Signs of an Alcoholic

There are quite a few different signs that a person might be an alcoholic. While it’s true that some people are better than others at hiding their alcohol abuse, a vast majority of people with this problem exhibit at least a couple of these signs. The better you are able to recognize these signs, the better of a position you will be in to help yourself or a loved one. If you have not read our “Symptoms of Alcoholism“, it’s recommended.

Drinking to Excess Regularly

The most obvious sign of alcoholism is when a person drinks to excess on a regular basis. Some people consider binge drinking on the weekend, just moderate regular run of the mill type of consumption. But over time, that consumption becomes great and the tolerance increases as well. Some people with an alcohol abuse problem tend to drink alone to keep people from finding out about it, while others put it on display for all to see. Alcoholism is not always obvious and readily apparent, as it just depends on the person. If a person devotes a lot of their free time to drinking, chances are they have a problem with alcohol.

Hiding one’s drinking

Another sign that someone might be an alcoholic is if they feel the need to hide their drinking. This is a big red flag, as it suggests that the person in question feels self-conscious because they most likely have an issue with alcohol abuse. Those who do not have this problem do not typically feel ashamed or embarrassed to drink around others because they know that they can control themselves.

Blacking Out

Another common sign that a person may be struggling with alcoholism is if they drink so much that they blackout or lose their memory. While a person is able to blackout without having a drinking problem, it is still a sign to be aware of when attempting to determine if someone you know has a problem with alcohol abuse.

Using Drinking to Cope with Stress

Most alcoholics use drinking as a way to deal with things in their life that stress them out. The difference between drinking to unwind after a long day and alcoholism is that people who have this sort of problem feel as though they need to drink. Many alcoholics start out drinking to relieve the stress once in a while, which turns into every day or every other day. If a person has gotten to the point where they are drinking to relieve stress and forget about their problems, they most likely have a problem with alcohol abuse.

Inability to Quit after one or two drinks

If someone seems like they cannot stop drinking after just one or two drinks, they might have a problem. Those who feel compelled by some internal force to keep drinking more once they have had one are most likely an alcoholic. People who have a problem with alcohol abuse have problems controlling how much they drink, especially when they have already started.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many different signs of alcoholism, though the ones listed in this article are definitely among the most common. If you or someone you know is exhibiting any of these signs, it is important to get help right away.