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The military served our country and sacrificed their time, peace of mind, and well-being so we can live our lives in peace, comfort, and safety.  Veterans from the United States military deserve the best medical care possible in times of need. Serving as Florida's top-rated Drug Rehab for Veterans; Detox of South Florida is devoted to providing veterans with a recovery solution that will enable them to overcome substance abuse and dependency.  Unfortunately, most military personnel endure experiences and encounter situations that can cause undesirable and lifelong memories to occur. For some of these Veterans, war-derived trauma can cause unhealthy thoughts and emotions to emerge; emotions that can lead to self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, and substance dependency.

Managing such emotions alone, can be, and usually is, difficult.  For Veterans suffering from conditions such as PTSD, depression, or any other mental health disorder(s); the occurrence of substance use and prolonged abuse is possible.  For Veterans, in a large number of cases, many turn to the use of either drugs or alcohol to cope with the unwanted emotions and feelings that most are inflicted with when stationed in foreign, war-stricken, hostile environments.

Stats of Veterans addicted to various substance abuse in USA

Thankfully, aid is available.  If you're a Veteran suffering from substance abuse or alcohol dependency - Detox of South Florida is here to help!  If you're struggling with either a substance misuse or co-occurring disorder (such as depressions, PTSD, anxiety, etc.), contact our facility today at 863-623-4923 for more information on our Veterans Rehabilitation Assistance Program.

If you, a friend, or a loved one who is  Veteran is struggling with the difficulties of addiction to either drugs or alcohol than continue reading.  In our Rehab for Veterans guide, you'll learn all the information you need to know to begin taking your first step towards long-term recovery.

Why is Substance Abuse so Common among Veterans?

Veterans Drug Rehab Program

Certainly, alcohol abuse and substance dependency is a top-concern of the nation as a whole.  However, there's a special interest in the field of addiction when it comes to Veterans that are struggling with the disease.  While illicit drug use among Veterans occurs, Veterans are most impacted by opioids and alcohol. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, it's estimated that 1 in every 10 soldiers that return from either Iraq or Afghanistan will encounter dependency to drugs or alcohol.  This 10% represents the many thousands of lives that are being impacted here in our home country.

In order for effective recovery treatments to be provided to Veterans, recovery efforts must be led by a clinical staff that understands how to diagnose, treat, and prevent the causes and symptoms of addiction for military servants.  At Detox of South Florida, our highly experienced, compassionate, and proficient medical professionals, doctors, and therapists are highly committed to rendering effective and evidence-based treatments to Veterans struggling with addiction.  When it comes to Veterans, we understand the many complexities surrounding this specially influenced addiction and employ both medicated and therapeutic treatments to help ease withdrawals symptoms while combating the addiction simultaneously.

When it comes to the reasons as to why a Veteran is suffering from substance abuse there are many.  For example, having a hard time with transitioning back to society (civilian life), enduring mental and emotional struggles, and experiencing chronic pain are a few of the many reasons that Veterans end up coming to Detox of South Florida for treatment.  Our Veterans Rehabilitation Center works closely with Veterans one-on-one to accurately diagnose conditions and to create an effective treatment plan that will focus on their specific recovery needs.

While the impact of substance abuse and drug addiction is detrimental to the health of many of its victims, there are multiple substance abuse programs made for the Veterans in mind.  Programs such as VA Substance Abuse Treatment and private substance abuse recovery programs are available.

Veteran Substance Abuse Treatment during Transition to Civilian Life

Changes of any type in life can be challenging to deal with regardless of how small or big the change is.  However, for veterans, the transition back to civilian life when returning from active duty can be extremely difficult to deal with on many levels.  The military offers a highly structured and regimented environment which can make gaining traditional employment difficult as duties, roles, and responsibilities may not be as defined and transparent.  For military personnel that were involved in life-threatening or high-risk situations, the risks associated with returning to civilian life are all that much greater.

There are several difficulties that veterans face when returning back to society to their friends and families.  The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has outlined several of the challenges that veterans face as they begin to embrace civilian life once again.  When returning home from active duty, many veterans face difficulties with finding housing, employment, and other life necessities.

Other challenges that a lot of veterans face when returning from active duty include:
  • Being able to establish housing (especially housing for families).
  • Finding alternative services and insurance coverage’s that were once provided to them by the military.  Medical, dental, and healthcare are among the top services that veterans returning to society struggle with acquiring.
  • Finding ways to cope with and adjust to the many new decisions and choices that are presented to them in civilian life.
  • Having difficulty with obtaining employment (training or education may be needed
  • Establishing a network of friends outside of the military life.
Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Perhaps being the most overlooked aspect of a service member returning home is the number of new choices, decisions, and responsibilities that they'll be faced with.  Veterans will be challenged with a copious amount of differences as returning home from combat-stricken regions will leave many of them feeling uneasy, scared, depressed, and in some cases, suicidal.  So many times, such emotions lead to drug or alcohol abuse and dependency. For some veterans, when returning home to society, simple tasks such as gathering clothes or managing housing schedules or meal plans can be daunting tasks.  The immediate change to life and the sudden increase in decisions and stress in conjunction with no employment can cause veterans to turn to the use of drugs or alcohol.

At Detox of South Florida, we provide Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans and have been doing so for years as our experienced clinical team understands the challenges that veterans struggle with.  Our outlook on veteran rehabilitation care is that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a treatable disease that can be combated and succeeded through medicated and alternative therapy options.  Veterans at our facility become a part of a larger family that enables them to overcome dependency through the easement of undesirable symptoms, thoughts, and withdrawals.

Veterans Alcohol Treatment – A Top-Rated Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance among veterans and for service members that are currently serving.  According to a survey where 1,120 deployed soldiers were given a series of questions, according to the feedback, 25% of deployed military personnel misuse alcohol while another survey indicates that 53% are actively binge drink.  Misuse of alcohol often times occurs among active duty service members as a mechanism to coping with the challenging experiences faced during active duty. Misuse of alcohol many times will worsen as veterans return to civilian life as uncertainty and new choices emerge all while enduring psychological and emotional effects of the past.

Veteran alcohol misuse is best treated through prevention which means service members, both present and retired, need to have available to them the information and tools that will allow them to manage undesirable emotions or urges without turning to the use of alcohol.  Furthermore, it's important for veterans to receive counsel, guidance, and therapy for an extended period of time so the hardships stemming from serving our country can be managed. However, it may be too late for prevention efforts as abuse of alcohol or dependency to it may already be occurring.  In such cases, there are many treatment resources and options available such as Alcohol Rehab and private recovery centers such as Detox of South Florida.

How can a Rehabilitation Center help Veterans to Recover from Abuse?

The brave men and women that have served our country are constantly praised for their bravery, selflessness, and endurance.  Sadly, for some veterans, no amount of praise or support will erase the memories left from combat. Veterans of combat have seen and experienced circumstances that no one should ever have to and it's for these reasons that many turn to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depressions, and insomnia are a few of the many conditions that veterans struggle with. For some, the only sensible approach to managing such effects is substance use.

As a mechanism to cope with and to manage war-induced mental disorders, veterans will usually resort to the use of drugs or alcohol - or both.  According to a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abusea>, abuse of alcohol and prescription medications are most prevalent among U.S. military personnel; more so than among everyday civilians.  The disorder most commonly responsible for substance use disorders (SUD) among veterans is PTSD.

Below we're going to outline substance abuse statistics related to veterans published by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:

  • Over 20% of veterans that suffer from PTSD are also challenged with a substance use disorder
  • Veterans that have experienced combat that have a problem with alcohol also have the tendency to binge-drink
  • Nearly one-third of veterans that are seeking treatment for a substance use disorder have PTSD.
  • For veterans that were deployed for combat in either Afghanistan or Iraq, one in every 10 develop a dependency to alcohol or prescription medications
  • In 2013, compared to 1995, there was a 52.7% increase in the number of veterans treated for substance use disorders

Veteran Rehab – Detox of South Florida

Facilities at Detox of South Florida Rehab

Detox of South Florida provides a comprehensive veteran drug rehabilitation program for dual diagnosis-based substance use disorders in addition to other conditions.  Top-notch medical care, wellness programs, and holistic therapies are uniquely designed to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Our experienced medical specialists all share the same ambitions to help each veteran we treat to overcome internal battles, emotional conflict, and abuse of substances.

Detox of South Florida's continuum of care includes a host of treatment programs and treatment therapies including:

Medical Detoxification:

Before rehab comes detoxification.  Essential to long-term recovery, detox must be undergone by veterans before any other phase begins. Drug Detoxification is the process of ridding the body of particular substances; oftentimes leftover toxins from drugs or alcohol that the body has not yet processed.  Under medical supervision with 24-hour medical care and support, treated veterans at Detox of South Florida can rest assured knowing that withdrawal symptoms and undesirable side effects will be properly managed expeditiously by our clinical staff.

Residential and Partial Hospitalization Programs:

Such programs usually take place once detoxification has completed. Veterans participating in our residential treatment program will receive around-the-clock care, therapies, support, and medicated treatments.  Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides veterans with on-site housing along with 24-hour access to our staff for any needs that may arise.

Outpatient Programs:

Outpatient rehab equips veterans with the tools and knowledge needed to prevent a relapse.  Improving mental health with the help of therapy throughout the week is also implemented as a part of the treatment strategy.  Support from friends and family is also emphasized as an important tool to recovering and both individual and group-based therapy sessions will take place.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders:

A co-occurring disorder is when an individual has both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder, simultaneously.  When it comes to veterans, this may mean that a veteran suffers from alcoholism and depression, PTSD with an opioid dependency, or another similar combination.  Some Veteran Rehab programs, such as the one offered at Detox of South Florida, employ comprehensive and specialized treatments that will identify the presence of and treat both disorders.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT):

When used in conjunction with evidence-based behavioral therapies, MAT increases the chance of recovery for each veteran that comes to us for treatment.  There are multiple FDA-approved medications that are designed to treat different substance addiction that will reduce the chances of an overdose occurring (while reducing withdrawal symptoms).  For example, a veteran struggling with an opioid addiction may be provided with methadone, buprenorphine, Naltrexone, or Naloxone. Naltrexone can also be helpful for treating alcoholism, acamprosate, and disulfiram.

Detox of South Florida has continued to set the standard in substance abuse recovery care and is committed to upholding our reputation by continuing to render top-of-the-line medical care to veterans in need of our expertise.  Doctors, nurses, addiction specialists, therapist; these are just some of the roles in our clinical team that will be available around-the-clock to ensure each veteran is recovering in comfort.

As a part of our continuum of care, we provide veterans with various treatment and services including:

  • Screening for alcohol or tobacco use
  • Short outpatient counseling, including focus on motivation
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Residential (live-in) care
  • Medically managed detoxification (stopping substance use safely) and service
  • Continuing care and relapse prevention
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Self-help groups
  • Drug management therapies with introduction to new medicines that are known to reduce cravings
  • Evening and weekend programs

Veteran Rehab Center that MAKES A DIFFERENCE

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If you’re ready to take the first step towards overcoming dependency lead a life that’s filled with purpose, happiness, and free of drugs/alcohol than contact us today to learn how you can become a part of our Veteran Rehab program.  Our caring and experienced staff has extensive knowledge and treatment experience in the field of veteran addiction care and looks forward to helping you make the change that we know you can accomplish!

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