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Dr. Vikram Tarugu
Led by Dr. Vikram Tarugu MD, a veteran in the medical field with over 25 years of professional experience. He is a consultant for many South Florida Rehab centers. Patients travel from allover the US to seek his help with addiction and Hepatitis C treatment.
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Detox of South Florida has been
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Meet The Team

Dr. Vikram Tarugu

Gastroenterologist and medical professional focused on addiction.

Dr. Muhammad Syed

Doctor of internal medicine, C.F.O. He is Instrumental in the success of Detox of South Florida. He is known for his cheerful, ever happy and helpful attitude.

Dr. Shilpa Tarugu

Doctor of internal medicine and medical director. She is known for her ethical practice and expertise in the various detox protocols and programs

Andrea Beckwith

Director of admissions.

Christine Sherman

Director of nursing.

Darlene Mayers

Clinical director.

Nancy Cruz

Director of operations.

Yolani Borroto

Office management.


Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Detox of South Florida offers customized addiction treatment for the needs of individuals

As one of the top rated drug and alcohol rehab centers, we begin with the notion that everyone’s needs and struggles differ. We build on this notion to comprise all steps of the recovery process. The first step is listening. Our fully licensed staff of experienced and sympathetic medical professionals ensure the time to learn about all patients.

We discover who our patients are, what types of treatment will work best, and what values are important to them. Once Detox of South Florida has the information needed, we design a recovery program to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This recovery programs transforms, grows and changes over time as our patients adapt and develop. We converse with our patients, patients push forward in their recovery, and as a team we discover the strongest path to completion.

Detox of South Florida has comprehensive treatment options

We have many tactics to ensure no stone is left unturned in the recovery process. Detox of South Florida dives beneath the surface to discover the root cause of patient addiction. Many cultivate drug and alcohol addictions to ease issues from past traumatic experiences. Others’ addictions derived from the management of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. We use IV amino acid therapy to replenish the neurotransmitters which are depleted in patients with long term Opiate and addiction. IV amino acid therapy has shown to hasten the detox and rehab from opiates and alcohol.

When other psychiatric struggles accompany an addiction, they are referred to as co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring addicts have multiple diagnoses and is a complex treatment process. As one of the top drug rehab centers, we have a strong expertise in the identification of these disorders, and the application of evidence-driven therapy and treatment to address them.

The comprehensive treatment approaches offered through our detox and rehab services cover all facets of drug addiction and alcohol dependency, utilizing an informed care model developed in-house to address any chronic pain problems with non-addictive medical supplementation like IV amino acid therapy.

Detox of South Florida assists patients in cultivating a positive and productive lifestyle

The personalized substance abuse treatment programs offered by Detox of South Florida empower patients to lead their newly healthy, fulfilling, and productive lifestyle after exiting rehab. We assist patience in the development of practical skills to identify and disrupt cyclical addiction.

In collaboration with patients, we work diligently to replace self-destructive coping mechanisms with newly created, constructive patterns of behaviors and thinking. Detox of South Florida is an alcohol and drug rehab that partners with our patients in this ongoing process, dedicating ourselves to meeting and exceeding expectations and goals. Lifelong sobriety for all is our credo, and we create Detox programs to fit this. We stay fixed on the present, but remain mindful of the past, and keep our eyes on the future.

Post-recovery patient outreach and post-treatment options available through Detox of South Florida mesh with patients’ personalized detox and rehab programs to provide the social support systems essential to maintain a steadfast recovery.

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Initial consultations have been and always will be free of charge.


We offer a streamlined yet thorough approach to detoxification.


We value privacy, and provide a confidentiality guarantee to prove it.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Rita Bohl
Rita Bohl
4 months ago

When I first arrived I was very nervous and I kept thinking what have I done, 3weeks later, I was clean!... read more

Rita Bohl
Anna Smart
7 months ago

I was in really bad shape when I entered the detox . I had severe withdrawals from heroin and... read more

Rita Bohl
Mark Bruno
7 months ago

Naturalistic remedies are available which could ease both physical and emotional discomfort.... read more

Rita Bohl
Lana Aranga
1 year ago

I've been to multiple treatment centers and detox. Bar none, Detox of South Florida is the best care I have received.... read more

Rita Bohl
Michael Rebeto
3 months ago

Throughout the program, assessment was done based upon my individual need... read more

Rita Bohl
Edward Wright
7 months ago

I was suffering from depression and unhealthy habits which couldn’t be reduced even after consulting many doctors.... read more

Rita Bohl
Alice Taylor
2 months ago

The care I received at Detox of South Florida was the outstanding. The staffs are so kind full with patience.... read more

Rita Bohl
Paterson Adam
4 months ago

The detox of SF was outstanding with their technology,care and Staffs are very friendly. Highly recommended !!!... read more

Rita Bohl
Bernard Tiku Mendes
1 year ago

The care I received at Detox of SF was the best. The staff, from the doctors, nurses and techs, all were so caring... read more

Rita Bohl
Melanie Shock
4 months ago

The gave best quality treatment to my boyfriend that was awesome now he is perfectly healthy.... read more

Rita Bohl
John Stiff
7 months ago

They reduced all my negative behaviors through a systematic approach. I am calm... read more

Rita Bohl
Andrea Gifford
10 months ago

I am so blessed to work for such an amazing company. Being the Director of Admissions at Detox of South Florida... read more

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608 NE 2nd Ave, Okeechobee,
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Detox of South Florida are certified experts in detoxification:

From distinguishing and alleviating short-term and long-term side effects, to minimizing discomfort and pain, Detox of South Florida has the knowledge and professional experience necessary to improve patient’s lives and the lives of those around them. We carry full accreditation from the JCAHO (Joint Commission). Here is a shortlist of some things that set us apart from standard drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification facilities:

  • We are well-versed in all aspects of detoxification, providing us the ability to make the detox and rehab process as painless as possible in our beautiful, sunny Florida detox centers.
  • We fully understand the common fears and struggles associated with withdrawal, detoxification, and long-term recovery. Thusly, we can assist patients in taking the first steps with zero delay.
  • We make it our number one priority to assist our patients in helping to overcome addiction and reclaim a happy, healthy life.
  • Dr. Vikram Tarugu is a professional trained Gastroenterologist with over 25 years of medical experience, assisting in patient safety during the detoxification process.

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