3 Week Natural and Healthy No Alcohol Detox Diet: Remove Toxins and Boost Energy with a Body Cleansing Home Detox Plan

This plan is not focused on addicts or recovering addicts. Rather it is aimed at those looking for a healthier version of themselves. Those addicted to alcohol need to seek treatment immediately from a licensed and accredited treatment center.

This post will dive into the 3 week natural detox diet. The human body is constantly exposed to toxins in the environment and in food and drink consumed. While some of these are eliminated naturally from the body, a build-up of harmful toxins can cause lethargy and insomnia that saps the body of energy.

This three-week detox diet, adapted from the Fitness for Life Manual by Matt Roberts, is a body cleansing plan that eliminates all alcohol and encourages healthy eating that can be maintained after the detox is over. Weight loss is not the key aim, but often occurs as a result of cutting out some of the bad foods that often contribute to toxin build-up in the first place.

Natural Detox Diet

The aim of this natural detox diet is to first reduce acid levels in the body, then release toxins from the vital organs and out of the body through the lymphatic system and finally to re-energize.

The key to making the plan work is to cut out all alcohol, tea, coffee, processed foods, sugary drinks, chocolate and any fast food. This detox is particularly beneficial after the excesses of the holiday season when even the healthiest individuals probably over indulge just a little on alcohol and chocolate in particular.

Light aerobic exercise for 25-30 minutes should be done three to four times per week, adding in some strength exercises such as press-ups or squats using a fitness ball in the third week.

Three Week Healthy Eating Diet

It is important to note that some people may experience headaches, increased lethargy and nausea during this healthy eating diet as unhealthy toxins are released; drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins, at least two liters per day.

For the first two weeks, eliminate all carbohydrates in the evening and follow a diet similar to that below:

  • Breakfast – Warm water with fresh lemon juice followed by fresh fruit and natural yogurt with honey if desired.
  • Lunch – A salad of rice or beans mixed with raw vegetables and fresh herbs and a dash of olive oil mixed with lemon juice for a dressing.
  • Dinner – Steamed or grilled fish or skinless chicken with steamed or raw vegetables.

If hungry between meals, snack on fresh raw fruit and vegetables only. Herbal tea and carrot or vegetable juice is permitted to relieve the boredom of water, but not citrus fruit juice as this is too acidic.

In the final week, carbohydrates can be reintroduced in the evening and mid morning or afternoon snacks can include unsalted nuts. A typical evening meal might be wild rice with chicken and salad made with greens beans and an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Maintain the two liter intake of water each day and follow the breakfast and lunch routine from the first two weeks.

Maintain Aerobic Fun Exercise Routine

During the detox it is important to exercise to help energize the circulatory and lymphatic systems that will clear those nasty toxins. For those not used to regular exercise, light headedness may occur as a result of the combination of exertion and the variation in food intake, so only do gentle exercise like rebounding on a mini trampoline; this in itself is a great way to wake up the lymphatic system.

Boost and Maintain Energy Levels

After the detox diet, maintain new energy levels by reducing the amount of alcohol, tea and coffee normally consumed and by adding many of the healthy fruit and vegetable, bean and rice salad (instead of daily sandwiches) options into a revised normal diet, replacing sugary drinks with water or green tea whenever thirsty.

If you have been unable to permanently quit alcohol by yourself, Detox of South Florida would love to help you beat your addiction and life addiction free.