Am I Alcoholic? Things You Should Ask Yourself

Getting help is the best way to recover from alcohol abuse. Honesty also plays an important role in identifying substance abuse. The list below will serve as a guide for self-assessment that will likely identify an alcoholic.

Do I hide or lie about drinking?

If you make up stories to have a reason to drink or hide your drinking session, then it shows a bigger problem. Your drinking habits will eventually turn into alcohol dependence. Instead of hiding the reasons behind your alcohol consumption, address it directly to its source. Admitting you have a drinking problem will make a big impact on your recovery. The earliest this issues are addressed the soonest you can recovery.

Can I stop drinking once started?

Once started, you don’t stop or can’t stop drinking. Your body craves for more alcohol. It only means that one drinking sessions lead to another. The situation has now become a problem and will soon spiral out of control.

Do I need more alcohol to get drunk?

Some people boast they don’t get drunk easily however it hides bigger issues. Tolerance acts as another sign of addiction. You may need to drink more to get drunk, a sure indicator of a developing alcoholism.

Do I risk my safety just to drink?

Drinking and driving should never mix as well as drinking in dangerous situations. Such instances include drinking before going to work or school and against doctor’s orders. Drinking in these risky situation means you prioritize alcohol over your life.

Do I drink to ‘feel better?’

Stress plays the main reason why people drink. It’s the emotional aspect that gets people to drink just to ‘feel better’. However, when you begin to drink after a stressful day or feels the need just to relax, it means that you depend on alcohol as an emotional support.

Do I neglect my responsibilities?

If you choose alcohol over your social responsibilities like going to work or school and household duties, then it’s a big problem. It can result to relationship problems with you loved ones or close friends. Alcohol already took the reins in your life and now plays as an important part of your life. The occasional ‘treat’ has now influenced your daily function.

Do I “black out” frequently from drinking?

If you drink too much and experience blacking out, it shows a clear sign of alcoholism. It is no fun if you black out while driving, then it can cost your life. If you notice this you must address the source right away. What makes you drink so much? What is the reason why you turn to alcohol to black out?

Do I have a hard time quitting?

If you noticed you have drinking problems and tried quitting but failed, then it is time to consider getting help. Acknowledging you have drinking problems signals that you are ready for a change.  It also means that you understand the impact of your alcohol consumption on your life. However, since you have difficulties stopping means you are still struggling with alcoholism.

Do I shaking when I stop drinking?

Shaking acts as one of the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. It is the reaction of the body because of the alcohol deficiency. Some of the symptoms include vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, and depressed.

Experiencing just one sign does not mean you have an alcohol problem. However, if you experience a few of them at a time, then seek additional help. The last 3 symptoms indicate serious drinking problems. It’s a difficult journey towards recovery but it is still possible. Take one day at a time, and sure enough, you will notice life will start to get better. Pursuing alcohol addiction treatment is your best bet to overcoming your addiction safely.

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Am I Alcoholic? Things You Should Ask Yourself
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