The Top 3 Alcohol Detox Centers In The United States

The Top 3 Alcohol Detox Centers In The United States
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The Best Alcohol Recovery Centers In the US

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common and most destructive addictions in the world. Millions of Americans will suffer from an alcohol use disorder at some point during their lives.
There are many different ways to treat alcohol addiction, but inpatient treatment plans at specialized alcohol detox centers are the most effective treatment method. These facilities provide intense, and rapid cessation of alcohol intake and provide people with the tools and skills required to maintain a sober lifestyle.
Here are our top 3 rated alcohol detox centers in the United States that will help anyone struggling with an alcohol addiction live a sober, dry life.

  1. Betty Ford Center – California

The Betty Ford Center has been providing alcohol addiction treatment since 1982. Since then they have gone on to earn a reputation for being one of the world’s best alcohol rehab centers. Over the years many celebrities have walked through their doors with an addiction – and many have walked out sober. Despite the clinic’s celebrity status, their doors are also open to the general public.
The Betty Ford Center is located in a stunning 20 acre ranch that is the perfect place for people to recover from addiction in a serene and calm setting. This non-profit organization takes a well-rounded approach to alcohol addiction and attempts to remedy all aspects of a patient’s life that may have suffered from addiction.
The multitude of highly trained professional doctors, nurses, and councilors that make up their team are some of the best in the world. They nurse patients through withdrawal symptoms and educate them to stay dry once treatment has been completed.
The Betty Ford Centers main focus is about providing patients with the tools to resist relapse once out of treatment. For example, the style of treatment makes heavy use of support and interaction from friends and family throughout the entire process. This is done to ensure when treatment has been completed, the transition back to normal life is as seamless as possible.
Once patients have “graduated” from the treatment center they are then given access to a network of other Betty Ford Alumni. The ex patients in these networks regularly meet up and mutually support each other. They also engage in outpatient 12 step meetings to ensure they stay sober long after leaving the treatment facility.

  1. Nova Recovery Center – Texas

The Nova Recovery Center might not have been operating as long as the Betty Ford Center, but they are still one of the most respected alcohol detox centers in the country.
They are most well known for their 90-day inpatient treatments. Their “The Daring Way” program is a reasonably unique treatment method that focuses on the mental trauma that has been caused by addiction and addresses the behavioral issues that led to the addiction in the first place.
Nova Recovery center puts a large amount of focus on the physical side of alcohol addiction. Years of heavy and consistent drinking can do large amounts of harm to a person’s body. By aiming to get their patients into the habit of living a healthier, more active lifestyle they claim to reduce relapse.
They employ several full time personal trainers and fitness instructors, which all patients are advised to utilize. Fitness routines are tailored to the individual’s fitness level and body type to ensure people do not feel overwhelmed by doing their first bit of exercise for many years.
“The Daring Way” is combined with this fitness treatment and is administered by world class councilors – This is an almost inevitable recipe for success. Nova has an incredibly low relapse rate which any treatment center would be proud to call their own.

  1. Detox Of South Florida – Florida

Detox Of South Florida provides alcohol addiction treatment that is a little different to some other clinics. However, based on their incredibly low relapse rates, it seems to be a treatment option that works very well…
The core of the treatment offered by Detox Of South Florida is reasonably similar to that of other programs. It is all based upon the same scientific methodologies and psychological principles – and uses many of the same proven techniques.
The thing that sets them apart from the other clinics is the reasonably “gentle” method of detox that they have championed. They state on their website that “Detox is not meant to break you down”, and they really mean it – they practice what they preach.
Instead of trying to force patients onto intense fitness routines, they take a much calmer approach. Gentle light exercise is encouraged in a no pressure environment to make the process of being healthy and active enjoyable, instead of demanding.
Treatment of patient’s mental health is conducted in the same compassionate and caring atmosphere. Highly trained and understanding councilors are supported by world-class nurses and doctors to help heal the mind from trauma and soothe any conditions that may have caused the addiction to develop in the first place.
All of this world class treatment is provided in calm and serene locations in Florida that are set in incredibly inspiring surroundings (Their west palm beach detox and drug rehab center feels more like a spa resort than a clinic).
But don’t start thinking that this gentle and soft approach could be a little bit too “weak” to deal with the incredibly strong and destructive forces of alcohol addiction. Their relapse rates are some of the lowest in the country.

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The Top 3 Alcohol Detox Centers In The United States
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