Alcohol Rehab Near Me – Find a Local Center to END ALCOHOL ADDICTION

alcohol rehab near me
Alcohol Rehab Near Me

Searches such as “ alcohol rehab near me ” are often times searched by those aspiring to achieve sobriety.  Alcohol dependency and addiction can certainly be debilitating on one’s health and attending an alcohol rehab near you will get you started on the path to sobriety.  Choosing a local rehabilitation center to put an end to alcohol addiction is the first step to overcoming dependency and will help to instill confidence and self-worth back in to your life.

It’s estimated that a total of 17 million adults in the US suffer from alcohol dependency.  This figure represents how pressing the issue is and signifies how important it is to educate the community on how to find an alcohol rehab center.

Is there an Alcohol Rehab Near Me?  Absolutely!

Being one of Florida’s top-rated Alcohol rehab centers; the Detox of South Florida is an award-winning rehab center near you that provides effective and evidence-based treatment(s) to those suffering from alcohol dependency.  With an experienced clinical staff conclusive of doctors and addiction specialists, the Detox of South Florida has emerged as one of the most advanced Florida-based clinical facilities for alcohol addiction having treated over 4,000 patients.

Alcohol Detox Center
Alcohol Detox Center

By lending care, compassion, understanding, and effective 30, 60, and 90-day detox programs to patients; the Detox of South Florida adapts treatments to the individualized addiction needs for each attendee.  This results in a highly effective treatment experience which is responsible for the centers 98% success rate in aiding patients to detox.

I was searching for an alcohol rehab near me when I was suffering from alcohol addiction.  It took my life over, leaving me feeling hopeless.  I found the “Detox of South Florida” alcohol rehab facility and after just 60 days I’ve achieved sobriety!  What an incredible and life-changing experience! – Statement made by a recent patient of the facility.

The Detox of South Florida provides individuals with the effective treatment(s) they need to combat alcohol addiction in a unique yet proven-to-work approach.

Florida Rehab Center
Florida Rehab Center

Aside from being conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Florida; the center hosts an array of accepted insurance providers.  This means that Detox of South Florida is an alcohol rehab near you that you can be sure will accept your insurance (but of course it’d be a good idea to contact the admissions to inquire).

Headed by a 25-year medical veteran and one of Florida’s top-rated digestive health experts; Dr. Vikram Tarugu founded the Detox of South Florida 5 years ago as a part of an initiative to provide the community with a much needed detox facility – one that would be inclusive of all the tools, treatments, therapies, and care that one would need to end addiction (and this is exactly what he’s accomplished).

Alcohol Rehab Near Me – What are the benefits?

best Alcohol Rehab Centers near me
Best Alcohol Rehab Centers near me

First and foremost, attending an alcohol rehab by you, in your area, will simplify commutes and reduce transportation costs.  Choosing to attend a rehab center far away if one is closer isn’t the best route as you can expect to have to make daily or weekly trips to the center.  Because of this, minimizing distance to the center from your residence is suggested so commute times and expenses can be reduced.

Furthermore, keep in mind that having your family or loved ones around really contributes to your journey to sobriety.  Having comfort and receiving support from those you care most about can help you to cope with the effects of detox.  Attending a distanced rehab center isn’t the greatest idea as it’ll put you further away from your family and may mean you see them less (in a time where you need them the most).

This is why most South Florida residents choose to attend the Detox of South Florida (since they’re centrally located in the state yet close to beautiful beach lines).

Alcohol Detox Near Me – The Process of Treatment

Before rehab you’ll first take part in a detox program where you’ll be treated for your physical dependency to alcohol.  At Detox South Florida, this process first starts once you’ve been admitted to the facility.  Your dependence, length of use, and severity of addiction will be assessed and a treatment route will be determined.  This process will result in the removal of toxins in the body which will ease any withdrawal symptoms that may be present.

There are three main stages of the detoxification process including:

  • Evaluation – Patient is tested for drugs and alcohol through a urine sample, a breathalyzer, or through blood tests. Your mental health state will also be evaluated along with any known medical issues.  Based on this a detox treatment strategy will be devised.
  • Stabilization – Accounting for a majority of treatment, “stabilization” is what allows patients to transition to rehab seamlessly with less irritation and unwanted symptoms. During the stabilization period, the Detox South Florida medical staff will help you to become acclimated to the process of detox (and rehab) while treating any occurring symptoms.  Becoming stable during detox is immensely important as you’ll be able to cope with the process much more easily.  Considering that the “Detox of South Florida” center has been treating patients for over 5 years with 98% of their patients overcoming addiction; their treatments and withdrawal symptom management techniques is what distinguishes them from other rehab centers.
  • Build willingness for further treatment – In many cases, the detoxification treatment isn’t enough on its own to end alcohol dependency. Because of this, the Detox of South Florida facility will extend further treatment as a part of their sustained recovery support.  Relapse prevention is highly focused on and extending treatment(s) to patients is one of the many ways that patients attending the “Detox South Florida” succeed addiction.

How long does it take to Complete Alcohol Detox?

There is no universal completion time when it comes to receiving detox to overcome alcohol dependency.  All cases are unique and addiction recovery needs vary from patient to patient.  Because of this, the amount of time it takes for a patient to complete the program will be determined by numerous factors.

Some of the many factors that will determine how long you need to attend detox for include:

  • How often you consume/consumed alcohol
  • How much alcohol you consumed during use
  • The duration in which you consumed alcohol
  • If there’s a presence of poly-substance abuse
  • Your personal recovery goals and ambitions
  • Your detoxification environment/setting
  • Your previous attempts at detox facilities
  • Your personal health and medical condition(s)

At Detox of South Florida, upon admission, the admissions counselor sits down with each patient for a one-on-one consultation and introduction in to the program.  During this interview, you can expect to be questioned about your current and past medical history, your recovery goals, and long-term ambitions.  The Detox of South Florida is known for their compassionate caregiving approach in a comfortable, solace, and safe home-styled environment.

With 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day detox alcohol detox programs available; there’s a solution for all addiction cases regardless of the severity.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), they claim that the average length of time that one completes detox is 8 days.  However, most patients typically require a 30-day program.

Detox Programs at Alcohol Rehab Near You

alcohol addiction treatment
Alcohol addiction treatment

There’s an astounding 15,000+ alcohol detox centers in the US which is a strikingly large figure.  However, given that 1 in every 12 adults suffer from some form of alcohol dependency; many facilities have begun to emerge to accommodate the growth of addiction cases.

Just as each addiction case is unique; so are detox centers.  All detox centers may not provide the same forms of treatments and some may provide therapeutic programs that others don’t offer.  Some detox centers don’t offer post-treatment support (Detox of South Florida does) and may not offer certain treatment programs that you were hoping to join.

When you’re searching for “alcohol rehab near me” there’s some things you want to consider about the treatment center before making the commitment to attend.  First and foremost, you need to have an understanding of what different programs are available so you can inquire with the center about a particular program that you believe would suit your treatment well.

Below, we’ll be covering what types of programs are available at Florida alcohol detox centers.

Treatment options that some Alcohol Rehab Centers may offer include:

  • Residential Treatment – The “residential treatment” alcohol recovery program is usually considered to be the highest form of treatment. This is because in a residential program, a doctor, staff member, or addiction specialist will be by your side during your entire stay.  This is done to ensure that you receive the proper care and support.  Residential treatment usually includes around-the-clock care and makes the experience much easier for patients.  This is great for those who are heavily addicted to alcohol as more severe withdrawal symptoms may occur but a staff member standing by at all times will be able to help you manage any unwanted symptoms.
  • Outpatient Services – A popular treatment program for many, participating in an “outpatient service” at an alcohol rehab center will conveniently work with your schedule as you can come to the clinic when you want (and leave when you’re ready).
  • Intensive Outpatient Care – While somewhat similar to that of the “outpatient care” treatment program, the “intensive outpatient care” options is a program provided by the Detox of South Florida where patients can receive treatments daily but will be permitted to return home at night. This is a wonderful option for individuals wanting a recovery option that will enable them to overcome addiction while enjoying the comforts of residing at home.
  • Detoxification Services for Alcohol Dependency – A majority of alcohol rehab centers provide a medical detox treatment (but not “all”). As alcohol detox has proven to help individuals overcome alcohol abuse while helping to manage withdrawals/urges, you’ll certainly want to inquire with the centers admission department to make sure that detox is a part of their rehab center.  Alcohol Detox, simply put, is the process of a doctor removing toxins that are left in the body from the alcohol.  Medical Detox will also include the use of medication(s) utilized to help ease any withdrawals or symptoms that you may be experiencing.
  • Pharmaceutical Aid – The use of medication to aid your recovery should not be an option that gets dismissed. Inquire with the Alcohol Rehab Center to see if medications for withdrawals are provided. Aside from withdrawals, medications provided by the center can also assist with any possible mental health sicknesses and addiction.
  • Behavioral Therapy – As the name suggests, behavioral therapy involves your participation in therapeutic sessions where an instructor will work with you to help you relieve your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. A negative mindset can hinder recovery progress. As such, some alcohol detox centers provide behavioral therapy classes to help individuals manage these urges/emotions.
  • Chiropractic Care – When contacting an alcohol rehab center, ask their admissions department if an on-site chiropractor is available. A chiropractor is an experienced professional with training in body manipulation (which can reduce stress). Such an offering can easy symptoms during detox and is a nice amenity.  If you believe that chiropractic care would ease your recovery than we suggest at least inquiring about it.
  • Support Groups– A majority of alcohol detox centers provide support group sessions for patients to converse and support each other. Patient-based support groups are incredibly effective in helping individuals to improve their social skills while more importantly allowing each patient to support and motivate others. Since all patients share the same goal of overcoming alcohol dependency; support groups is a great way to bring that goal together in a way where patients can overcome the addiction as a whole.
  • SAMHSA’s Health Services Locator – SAMHSA offers a search facility for individuals to find local addiction treatment centers with the functionality to search by address, city, state or zip code as well as by the type of treatment required.

At Detox of South Florida, support groups are regularly held for patients and have had a tremendous impact on helping patients to lead an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Detox of South Florida – Florida Alcohol Rehab NEAR YOU

Headquarters of Detox of South Florida, Okeechobee, FL
Headquarters of Detox of South Florida, Okeechobee, FL.

The Detox of South Florida is an award-winning alcohol rehab facility located in beautiful South Florida and provides alcohol recovery treatments to local and international patients.  Directed by Dr. Vikram Tarugu; a medical field veteran with 25+ years of experience, the “Detox of South Florida” alcohol rehab center has achieved an incredible milestone with 98% of patients successfully achieving sobriety (numbers far surpassing competing facilities).

With over 4,000 patients treated in 5 years it’s no wonder why the Detox of South Florida facilities is becoming one of the most recognized rehabs in Florida.