Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab in South Florida

After alcohol detox comes alcohol rehab. The detox program is designed to help the patient expel alcohol-related toxins from the body and also overcome inevitable withdrawal symptoms brought about by detox. Rehab, on the other hand, allows the patient to identify and practice coping, adapting and thriving techniques, in a very supportive environment, to deal with a life without alcohol.

Rehab is just as important as detox and they are complementary treatments. Beating alcohol addiction will almost always require both successful detox as well as successful rehabilitation.

The rehab program at Detox of South Florida is designed to give the patient the best chance at long-term sobriety, without risk of succumbing to a relapse.

A Typical day of alcohol rehab at Detox of South Florida

Morning Schedule

  • Breakfast
  • Group sessions
    • Led by a professional therapist or counselor
    • Sessions to help patients talk about what got them to rehab
    • Sessions to help patients identify their own triggers
    • Sessions to help patients learn how to avoid triggers they have identified

Group sessions in the morning are extremely important as they incorporate routine and habit very early on in the day. Alcoholics have the best chance of recovering from alcoholism when they have healthy and good habits to replace their bad drinking habits with.

Group sessions also play a very important role in allowing the patient to develop a social routine, a critical element that will play a very important role in rehabilitating the patient with a social society.

Afternoon schedule

  • Intensive therapy with one on one sessions
  • Group treatments
    • Participation in a group allows patients to build trust and open up
    • Helps aid psychological recovery
  • Private behavioral therapy
    • Help patients identify behavioral actions for specific triggers
    • Help patients identify healthier responses to those specific triggers
    • Behavioral therapy focused on helping avoid anxiety, stress & confusion
  • Specialized sessions
    • For patients with special needs, to address anger management, tension management, sorrow counseling and coping strategies for very specific behavioral issues
  • Household treatment
    • Involvement of family in treatment
    • Empowered family members provide future treatment support, well after a patient’s discharge
  • Alternative treatment
    • Speakers with inspirational and experiential motivational stories
    • Alternative treatment options such as art or music therapy, dance therapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback and exercise programs

Evening Schedule

  • Downtime for patients to wind down, doing what they like
    • Patients generally engage in journaling, reading or meditating
  • Group session after dinner
    • Intense Focus on 12 step recovery
  • Bedtime at a very reasonable hour
    • Promotes patients to follow a natural sleep cycle
    • Routine bedtime inculcates a healthy habit for patient
    • Optimum sleep routine allows patients to mentally and physically recover for next day’s treatment

Why alcohol rehab at Detox of South Florida?

Unlike other even top alcohol rehab centers in South Florida, the rehab program at Detox of South Florida is an intensively customized one. Professional therapists and counselors custom chart a rehabilitation program that caters and only caters to a particular patient, with all patients having different rehab treatments.

Detox of South Florida uses a combination of detox therapy, group sessions, education on relapse prevention, aftercare planning and in-house completion to give patients the best chance at rehabilitating themselves for a successful return to society.

All of our rehab programs are strictly aligned to result in long-term sobriety for the patient, an approach often overlooked by other alcohol rehab programs that only focus on short to medium term rehabilitation.

Depending on patient circumstances, history, predisposition to alcohol addiction and other factors, patients are enrolled in either a 30, 60 or 90-day rehab program. Rehab fees are determined by the type of treatment, lodging, facility management and utilities expended to carry out treatment.

Besides following a very customized and personalized approach to tackling alcohol rehabilitation, Detox of South Florida also takes a tough stance on visitation, allowing only very close family and friends to visit patients, after due approval. This is done in the best interest of the patient, to help them avoid unsavory external influences while in rehabilitation.