Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the Elderly

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for the Elderly – A Comprehensive Recovery Solution

Welcome to the “Elderly Drug Rehab” guide presented by Detox of South Florida; a top-rated substance abuse recovery facility providing dependency relief to elderly victims of addiction.  Knowledge is everything when it comes to addiction and the treatment of it. It’s important to understand how addiction works, how it’s treated, and how it can be managed. Furthermore, weighing out the available recovery options and understanding what to expect during the elderly drug rehab process will make your transition to recovery easier as you’ll know what to expect. In this comprehensive guide you’ll be presented with a wealth of information on the subject matter of elderly addiction including:
  • Signs that an elder in your family is addicted
  • Treatment programs that are available for the elderly
  • Causes of elderly dependency
  • Elderly Drug Rehab program information
  • Approaching an elder about receiving treatment
  • Elderly Alcohol Rehabtreatment
If you, a close friend or a loved one is experiencing addiction to prescription medications, illicit drugs, and/or alcohol – please contact us at 863-623-4923 for admission inquiries.

Senior Drug Rehab – End Dependency at Detox of South Florida

Best Rehab for the Elderly Seniors probably don't come to mind when you think about drug or alcohol abuse.  However, it's this age demographic that's most susceptible to overdoses as people aged 65 years of age and older are accountable for a third of the amount of prescription drugs taken in the United States.  As our age increases, so do the chances of health complications occurring. Naturally, this translates to elderly people being prescribed more and more prescription medications. Some turn to drinking to manage pain and symptoms which is why we offer an Elderly Alcohol Rehab.  Abusing alcohol is an unhealthy approach to coping with unwanted emotions that can lead to further abuse and dependency.  As such, part of our continuum of care is designed to treat elderly alcohol abuse cases as it’s an ever-growing problem that many of our older patients struggle with. Drug Rehab for the Elderly This has caused the aging community to be impacted by more than most people realize.  As the aging process takes place, our bodies undergo tremendous physical and mental changes and health challenges that arise may require the use of medications that are known to cause dependency and abuse. Detox of South Florida helps elderly patients to overcome addiction in a holistic approach.

Manage Symptoms with Treatment, NOT Abuse – Elderly Rehab Help

Due to the ailments and physical challenges that can arise from growing older, some in the elderly community may resort to the use of prescription drugs, street level drugs, or alcohol to cope with the ailments that are often times experienced from aging (arthritis for example).   Abusing drugs or alcohol for pleasure or even pain-management only worsens the user’s condition and can further debilitate their state of well-being.  This is an ever-growing issue and concern within the addiction recovery community and is often times overlooked (leaving the elderly helpless). I was looking for an Elderly Drug Rehab near me when I realized that my abuse of prescription medications was out of control.  I lost my ability to stop abuse on my own, self-control had become non-existent.  At the age of 67 years old, it was time for me to seek recovery. I was referred to Detox of South Florida by a close friend of mine that previously had attended the center (she has been sober ever since).  After attending a 60-day program, I now take my medications as prescribed and am no longer dependent on alcohol, not even in the least bit” – Gloria Jones.

A Proven-to-work Recovery Solution for the Elderly

Florida Drug Rehab for the Elderly Stepping in as Florida's leading Elderly Drug Rehab center; Detox of South Florida provides an effective and evidence-based recovery program for recovering elderly addicts - a recovery program that was specially designed and launched for the elderly community.   With 2.5 million seniors in the United States suffering from dependency to drugs or alcohol we decided to provide a much-needed program that's intended to help seniors overcome dependency.  Taking in to account the number of elderly citizens suffering from abuse, the situation is a growing crisis that's becoming more severe by the day. A response to such a health crisis has been lacking and seniors need to have a recovery option available that will effectively enable them to overcome the disease of addiction. Making a difference in the lives of thousands of elderly patients that we treat yearly, Detox of South Florida focuses on not only treating the disease of addiction itself but the underlying causes of it as well.  Mental and physical health examinations are completed and prior medical and treatment records will be reviewed to devise a suitable treatment plan. We understand the difficulties surrounding addiction for elderly patients; it’s not easy to manage, especially alone. Our compassionate and understanding staff is ready to help guide you through recovery. At Detox of South Florida, we provide a full continuum of care and help elderly patients to identify, address, and treat co-occurring disorders so long-term recovery can be reached.  At our facility, recovery is possible for anyone. Our highly experienced and proficient medical professionals manage symptoms and unwanted withdrawals/cravings while our therapists, counselors, and on-site addiction specialists work with the elderly in group and one-on-one sessions to provide ongoing support and healing for the mind, body, and soul.

How Elderly Addiction Occurs – Learn the Facts

Drug addiction in the elderly people Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious matter that can lead to long-term addiction, at any age.  However, abuse of such substances in the latter part of life can cause more adverse effects and can be more debilitating on one's health.  Problems with health and enduring pain due to old age can cause discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Many times, elderly individuals will begin to abuse their prescription medications or alternatively turn to the use of alcohol to cope with such experiences.  This can result in harmful, internal complications with the possibility of addiction occurring. Also, it's important to know that as we age our bodies become less effective at processing medications.  As such, elderly individuals that take even small doses of prescription medication are more likely than younger people to become dependent.

How Seniors Become Dependent to Drugs

Those in the elderly community are prescribed medications for the treatment of multiple ailments.  Whether it's for unusually high blood pressure, chronic pain, or dementia; the medications consumed for the treatment of such conditions can lead to life-long dependency. Since such conditions are more likely to occur in the later stages of life, most medications are given to the elderly; effectively making it easier to become trapped in the life of addiction.

Elderly individuals can become dependent to drugs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Being prescribed multiple medications at the same time
  • Having a slower metabolism (which makes the body more sensitive to the drugs)
  • Co-occurring medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, dementia, or diabetes)
  • Long-term use of psychoactive medications
  • Influx in surgical operations (since more medication is prescribed for pain management)
  • Intense levels of chronic pain (pain meds may be needed to treat a life-long condition)
  • Insomnia or anxiety disorders
  • Having the habit to self-medicate
  • A decline in cognitive function (resulting in improper use and intake of medication)
  • Having the tendency to consume alcohol when ingesting prescription medication
It's not uncommon at all for elderly individuals to intake multiple substances simultaneously.  The most common would be alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids although the number of elderly Americans using illicit drugs continues to climb.  The results of a study conducted in 2010 concluded that 60% of patients brought in to the ER for substance abuse cases were aged 50-55. While some seniors have reported using drugs such as medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, these users are part of the minority.  Outnumbering individuals that use cannabis to treat pain are the seniors that report using other substances such as heroin, meth, and even cocaine.

Elderly Alcoholism – An Elder Alcohol Rehab may be the best Choice

Alcohol Addiction treatment for the elderly Used as a technique for coping with emotions, the most commonly abused substance among individuals aged 65 or better is alcohol.  As reported by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), alcoholism is most prevalent among widowers over the age of 75. According to the American Geriatrics Society and the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, individuals that are 65 years of age or greater should consume no more than 7 drinks per week (12-ounce beers or 5-ounce glasses of wine).  Those that fall in to this age group that consume in excess of 3 drinks in one sitting or those that have more drinks per week than the recommended about run the risk of becoming dependent. Excessive drinking in the elderly community isn't discussed all that much, heavy drinking typically goes unnoticed, and alcoholism is commonly overlooked by doctors and medical professionals.  

Signs of Elderly Alcohol Addiction – Know what to look for

When it comes to alcohol abuse by the elderly, there are multiple signs that indicate alcoholism is present, including:

  • Poor hygiene and poor self-care habits
  • Hypertension
  • Digestive/Gastrointestinal problems
  • Regularly falling or experiencing injuries often (especially during times of impairment)
  • Consistent visits to the ER
  • Behavioral changes outside of normal characteristics and personality traits
  • Becoming distanced from close friends and family members
  • Regularly consuming alcohol before, during, or after eating meals
  • Unusual outbursts and poor-outlook moods
  • Increased agitation or irritability
Alcohol Detox for the Elderly Just as with any other age group, if elderly individuals choose to consume alcohol while using prescription medications, possibly fatal interactions can or will occur.  With older people more specifically, drinking alcohol while simultaneously in taking prescription drugs can cause more adverse effects (and more quickly too). As we grow old, our metabolism slows down.  What this means is that elderly individuals who drink maintain the substance in their system for a longer period of time as their body (since their metabolism is slow at processing it). This also means that the alcohol has more time to settle in which is harmful on the body and liver. Furthermore, those that are elderly who regularly participate in binge-drinking can also expect to experience withdrawal symptoms that are more severe, or intensified.  This is why elderly patients at Detox of South Florida take part in our Elderly Detox program.  Elderly Alcohol Detox is the first step towards overcoming dependency as it's the process where leftover alcohol-induced toxins are being removed from the body.  During this process, therapists and doctors work with the patients to manage symptoms and to provide emotional support. Managing such withdrawal symptoms alone is what makes recovering alone at home a near-impossible task for the elderly community.  This is why many travel to Detox of South Florida. Since pain and symptoms are managed at our facility, patients are able to defeat dependency to alcohol without the worry of experiencing pain or withdrawals for prolonged periods of time.

Our Promise – Elderly Rehab Care that MAKES  A DIFFERENCE

Best rehab for the elderly Detox of South Florida is a leader both state and nationwide in addiction recovery care.  We manage addictions of all severities, for all substances, and address all recovery needs. Our highly experienced staff has excelled our facility in the field of addiction management and we’re now regarded to as an award-winning recovery center – a reputation that we hold near and dear.  Maintaining this standard of recovery excellence requires our constant effort in helping the elderly community to overcome addiction to prescription medications, alcohol, and any other illicit drugs that may be abused. Our medical team takes a comprehensive and holistic approach when treating patients.  We understand the complexities surrounding addiction and employ evidence-based therapies and medicated treatments to ensure patient comfort and recovery.  Today’s the first day of the rest of your life. Improve your health, live a life full of purpose and joy, and become free from the constraints of addiction.  Your first step to recovery begins at Detox of South Florida and we look forward to holding your hand during the journey to defeating addiction.

Elderly Drug Rehab Center that MAKES A DIFFERENCE

If you’re ready to take the first step towards achieving sobriety to lead a life that’s filled with purpose, happiness, and free of drugs or alcohol than contact us today to learn how you can become a part of our Elderly Rehab program.  Our caring and experienced staff has extensive knowledge and treatment experience in the field of addiction and looks forward to helping you make the change that we know you can accomplish!
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