “Pathway to Hope” designed the apartments so patients felt as if they were at home with each room featuring flat-screen televisions, equipped kitchens with modern appliances and sitting areas for study/work.

Address: 2006 Town Plaza Ct, Winter Springs, FL 32708

Phone: (407) 221-3859

The “Evolutions Treatment Center” for Drug/Alcohol Detox Addiction Recovery

Evolutions Treatment Center for Drug/Alcohol Detox Addiction Recovery

Since its establishment back in 2013, the “Evolutions Treatment Center” has been providing patients with recovery treatment services for substance abuse and dependency and offers a multitude of treatment programs that include either a 30-day or 90-day residential treatment option, an IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), a 60-day “aftercare” program in addition to a faith-based recovery treatment option for individuals that practice the Jewish faith.

While the “Evolutions Treatment Center” does “not” provide on-site detoxification treatment,  if detox is determined to be required form of treatment then off-site detoxification will be provided and transportation assistance will be complimentary by the “Evolutions Treatment Center” facility.

Part of the mission at the “Evolutions Treatment Center” is for patients to feel “safe” and “secure” which is why it’s located within a gated community where individuals within the neighborhood “must have” permission to enter.

It’s an exclusive experience, to say the least and with a free weekly $75 Publix gift card that’s provided for free to every patient for groceries it’s a sign that the facility works diligently to ensure comfort for patients in a laid-back, stress-free environment.

Address: 2900 W Cypress Creek Rd #2, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Phone: (866) 771-7091

We hope this guide will aid you in your journey to recovery and we anticipate your success in leading the substance-free lifestyle that we know you desire.  Review this guide, understand the programs and detox centers that are available to you and attending a facility that you believe will best assist your addiction.

Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Florida
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