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At Detox of South Florida, we are experts in the field of detoxification.

From the short and long term side effects to minimizing pain and discomfort, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to improve the lives of our visitors. We carry full accreditation from the Joint Commission (Jcaho). Here are just a few of the many details that set us apart from other rehab detox facilities:

  • We understand all aspects of detoxification, allowing us to make the process as simple and painless as possible at our Florida Detox Centers.
  • We understand common fears associated with withdrawal and detoxification, and can help you take the first step without delay.
  • We make it our number one priority to help you overcome your addiction and reclaim your life.
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The Florida Drug Rehab facility you choose is important. It should be effective, medically safe and comfortable.


During my opiate detox I was comfortable the entire time. It helped me get ready for rehab.

Friendly Staff

During my opiate detox I was comfortable the entire time. It helped me get ready for rehab.

We Offer Florida Detox in Comfort, with Dignity!

In addition to a professional Florida Detox team that is experienced in the area of detoxification, our facility is known for its comfortable environment. This goes a long way in helping you feel at home, from start to finish.

Why choose Detox of South Florida?

“Experience and Knowledge We have the experience and knowledge necessary to keep you safe through every step of the detoxification process. With our Florida Detox staff experts by your side, it is easier to feel confident in every decision you make. Personal Attention We don’t treat people like numbers. We treat people like people. When you are a guest of Detox of South Florida, you can be rest assured that you will receive personal attention and advice based on your situation. High Success Rate Our success rate is among the best in the industry, proving that our approach to detoxification works and why we were voted as 2016’s #1 Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center! ”

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When you are going through the challenges of drug or alcohol addiction, sobriety may seem unattainable but one thing you should know is that recovery is within reach. It does not matter how extreme or hopeless your condition seems. With the right treatment, care, support, and addressing the real cause of your addiction, you can recover and lead a normal productive life. You do not have to give up, no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed in the past. The road to recovery may often involve pitfalls and setbacks but by committing to change, you’ll have made the first step to a better drug or alcohol-free life.

At Detox of South Florida, we believe change is only a phone call away.

Treatment programs for drugs and alcohol addiction

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, close to 20 million Americans aged 21 and above have in the last 30 days tried one or more types of drugs. This shows how prevalent the problem is. Most of the individuals who experiment with drugs often kick the habit early enough while others stick to this path of destruction and eventually become addicted. The good news is that there is help for anyone struggling with addiction. Detox of South Florida is a premier drug treatment center staffed with competent professionals in all types of addiction treatments. We will walk with you throughout your journey of recovery from addiction.

Reasons why you should go to rehab

Entering into a treatment and rehab center can be quite beneficial to you.

Here are some of the major reasons why you should start your journey of recovery by going to an addiction and rehabilitation center:

  • It will save your life. Alcohol and substance abuse kills people every day. What is worse, your habit can easily lead you to harming yourself or those close to you since you are not in control of yourself. Save yourself, your family, and those you love and care for by beginning your recovery journey in a good treatment facility.
  • Surround yourself with people trying to get help at a rehab. Outside the rehab, your “friends” will encourage you to keep on using which is why you’ll find it almost impossible to quit. However, at a rehab, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded people who are working hard to get clean and get their lives back on track. Their experiences and encouragement will help you move forward in life.
  • Going to rehab will save your relationships. It is true that going to rehab does not guarantee to save your marriage or relationship with family and friends but it can help you start rebuilding the relationships your addiction tore apart.
  • Rehab helps you gain a deep insight into who you really are. A rehab center provides the best atmosphere to reflect on many issues about yourself such as why did you start using, why have you become an addict, why has stopping become very difficult, what damage has the habit done to your health and social life? You’ll be able to figure things out more clearly at a rehab than you would outside the rehab.
  • A treatment and rehab center helps you detox safely with the least discomforts. Do not be one of those people who attempt risky drug detox practices such as going cold turkey or self-administering detox medicines. It is dangerous. At Detox of South Florida, your entire detox process is handled and monitored by experienced physicians and nurses to ensure that it is as safe and comforting as possible.
  • Going to rehab is an effective way of damage control. Going to rehab is an effective way of doing some useful damage control especially after you have been arrested for a felony or suspended at work due to your alcohol or drug abuse habit.
  • Rehab helps you rebuild your life. This is enough reason to pick the phone and call a drug treatment and rehab center today. Your present life is definitely not what you wanted in the first place. It is not a life that you can be proud of. True, it sucks, let’s face it. Your life as an addict is not cool anymore, so get help and start a new meaningful life.

The decision to make a change is the first step to recovery

Understandably, the most difficult step towards recovery for a person struggling with addiction is making that crucial decision to change for the better. Deciding to make a change is the first step in your journey of recovery. Committing to change is not easy but it can be done. It is normal to be doubtful of your ability to make a change or if you have what it takes to stop the destructive habit. It is okay to feel torn between what you need to do and if you can do it. Most people often feel conflicted about giving up the habit even when they know the drug or alcohol is causing problems in their lives. However, with motivation and support, you can make that first step of recovery by deciding to change for the better.

It is time to reach out for support

The best advice anyone can give you on recovery from addiction is to never attempt to do it alone. Most people who attempt to quit by going cold turkey often end up with health complications or simply relapse after a short time. You not only need to enter a treatment facility but seek for positive influences and a strong support system too. The more people you can rely on for encouragement and guidance, the easier your recovery will be. At Detox of South Florida, you’ll be treated as family with all the support and assistance you need to fully recover from addiction. Our goal is to give you back the life addiction stole from you.

Exploring treatment options

After you decide to make a positive change and committed all your efforts to recovery, it will be a good time to explore treatment options available.

Here are a few important factors to consider when looking for the best addiction treatment center:

  • Customized treatment. There is no single addiction treatment that works for everyone. Each addiction patient has their own unique needs. The treatment should, therefore, be customized to suit your unique circumstances. So look for a treatment program that feels right for your personal situation.
  • Treatment goes beyond your drug abuse. You must have realized that addiction has affected your entire life from relationships, career, health, and your psychological well-being. The best treatment should, therefore, address the root cause of your addiction which may include a variety of reasons such as the inability to manage stress, frustration, and many more.
  • Commitment and follow-up. Success in drug and alcohol addiction treatment is never achieved overnight. The treatment takes time. In fact, the longer you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, and the more intense your drug use has been, the longer the treatment will take. In all cases, you’ll need to fully commit to the treatment and long-term follow-up care. Follow-up care is crucial to your recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Once you check in at an addiction treatment center, detox will be the first step of treatment. Detox is an important process in overcoming your cravings for alcohol and drugs.

What exactly is a detox?

Detox, a short form of detoxification, is the process of getting rid of all traces of alcohol or drugs from your body while ensuring that you do not suffer serious withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification can be conducted in an inpatient or outpatient treatment center. The process is done in 3 stages namely evaluation, stabilization, and an easy transition to treatment.

Detox for alcohol and other substances such as opiates or benzodiazepine can be dangerous and should be conducted under medically supervised conditions. Self-administered detox or choosing to go cold turkey on your own can have serious life-threatening consequences. It is also important to point out that detox on its own is not a treatment for addiction. You’ll need to enter a rehabilitation program after detox.

At Detox of South Florida, we provide the highest standards of detoxification in Florida. We guarantee you the highest quality of care 24/7. Our team of medical professionals is highly experienced in every type of drug or alcohol detox procedure and is fully committed to ensure that you succeed in your efforts to eliminate drugs or alcohol from your life. We’ll also ensure that you get the best treatment for pain or discomfort that may arise due to the alcohol or drug withdrawal. We even provide follow-up treatment which is very beneficial to your recovery and in empowering you with skills and knowledge to overcome future relapse triggers.

Our professional detox and follow-up methods are designed to address each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. It works and has been proven by our high success rate. Take the first step in divorcing addiction from your life once and for all by contacting Detox of South Florida now.

Why is detox necessary?

When you have been using drugs or alcohol continually for a long time, your body develops dependency on the substances. Trying to quit some of these substances abruptly will cause a withdrawal syndrome that is known to be life-threatening in some cases. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is generally painful and uncomfortable if you attempt to do without medical assistance.

Our detoxification process helps to ease pain and discomfort due to withdrawal, alleviate any serious life-threatening medical situations that could potentially arise, and provides you with the smoothest path of traversing this difficult part of your recovery process. With a successful detox period, you will lower the risk of relapse considerably.

Which drugs need detoxification?

Treatment for addiction to all types of drugs and alcohol requires detox to eliminate the pain and danger of severe withdrawal affects. Detoxification under medical supervision is highly recommended for the treatment of addiction to the following substances:

Withdrawal from most of these substances may cause extremely unpleasant effects and can even cause the addict to relapse. Unlike many drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Florida, at Detox of South Florida we have a professional approach to detox. We have successfully treated thousands of people with addiction problems over the years.

Here are some of the reasons why our success rate is always high:

  • We have a strong focus on detox, which helps you begin your journey of recovery from addiction on a clean slate.
  • You are guaranteed of high class treatment and care at our centers across the state. Your stay at Detox of South Florida feels like home.
  • You will be attended to at all times by friendly professional medical experts with experience in addiction treatment. The staff is fully committed to seeing you succeed in your quest to lead a new healthy drug-free life.

We are here to assist you in every way possible. Give us a call for any inquiries about the detox process, rehabilitation programs, or insurance verification. Our friendly support team is waiting to help you in every way possible.

Detox of South Florida: More than a Detox Center

Detox of South Florida is more than just a detox center. We are the foundation of your recovery. This is the right place for you or your loved one going through the misery of drug or alcohol addiction. Our visitors enjoy the best quality treatment you can find in Florida. Our goal is to make the recovery process as easy, least challenging, and successful as possible. We are here to ensure that you attain your sobriety goal no matter how challenging or daunting recovery may seem to you.

Professional counseling from qualified rehabilitation experts

Once the detox process is done, you’ll move on to the group or individual counseling stage. Professional counseling involves therapy sessions that focus on empowering you with skills and knowledge to overcome potential patterns of drug or alcohol abuse.

Another core focus of these therapy sessions is the prevention of relapse. We emphasize on helping you in every way possible to ensure that you do not take that path of destruction ever again. Our professional counseling experts are always available for you regardless of your past challenges and complications due to addiction. They understand everything about addiction. The counselors are committed to your successful recovery no matter how challenging your past life or future goals may seem.

Key Services Provided at Detox of South Florida

We have a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation of every type of drug or alcohol addiction. Here are some of the key services provided at Detox of South Florida.

Alcohol detox and rehabilitation

As a top alcohol detox and rehab center in South Florida, we know everything about the complexities of alcohol addiction and its treatment. Contrary to what many believe, alcohol addiction treatment is not an easy process but we go the extra mile to ensure our patients lead a better alcohol-free life after they leave our treatment center.

We have assisted many people in the past to overcome alcoholism and lead healthier sober lives. The dangers of alcoholism can never be underrated. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, abuse of alcohol is still a leading cause of numerous health disorders across the country. The institute states that in 2012, close to 17 million people aged 18 and above suffered from alcohol use disorders (AUD). So if you are presently going through alcohol addiction challenges, know that you are not alone and that help is only a phone call away. Call Detox of South Florida today and start your journey of recovery from alcohol addiction.

Once you have made the decision and commitment to lead a clean sober life, the first step of treatment is detoxification. At Detox of South Florida, you’ll benefit from our highest quality care provided by experienced medical professionals. You’ll not suffer any pain or discomfort due to alcohol withdrawal during the detox process and we’ll even give you professional follow-up care to help you prevent relapse. We have a humane approach to detox, which makes us different from the rest of the other detox centers in Florida.

Prescription Drugs Detox in Florida

Prescription medications provide relief to people who undergo severe pain or suffer from conditions such as ADHD and anxiety. The medications are very effective against pain and discomfort but they are highly addictive too. Long usage of prescription drugs often results in dependency which can end up in full-blown addiction if not addressed on time. There are many individuals who also use prescription medications for recreational purposes leading to addiction. A report released in 2011 by the National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health indicated that over 52 million people aged 12 and above in the United States have at one time or another used prescription medications for non-medical purposes.

At Detox of South Florida, we help people addicted to prescriptions drugs break the cycle of dependency through detox and professional counseling. The treatment starts with prescription drug detox in which the harmful chemicals are eliminated from the body with minimal pain or discomfort. If you are looking for the safest and effective prescription drugs detox by professional medical experts in Florida, then simply call Detox of South Florida and begin your journey of recovery today.

Heroin Detox at Florida’s Premier Detox Center

Heroin is a narcotic drug derived from powerful analgesic or pain-relieving drugs. It is similar to morphine which comes from opium. However, heroin is more potent and effective than codeine and morphine.

Drug abuse statistics show that heroin is ranked among the most abused drugs in the US, second to marijuana. Heroin addiction has reached an alarming rate in the country with the number of addicts increasing day by day. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that in 2013, the number of people addicted to heroin had grown to 8,200 among young adults aged between 18 and 25 years.

Treatment of heroin addiction is often quite challenging because many people suffering from heroin addiction are afraid of the drug’s withdrawal effects. Withdrawal from heroin involves severe complications such as excessive nausea, sweating profusely, abdominal pains, agitation, nervousness, muscle spasms, depression, insomnia, chills, strong cravings for the drug, and a host of other psychological stress. At Detox of South Florida, we provide medical detox off heroin through a series of medications and therapies to ensure that the drug is completely eliminated from your body with the least pain or withdrawal effects.

Methadone Detox and Treatment

Methadone has been used for many years as a treatment for opioid addiction. It is a synthetic opioid that is used to treat patients with heroin addiction but unfortunately, it develops into a new addiction of its own. There are other people who use methadone to control chronic pain only to end up getting addicted to the drug.

At Detox of South Florida, we provide the safest methadone detox in Florida. We have over the years helped thousands of methadone addicts regain control of their lives from addiction to this drug.

Methamphetamine Detox and Treatment

Abusive of Methamphetamine or meth is quite prevalent in the United States. A 2009 report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health stated that close to 1.2 million people in the country had abused meth.

Meth raises the physiological or nervous activity in your body which is often the reason why many users eventually get addicted to the substance. At Detox of South Florida, we specialize in safe detox and treatment of the destructive addiction to meth. We have programs designed to help you recuperate from meth abuse and to help you overcome future relapse.

Fentanyl Detox and Treatment

If you thought morphine is a strong drug, you may be surprised to learn that Fentanyl is almost a hundred times more powerful. Many drug abusers choose Fentanyl as a better alternative. It is a synthetic opiate that leads to tolerance quite fast. A person who uses Fentanyl in small doses will eventually need to take higher doses to achieve the same effect.

Fentanyl works by numbing the brain receptors to alleviate pain creating an increase of dopamine activity in the brain and a euphoric sensation. Withdrawal symptoms of Fentanyl include physical conditions such as irritability, drowsiness, nausea, loss of consciousness, confusion, poor appetite, slow breathing, headaches, shivering, vomiting, and insomnia just to mention a few. The user will also exhibit social problems including problems with relationships, faking prescriptions since the drug is not sold over-the-counter, declining school or work performance, social isolation, and generally an inability to make sound decisions.

The drug’s painful withdrawal symptoms make many people unable to stop abusing it. However, with the right medically monitored detoxification at Detox of South Florida, you can be assured of kicking Fentanyl away from your life when you commit to the treatment.

Marijuana Detox and Rehabilitation

Marijuana is the most abused drug in the country so when you or your loved one is struggling to fight marijuana addiction, the issue should not be taken for granted. There are many people trying to fight for marijuana legalization but when you are addicted to it, you’ll know how destructive this drug can be to your social life, not to mention your health. If you cannot function properly in your day to day activities without taking a puff of marijuana, then you need to seek help as soon as possible.

At Detox of South Florida, we have professional programs designed to treat marijuana addiction. There are many individuals who have successfully kicked marijuana addiction from their lives with our assistance. We have a wide array of programs to suit your treatment needs including outpatient detox and treatment as well as inpatient, counseling and post-rehab programs. Call us today and begin your journey of recovery from marijuana addiction.

Opiate Detox and Treatment

What are opiates? Well, these are pain-relieving drugs derived from opium which is a product of the poppy plant. Opiates are known by many names including opioids or simply narcotics. Many of these drugs have generic names such as Codeine, morphine, Percocet or Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Dilaudid or Hydromorphone just to mention a few.

Many people develop opiate addiction without knowing. They are probably given a doctor’s prescription to treat pain and continue using the drugs with little knowledge of how highly opiates can be. Many patients often develop tolerance to the pain relief medication and will henceforth require higher doses to achieve the desired effect. The abuse eventually leads to full-blown addiction.

Withdrawal from opiates is usually very uncomfortable and even painful. If the drug has been abused in combination with other substances such as benzos or alcohol, its withdrawal symptoms can be fatal if not properly addressed. Some of the common symptoms of opiate withdrawal include irritability, low energy levels, anxiety, insomnia, runny nose, sweats, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constantly teary eyes.

At Detox of South Florida, the first step in opiate addiction treatment is detox. We provide professional medical detox for opiates which is done under close supervision by our expert medical professionals. Our goal is to make the detox process is easy as possible for you. We’ll help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms with minimum pain and discomforts. Our professional medical team will be at your side at all times to support and give you the care you need as you navigate through this difficult period in your treatment. You can rely on our medical detox program to wean off all the remaining opiates in your body without suffering the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. Do not attempt to go cold turkey by yourself when trying to kick the addiction. You may be risking your life. If you have an opiate addiction and need help to overcome the addiction, contact Detox of South Florida and begin your new transformation to a better healthier life.

At our superior detox center, you’ll also find detox and treatment for a wide range of other addictive substances including Mescaline, Oxycodone, and Valium. Talk to us for more details about our detox and rehabilitation programs for any substance addiction problem you may be having. Our communication lines are open 24/7.

Paying for Addiction Treatment: We accept a Wide Range of Insurance Covers

Most people going through drug or alcohol addiction challenges are usually discouraged from seeking help by the question of payment. You could be asking how you will afford to pay for the treatment. This should not be an excuse for failing to seek treatment. There are many affordable payment options at Detox of South Florida. For instance, a majority of insurance companies provide partial or full cover for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We accept a wide range of insurance covers so we can cater for every type of patient. You can easily check if your insurance company is included in our extensive list from our website.

A Clean Sober Life is Within Reach

Many people suffering from addiction problems often cling to the habit in the false belief that the substances provide relief from stressful emotions. The respite they get is short-term and always leads to consumption of more and more drugs. In the end the drugs or alcohol cause damage to the user’s body, or even death.

A thorough detox at Detox of South Florida will clean your body of the remains of any drug or alcohol that you may be addicted to. It will flush out all the drug or alcohol residues and chemicals giving you a clean healthy body before you start the transformational rehabilitation process. At Detox of South Florida, our professional medical experts will be at your side at all times to ensure that you do not suffer from the dreaded withdrawal effects. Our goal is to ensure that you recover from your addiction with minimum pain or discomfort.

It is never too late to reach out for help. If you are worried about costs, contact us today and we’ll discuss the options available for you. Remember, no matter how bleak your situation may seem at the moment, you are not alone. We are here to help you overcome addiction and rebuild your life. You have a great productive life ahead of you. Contact our friendly support team now and begin your transformation to a better healthier alcohol or drug-free life.