Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Programs at Detox of South Florida

While drug detox is a very important process to begin the fight against addiction, one needs to also understand the importance of drug rehab. Rehab begins right after detox. Rehab is the process where a user is trained, acclimatized and prepared for a life without substance abuse, with the end goal of long-term sobriety.

At Detox of South Florida, we have the facilities, experience, the know-how and customized plans to help users rehab their way out of a drug addiction and have the best chance at going back to society, living a normal life devoid of addiction problems.

Below is a brief explanation of a typical day of drug rehab, at Detox of South Florida, one of the best drug rehab centers in South Florida.

Drug Rehab in Florida: A typical day at Detox of South Florida


  • Early rise
  • Breakfast
  • Group sessions
    • Led by a professional therapist/counselor
    • Allow patient to identify what has brought them to rehab
    • Allow patient to understand their addiction triggers
    • Allow patients to understand how to avoid triggers

The morning schedule at Detox of South Florida is primarily to introduce routine to a patient’s life. The key to a successful rehabilitation of a drug user is to give them habits and routines that will replace their bad habits when they were a drug user. By allowing patients to follow a natural sleep cycle, rise at a particular time and get used to a routine, the rehab program gives patients a routine that they can practically and constructively sustain after discharge.


  • Intensive one on one therapy
  • Group therapy
    • Group sessions to promote camaraderie amongst patients
    • Patients are encouraged to share their stories, to help aid psychological recovery
    • Developing fellowship allows patients to build trust and open up more
  • Private behavioral therapy
    • One on one sessions with therapist to address personal issues and worries
    • One on one sessions to help combat stress and anxiety
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
      • Focus on behavioral actions towards particular triggers
      • Focus on finding new responses to problematic triggers
    • Specialized sessions
      • Anger management, grief counseling, tension management and specialized coping strategies to deal with specific troubled emotions
    • Household treatment
      • Involve familial support that will play a critical role in long-term sobriety of patient, after discharge, when they are back with family
    • Additional treatment options
      • Host speakers sharing stories about beating addiction
      • Host speakers sharing stories about successful careers after beating addiction
      • Host speakers with morale-boosting speeches
      • Music and art therapy, dance treatment, biofeedback, neurofeedback and exercise programs
    • Downtime
      • Can be used for any of the additional therapies mentioned above
      • Can be used as downtime, where patients typically engage in journaling, meditating or reading


  • Short group sessions
    • Intense focus on 12 step recovery
  • Reasonable bed time
    • Bedtime at the same time every day, to promote routine and habit
    • Ample sleep time to help patient mentally and physically recover for additional treatment

Why is Detox of South Florida one of the best drug rehab centers in Florida?

Detox of South Florida strictly follows a customized and personalized approach to providing drug rehab services. By using a highly customized plan, a combination of various detoxification procedures and by using special and additional intervention techniques, we provide drug rehab with long term sobriety in mind, with minimal to no risk of relapses.

We understand that all patients are different. This is why no two rehab or detox processes at Detox of South Florida will be exactly similar.

Our rates to provide a detox or rehab service will depend on the type of addiction treatment needed for the patient, the type of diet and facilities that will be required and will also be decided upon by the extent of utilities used to provide detox and rehab treatment to the patient.

Please note that Detox of South Florida Center is committed to making detox and rehab work for the patient. This is why we strictly enforce a stringent visitation clause where patients are allowed to visit only close family and friends, and only with prior approval.