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Alcohol addiction is rampant in the U.S. It is estimated that over 17 Million adults over the age of 18 are addicted to alcohol. It is a very serious problem that can have long-term debilitating effects on the physical and mental health, productivity, social status, confidence and self-esteem of the person who abuses alcohol. Though alcohol addiction can be treated, there are many pitfalls to achieving success with addiction treatment. At Detox of South Florida, we take a humane, compassionate and a caring approach to providing alcohol detox services, with detox programs tailor-made for each individual patient, based on their personal circumstances. How we treat people suffering from alcohol addiction, at Detox of South Florida?
  • Lend compassion and care, to help patients avoid anger and frustration and help them understand that they NEED detox, and not WANT detox
  • Use a combination of group and individual detox therapies
  • Use adaptable and highly customized 30, 60 or 90-day detox programs, depending on patient’s individual circumstances and alcohol addiction intensity
  • Extensively educate patient about relapse prevention techniques and strategies
  • Allow in-house completion programs, to enable highest chances of rehab success
  • Deploy aftercare planning strategies to help relapse in the long-term
  • Vigilantly restrict unfavorable visitations that can compromise a patient’s detox progress

Why Detox of South Florida is one of the best alcohol detox centers in South Florida?

One of the primary distinguishing factors that makes Detox of South Florida highly successful and very different from other alcohol detox and rehab centers in Florida is the fact that we treat our patients with compassion. While other detox centers very strongly believe in the “shake-up” or “break-down” approach to detoxification, we at Detox of South Florida understand that suddenly trying to transform an alcoholic’s state of mind is a very disruptive process that only leads to anger and frustration, two very strong emotions that will almost always lead to unsuccessful detoxification. If not completely unsuccessful, it will in the best-case result in a very temporary detox before the patient suffers an intense relapse, going back to their old ways. Also, unlike even some of the other top alcohol detox centers in Florida, we monitor and control visitation rights very intensely. Allowing only very close family members and that too only after approval, we ensure that the patient has the least amount of chance of being negatively influenced by external factors that can compromise our alcohol detox therapy program in Florida.

Why compassion is very important to make a Florida alcohol detox program successful?

A surprising fact about alcohol addicts that most people fail to understand is that alcoholics actually do not know that they are addicted to alcohol. Since alcohol abuse results in ill effects that are often only felt well after the actual act of alcohol consumption, they fail to make to a strong correlation between drinking and the many ill effects they suffer from, well after drinking. This loophole in their thought process does not allow them to believe that they are alcohol addicts. As they say, acceptance of being an addict is the first step in every treatment process. This is an enabling step that most detox centers get completely wrong, as they do not address the core issue of allowing the patient to understand that alcohol and alcohol abuse is what is debilitating them. At Detox of South Florida, this first step is where we significantly differentiate ourselves as a best South Florida alcohol detox center. By not forcing patients into accepting detox as a solution, we work on patients in such a manner that they understand that they need detox and not just accept it as a treatment because everyone else thinks it’s the best thing for them. This singular but very crucial step is one of the main reasons why our success rates are well above the average success rate of other alcohol detox centers in Florida.

How to tell if you need alcohol detox in Florida?

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult for an alcohol addict to accept that they have an alcohol problem. If you answer yes to some, many or all of the following questions, you are probably a good candidate for an alcohol detox program.
  • Are you not able to control your urge to drink?
  • Do you suffer from memory losses or blackouts, after drinking?
  • Do you suffer from accidents or injuries after drinking?
  • Do you miss work, school or social activities because of drinking?
  • Are you not able to control how much you drink?
  • Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking, anxiety and irritability and tremors when you attempt to stop drinking or when you can’t drink?
  • Have you tried to quit drinking alcohol, but failed several times?
As just suggested earlier, if you answered yes to most of these questions, there is a very good chance that you need detox and need it immediately.

The dangers of not seeking alcohol detox in Florida

Long-term effects of alcohol abuse are very dangerous and crippling. Every aspect of your life will be adversely affected if you do not address your alcoholism. Some of the most pressing problems directly caused by alcoholism are;
  • Significantly decreased longevity
  • Cardiovascular or heart problems
  • Nervous system problems like stroke
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Liver disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Severely weakened immune system
  • Cancer
  • Renal problems
  • Significantly crippled economic, social and financial progress

How much does it cost to enroll in Detox of South Florida?

Every individual is different and our treatment plans are highly customized for each individual. The costs associated with your alcohol detox at Detox of South Florida will depend on the particular treatment you need, the facilities that will be needed for your rehabilitation and also the food and utilities that will be expended to aid your alcohol rehabilitation. Please contact us for an appointment to understand how we can help, and at what cost.

Detox of South Florida places prime importance on avoiding alcohol relapses

One of the other reasons why Detox of South Florida is considered one of the best alcohol detox centers in Florida is because we have one of the highest success rates when it comes to providing detox in the long run, while most other centers focus on short-term rehabilitation, even if they are only doing it unintentionally. By empowering our patients with coping mechanisms and strategies that allow them to avoid relapse, all our treatment programs are equipped to provide long-standing results, ideally for life. It is never too late to begin alcohol detox. Give yourself the highest chance of successful alcohol detoxification, with maximum chances of avoiding a relapse in the long run as well. Contact an advisor at Detox of South Florida to understand how you can begin a detox program that can turn your life around, starting today.
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Meet Our Team

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Dr. Vikram Tarugu, M.D. CEO

Gastroenterologist and medical professional focused on addiction. A veteran in the medical field with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a consultant for many South Florida Rehab centers. Patients travel from allover the US to seek his help with addiction and Hepatitis C treatment.

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Dr. Muhammad Syed, M.D.

Doctor of internal medicine, C.F.O. He is Instrumental in the success of Detox of South Florida. He is known for his cheerful, ever happy and helpful attitude.

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Dr. Shilpa Tarugu, M.D.

Doctor of internal medicine, medical director, and Nursing Supervisor. She is known for her ethical practice and expertise in the various detox protocols and programs.

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Yolani Borato

Office Management

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Andrea Beckwith

Director of Admissions

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Nancy Cruz

Director of Operations

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What characteristics should I look for in a good detox Florida center?

Research studies on addiction treatment have shown that some alcohol and substance addiction treatment and follow-up procedures are more successful than others. At Detox of South Florida, we emphasize on using the best approaches in alcohol or drug detox.


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